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Clomid, no ewcm, can I still get pregnant?

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joycep Wed 25-May-11 16:59:08

I have never not had ewcm before but this was a first month on clomid and I didn't have any kind of anything...sorry tmi but totally dry. Have any of you ladies got pregnant whilst on clomid and with no ewcm? Just wondering whether it's a no hoper. Thanks.

boba82 Wed 25-May-11 18:03:26

I got pregnant on my second cycle of Clomid & didn't notice any ewcm. Wasn't particularly dry either but we just did it LOADS and used lubricant when needed! Good luck.

prolificwillybreeder Wed 25-May-11 20:40:20

Try some preseed lubricant- you can get it on amazon. It helped me.

joycep Thu 26-May-11 11:00:57

ok thanks ladies, I will hang in there!!!

Glitterybits Thu 26-May-11 17:52:19

I had very little ewcm when I took clomid and I fell pg on the first month. Oddly, I seemed to have plenty on the months my body refused to conceive. I also bled at ovulation time that month which was another first. Very, very weird. Best of luck. I remember the waiting and wondering very, very well.

joycep Fri 27-May-11 15:48:15

Thanks Glittery. I remember one of your posts ages ago about you having a m/c and not getting pregnant again for ages...i'm in this position. I hope clomid works first time for me as well!

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