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Pregnancy post mc: Totally's grads continued part 8

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tiggersreturn Thu 26-May-11 12:34:35

new thread!!

tiggersreturn Thu 26-May-11 12:36:42

1st one I've ever started of these in nearly 2 years of ttc after mc, fo room and now this.

littlemiss72 Thu 26-May-11 13:09:05

Hello all, just thought I'd update you.

After spending all day worrying about twinges and pain on Monday I called the MW Team and was asked to go in to be checked out. Petrified when we got there to be wired up to a monitor and admitted as a pre-term in early labor! shock

I was then told to wait for a consultant which seemed to take for ever and left me even more worried, had an examination and was told I was 2/5th's engaged however the cervix was closed. Good news - they let me come home and I was told to rest! Gave us a bit of a fright however we are seeing it as a test run. I have to say I was far more frightened than I thought I would be laying on that bed thinking - this is it..! Hopefully I can hold on to at least 37/38 weeks and be a little more relaxed next time.

Apologies for not catching up properly, will be back at some point soon.

Love to all x

PinkFondantFancy Thu 26-May-11 13:37:10

Ooh new thread, lovely, thanks tigger!

That sounds v scary littlemiss, glad all is well though

Velvetcu Thu 26-May-11 14:42:49

thanks tigger for the new thread

glad you are ok littlemiss keep those legs crossed smile

Dachs I'd like to go to Venice too so please do pass on anything good you find. I hope you have a lovely time and I'm glad you are still lurking with us.

owlbooty Thu 26-May-11 19:45:05

Dachs Venice sounds like a fab idea - all that lovely food and sunshine. Very glad that you and DH are going to get some time away to rest and recuperate; I hope you can treat yourselves to lots of lovely things because YOU ARE ACE AND DESERVE IT. x

I had a trip to the hospital today - Owlet decided yesterday to stop bothering with that tiresome 'kicking' thing I'd got used to. By this morning, 24 hours later, I was verging on nervous breakdown. I've got to say, in this instance, the NHS totally rocked; I called MW team; they booked me an appt at the Day Assessment Unit and half an hour later I was lying on a bed wired up to all manner of things and having a massive snottering wail in relief cos he was okay. They then proceeded to freak me out completely by looking at the ECG and pointing out I was having shedloads of tightenings and they wanted to therefore check that I was not in labour (!) To my eternal relief, they decided I wasn't. It was all rather scary.

Littlemiss I hope you get to hang on a little longer smile

PinkFondantFancy Thu 26-May-11 20:01:25

Oh dachs Venice is on my list too so no advice but would love to hear all about it when you're back.

owly you poor thing that must have been terrifying!! So glad it's all worked out ok. I've got a feeling that might be minipink's style too-felt my first proper kick last week, hurray, but it only does it sporadically and goes days without doing anything, hurroo. Am trying not to mental.......

mamapower Thu 26-May-11 21:48:49

Thanks for the new thread tigger

Owl that would have scared the crap out of me too! glad all is well smile

IzzyWizzyletsgetbusy Fri 27-May-11 04:24:38

Morning ladies - just checking in quickly on my way to Spain where there's no wifi in the villa shock so although I will be lurking sporadically I won't be posting much over the next week.

Thanks for the new thread tigger

littlemiss and owl sorry you've had a scary time, will hope things keep calm for you x

moo I will be lurking for good news from you (and anyone else ready to go!)

Big ((hug)) to dachs x

<waves to all>

OrangeGloss Fri 27-May-11 06:03:28

Yep I'm same neck of the woods scan-wise. Dh is reluctant as we might accidentally find out the sex, which is a good point hmm
Pink good call on not asking sil, better kept between yourselves 
Izzy I'm envy of your hols, have a fab time. Good to hear the Doppler works for you, I'm too scared to try
Mamap I agree about hols, you've earned one this year!
Velvet I've been the same, counting down weeks to the various milestones, I made a deal with myself that I had to calm down a bit when each one was reached
Thanks apples the tips physio gave me have helped already, I've seen women far worse than me so can't complain. Glad you're feeling better, but sorry it's for the wrong reason. It doesn't sound silly in the slightest, it sounds a perfectly reasonable reaction all things considered. Dh being off will help relax you hopefully and catch up on some sleep
Littlemiss glad things are ok, what a tough time
Owl I have to say you're made of sterner stuff I'd have rung after a few hours blush I hope you've given owlet a good talking to, putting you through that nightmare
Pink my book said don't worry about patterns until past 24 weeks, but there seems to be lots of conflicting advice about kicks confused  My mood definitely depends on how active miniorange is
Dachs that sounds like excellent medical advice, please have a drink on me <passes a virtual tenner> I have friends that went, but stayed in a little town outside that had a beach, is that your sort of thing? I'd love you to lurk as long a you want to x

We're all going camping for 2 nights, which I have mixed feelings about, not least that camping used to just involve drinking loads. Should be ok I suppose, hopefully the sea's warm enough for a paddle smile we're still struggling with girls names, boys is fine, dh keeps going off them, but suppose there's time yet <touches wood>

littlemiss72 Fri 27-May-11 08:33:29

Morning all, Friday again! Where does the time go.?

owl I know the feeling, scary isn't it thinking - 'this is it' especially when your not ready! Glad to hear all is well. x

Woke this morning to a brownish discharge confused guess I better call the MW Team! I'm home alone and DH isn't back until Sunday am from Singapore. Feck!!! I'll be brave and call after my coffee .. keep you posted.

Happy Friday ladies, love to all x

littlemiss72 Fri 27-May-11 08:41:32

Updated the list, hopefully I've done it right grin

Fiday's list

Tigerbear - baby#1 42 wks EDD 14th May
Caribou - baby #2 (DD, 3yrs) 41+2 wks EDD 18th May
appleblossoms - baby#2 37+6 wks EDD 11th June
crochetcircle - baby#1 37+6 wks EDD 11th June
LittleMiss - baby#1 36 wks EDD 24th June
Wobblewatcher - baby#2 35+4 wks EDD 27th June
urbanlolly - baby#2 33+3 wks EDD 12th July
Inbetweener - baby#3 32+5 wks EDD 17th July
Nickster - baby#2 29+6 weeks EDD 7th August
Owlbooty - baby#1 29+6 weeks EDD 7th August
PrettyVacant - baby#1 26+6 weeks EDD 28th August
OrangeGloss – baby#1 25+5 weeks EDD 4th September
Wombat33 - baby#1 24+6 weeks EDD 10 September
Daisybell - baby#1 24+3 weeks
PinkFondantFancy - baby#1 22+3 weeks EDD 25 September
Tiggersreturn babies #2&3 22+3 wks EDD 26 September
Mamapower - Baby#1 22+2 weeks EDD 28 September
Emoo - baby#2 21 weeks EDD 7 October
Tunnocksteacake - baby#2 18+4weeks EDD 24th October
Hotnspicyonions - baby#2 18+4 weeks EDD 24th October
Velvetcu - baby#1 18+3 wks EDD 25th October
MummyAbroad baby #2 17 wks EDD 4th November
Izzy - baby #3 13+4 wks EDD 28th November

Waiting to join the list:

The babies are arriving! Huge congratulations to:

Totally with daughter Faith Juliet, 9lb5oz born Tuesday 16th February 2010
Amyboo with son Matthew James, 4.714kg (10lb3oz) born Tuesday 30th March 2010
Hoops with son Benjamin Scott, 7lb4oz born Friday 2nd April 2010
Memorylapse with daughter Olivia, born Friday 16th April 2010
Jacanne with daughter Lotta Eliza, 8lbs 5oz born 20th April 2010
Becky78 with son Thomas Christopher born 22nd May, 9lb 1oz
Meita with son Ianto born 23 August, 7lbs 4
Boodleboot with daughter Alice Elizabeth born 10 Sep - 8lbs 2oz
LeeWT with son Andrew Anthony born 28th Sept 7lbs 14oz
TFLS with son Charlie born on 30th September, 6lbs 8oz
SamB with daughter Ruby Mae born 19th October, 7lbs 10oz
Effilump with son Arlen born 16th October, 8lbs
Sarahlou8 with daughter Emily Isabella born 21st October, 7lb8oz
Unbuffy with son James Anthony born 3rd December, 6lb8oz
HappyGirl with daughter Ciara born 10th December, 8lb2oz
Malteser1981 with son Eli born 18 December, 8lb 6oz
Zayja with daughter Winona born 19 December, 7lbs 11oz
Sparklyrainbow with son Alex born 28th December, 9lb 7oz
GoodLuckBear with son James born 25th December, 8lb
BunnyBaby with son Daniel George born 5th January 2011, 10lb 1oz
AlbaDeTamble - with son born 10th Jan 2011, 8lbs 10oz
Gilda - with son Ren born 10th Jan 2011, 8lb 4oz
WestYorkshireGirl - with daughter Hester Rose born 14th Jan 2011, 6lb 4oz
Redheadgal - with daughter Cecily Anne born 13th Jan 2011, 8lbs 13oz
Toomuchteaching - with daughter Jemima Ella Phoebe born 17th Jan 2011, 8lb1/4oz
Dorcas111 - with daughter born 4th February 2011 8lbs 5oz
Clareanna - with son Tobias born 10th February 7lbs 10oz
Muser - with daughter born 15th February 6lbs 12oz
Ba8y1 – with son born Tuesday 15th February, 8lbs 11oz
Lotta123 - with baby born Monday 21st February
Magic8ballhastheanswers - Identical twin girls, born 27th February 6lb8 & 5lb15
Northerngoldilocks - with son born Wednesday 16th March, 9lb 6oz
Stuffedmk - with son Thomas, born Wednesday 23rd March
Hopefully - with son, born 29th March 7lb 12oz
Lia - with daughter, born 1st April 8lb 11oz
PenguinsMummy - with daughter Clodagh
VivClicquot - with daughter, Phoebe, born Thursday 28 April, 7lb 5oz
Ivysedai - with son, born Tuesday May 2nd 3.83KG
Loopymumsy - with daughter, born Thursday 12th May, 7lb 15oz

In our thoughts and prayers:
Louise with daughter Georgie born asleep on 10th October
Dachs with her babies Alexander and Felicia who left the world asleep on 21st May

We share the pain and and mourn the loss with:
Jollster, Cheepz, Freezing, BarrenBrook, MsJL, LadyBee, Banana87, BatteryHen, HairyTriangle and Waterplate

owlbooty Fri 27-May-11 09:16:15

LittleMiss Good lord, sounds like things might be kicking off - but if they are, please, please do not worry, you are 36 weeks and having worked in a mat ward and SCBU almost all of the 36 week babies either ended up straight on the ward like the term babies or had a brief visit to SCBU for a check over then came up to the ward within 24 hours. Usually they feed well and some of them are bigger than some of the term babies smile Really hoping the baby hangs on til your DH gets back though - what rotten timing.

And yes, I pretty much shat myself when they said - 'ooh, these look like regular tightenings'. It has made me realise that I need to actually carry my notes to work now and also pack a hospital bag just in case I do end up in the situation you almost found yourself in yesterday.

There was also a horrible realisation about the whole thing - basically that it is entirely up to me to make a fuss if I think Owlet isn't moving around as much as he should be. And if I fail to notice or put off doing something about it, and something happens to him, I will never, ever, be able to forgive myself. No pressure then. Gah.

Right; that's quite enough me me me.

Pink hoorah for the first kick! Up to 28 weeks or so it's supposed to be terribly sporadic. Hopefully there will be many more hefty kicks soon smile

Orange you're very brave going camping; I don't think I could face the midnight loo trips with torch. grin

I need to persuade some more of the freak out room over here. I shall go and round them up. Somebody hide the staple gun please grin

owlbooty Fri 27-May-11 10:35:21

I should clarify about the horrible realisation bit as in retrospect that looks a bit odd - what I mean is; the dumb thing is that though I know I would blame myself, there would be no legitimate reason to do that as how can any of us actually know for sure what's actually going on in there, given that the MWs can't tell without a raft of very specialist equipment?

Am having a bit of a crap day. Need more sleep or coffee.

tiggersreturn Fri 27-May-11 12:16:45

Owl - glad all ok with you and owlet. When are you off on mat leave?

Littlemiss - sounds scary. Hope it happens at the right time, saying which babies never do what you want them to...... Labour is just the introduction to what life is going to be like grin

PinkFondantFancy Fri 27-May-11 15:24:12

owly sorry you're having a naff day. Hope things have perked up a bit since this morning. Don't worry - I understood what you meant by your message.

I went to pre-natal yoga today, was AMAZING. I'll only be able to go when I'm working from home or off work on Fridays though which is a bit of a shame, but looking forward to doing it weekly when I pack up work. The yoga was lovely, then you get tea and cake and a chat afterwards, how cool is that??!?! Am a bit scared I was snoring in the nice sleeping part at the end though..... It's not my fault - you curl up for a nap and they put a blanket over you!!! grin

I have got heartburn from chain-eating chocolate hobnobs. It should be illegal to make anything that tastes that good.

Hope things are going ok for moo

orange SIL says that lots of people come for 4D scans and don't want to know the sex and she says it's not a problem to avoid that end.

appleblossoms Fri 27-May-11 15:37:09

Lovely new thread tigger...just needs...
<hangs up bunting and lays table with bree, champagne and lots of other pregnancy contraband> ...there we go, all ready for moo's return now grin
littlemiss and owl what a scary time you've both had! Hope the littleuns start behaving a little better and stop panicking their mummies!
pink sleepy yoga sounds wonderful!
Can't help with venice tips dachs but i've always wanted to go too! Looks like you'll have to give us all your advice when you get back! And please do keep lurking here as much as you want. You will ALWAYS be a part of this thread. x
In other news, I am now the proud owner of my very first double buggy grin A friend has given me her old phil and teds, very excited to play with it...although i'm still planning on single buggy/sling for most adventures, I couldn't turn down a free double...i think there are laws against that.
Anyone heard from pv recently? How's updiffedness treating you lady? Hope all is okay.
Big waves to all.

appleblossoms Fri 27-May-11 15:40:04

Whoops, that should've been brie ...whilst very lovely i'm sure, I doubt bree is very tasty to eat blush

owlbooty Sat 28-May-11 10:12:32

<slopes back in sheepishly>

Tigger I've got another 6 weeks before I can go on mat leave at 36 weeks - assuming my hips hold out until then. I can't stand on one leg to put my knickers on any more because it feels like my hip joint is going to come right out of the socket but at least I am still relatively mobile when balanced on two feet for which I am grateful smile

And that's enough about me and my pant difficulties grin

Pink the blanket yoga sounds fabulous. We have to do our relaxation stuff sitting on a ball at pilates; if I fall asleep on that it will at least be entertaining for the others smile I do think it's been really worthwhile going - when we have a week off because of bank hols etc I find I am stiff as a board when I next go so although it's very gentle it's clearly doing something.

Any news from Moo ? Hope all is well. Ditto LittleMiss

I can't stop eating apples. Which is odd as my mother said she was exactly the same in pregnancy. Anyone else? Just me? We all seemed to go through the ribena stage, and the iced bun stage and the mackerel stage, I'm hoping you lot are going to join me for the apple stage smile

Velvetcu Sat 28-May-11 11:46:58

I'm with you owl it's all about the apples here too!

Freezingmyarseoff Sat 28-May-11 14:29:23

hello ladies, I hope you are all doing okay, apart from a few knicker issues grin

I'm mostly lurking for any news from moo and to put the thread on my list so I can check up you all!
take care

appleblossoms Sat 28-May-11 19:10:43

Any news from moo? Hope everything went well and you're just busy enjoying lots of newborn snuggles. x

owlbooty Sun 29-May-11 11:08:37

Hoorah, Velvet grin I reckon that means the others will join us on the apples soon.

<lines up massive row of golden delicious>

<drools all over the place in anticipation>

OrangeGloss Sun 29-May-11 13:35:30

I'm there with the apples! I'm over Ribena, still on ice buns, but never had a mackerel phase

Moo hope all's well with you <adds to the bunting>
Ouch Owl that sounds painful. I hope the next 6 weeks goes quickly and you can get some rests in the meantime. I knew what you meant from your typing I feel kinda responsible like that too and scared I'll miss something to flag up
apples good work on the double buggy, you're right too good to turn down. Are you on mat leave now? I noticed a comment from PV on another thread but that's about it
Pink I'm very envy of your yoga. Thanks for advice on scan, we're still 50-50 but think we've decided names for both flavours smile
Nix I don't remember seeing you in a while, I hope all is ok

Well, camping was cold and windy shock good time away but glad to be back. I don't think I'll manage it again this pg as it was pretty tough getting up off the airbed, never mind walking to the loo 50 times grin We've unpacked and I'm just about to have a lovely shower and small nap smile I hope everyone's hols are going well

Velvetcu Sun 29-May-11 19:53:43

owl it's red delicious for me please.

orange glad you had a good time camping. I was thinking of going in August but maybe that's being too optimistic??

when did you all start buying baby things? I still don't feel ready to do that and I have got plenty of time still to get everything sorted right? I mean there isn't any stupidly long wait time for anything? I wasn't going to start buying til the summer hols so the first week in August. Is that too late? I'm starting to stress a bit now. Baby is moving a lot so I know it's in there and I but it still isn't real in my head that I will end up with an actual baby confused

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