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Compression tights - anyone have experience to share?

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manamana Thu 26-May-11 16:05:27

So... Have just picked up my custom-made black lace-topped compression tights to wear for the next 15 weeks and just thought I'd see if anyone had any advice. Questions are.... Do I really need to put them on first thing and wear them all day every day? Do I really need to hand was them? What amusing responses can I use to the comments re "why are you wearing thick black tights in the heat" assuming we get some sun! Thanks in advance.

Isthreetoomany Thu 26-May-11 16:14:33

I am meant to be wearing these too - I picked up prescription ones last week but as I am only 14 weeks I am trying to put off starting to wear them...I am supposed to wear them everyday as had problem legs with my first two pregnancies, and yes I think they are meant to go on first thing in the morning (though not sure why). I have only been given one pair and last time I did handwash them before I went to bed as that was the only way to ensure they would be clean/dry to put on the next morning.
I went for light brown ones rather than black for summer but they still look a bit ridiculous as they are way more orange than my skin colour. Also can't decide what summer shoes to buy as open toes are a no no...

manamana Thu 26-May-11 16:21:22

Hi, yes my body thinks 3 is definitely too many;-) What sort of problems did you have last time? I have just got a big varicose vein above my knee that apoeared from nowhere, no vein problems with previous 2 pg but plenty of other problems. I am also wearing a support belt for spd so feel like I am trusses up good and proper! Just hoping they stay up on their own and I don't have to wear a suspenders belt as well. Yes, shoes are another dilemma, it really is one of the worse pg complications I've encountered!

Isthreetoomany Thu 26-May-11 21:10:57

I've not really had varicose veins as such, it's been clots in superficial veins (i.e not the main veins, which is a dangerous DVT type clot). But one leg swells up and turns red in patches and really hurts, and because the symptoms are so similar to DVT I have had to be admitted to hospital a few times in previous pregnancies whilst they scan my leg to check it isn't DVT.
It was worse in my second pregnancy, and started earlier than in the first, so this time I am expecting it to start any time soon. Has your SPD started earlier with your third?

Stockings didn't stay up on their own last time and so I ended up having to wear a suspender belt as well. Really not comfortable under jeans.

I have heard that you can get open toed stockings so may have a look online to see if I can find any...
Please let me know if you manage to find any summery shoes suitable for the closed toe support stocking look!

buttonmoon78 Fri 27-May-11 09:19:54

Yes, you do need to wear them every day and put them on before you get out of bed unless you want to lie down on the floor with your feet up on the sofa for 10 minutes (too much hassle for me)

I don't wash mine by hand - I just make sure that nothing in the machine has got velcro on it!

You can get ultima thigh length ones which have a lacy top a la hold up stockings which work provided you get the right size.

And don't put it off - I know they are deeply unglamourous but you will regret it.

As for open toes, you can only get them if you need class 11 stockings rather than class 1. If you have slim ankles you could do what I've done which is to cut them off at the ankles. It means waering leggings under dresses etc but at least you can lose some heat from your feet! If you are prone to swelling at all though then this is a bad idea.

And I sympathise wholeheartedly with feeling trussed up - stockings, serola belt and tubigrip here. It's no wonder I look like I'm having a permanent hot flush grin

Isthreetoomany Fri 27-May-11 09:55:49

Ooh thats a good idea to cut off at the ankles! But don't they come unravelled at all?

buttonmoon78 Fri 27-May-11 11:51:43

Oddly enough, no! I thought they would too but no. But like I say, only if you've for slim ankles or they'll cut into you. My MW didn't like me doing it but I told her it was my sister's suggestion. My sister being a consultant grin

harrygracejessica Fri 27-May-11 18:23:17

I had to wear the sexy things just after I had my twins due to my sister having DVT, glad I only needed them on for a few days. I washed mine in the machine but they did give me 2 pairs anyway.

manamana Fri 27-May-11 20:58:33

Ooh button moon, I like the cutting them off at the ankles idea. What did you mean about outing them on first thing or putting your feet up, when would you have to out your feet up - before putting them on? Can you get up, have a shower and then out them on or do I need to shower at night? Off shopping tomorrow for a suspenders belt, my are rolling down... They also make my thighs bulge out at the top and now they are chafing! Aarrrgggh, I have never had chafing thighs before :-(

thegingerone Fri 27-May-11 23:32:21

they are worth it. I was getting a sore veiny thing on the back of my knee and since I've started putting the stockings on it's much better. Don't know what your prescription strength is but I bought some flight socks on three for two in Boot a while back (pre current preg...such a girl guide I am) they're much less orange. I still wear my prescipton ones on alternate days. I also found only having two pairs of "proper" ones that after a summer of heat and confined feet, it is more pleasant to have more pairs to chose from.I bung all my stockings in the washing machine, usually in one of those bra bags things.
Mine are the below knees ones BTW hence the flight sock/stockings working for me.

buttonmoon78 Sat 28-May-11 08:24:12

I am normally a shower in the morning kind of gal but at the mo I shower or bathe at night so that you get the benefit of no blood at all pooling anywhere.

Takes a bit of getting used to though. Actually, I'm enjoying it at the moment as a nice warm bath at night helps ease all the spd pains too so I'm ready and relatively pain free for bed.

If you can't get on with that then you need to spend a min of 10 mins with your feet above heart level. If you don't then you risk trapping blood in the vein which is as bad as not wearing them at all.

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