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okay, hospital bag! when did you pack yours and what the HELL went in there?!

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danio7 Tue 24-May-11 20:27:10

I'm 6 months tommorow so officially in the last trimester, I know it is probably too early to get a bag together by my DH is away quite a bit (he will be home again in 3-4 weeks) so I want to be as prepared as possible.
I spoke to a friend the other day and she only actually got to 27 weeks before prematurely having her DD which set me to thinking- ahh, it could be any time now- although hopefully not, I would like little bean to stay in there for as long as he/she would like.

so what the hell is a hospital bag and what do you put in it!!!!!?

TiggieWiggle Tue 24-May-11 20:41:00

I did mine at about 35 weeks (am now 37+4) I have done a rucksac for me and a bag for the baby (changing bag). This is my second baby so have done it based on my experience last time!

My bag:
2 night dresses (with buttons at top)
A lightweight full length dressing gown
Maternity pads
Breast pads
2 Nursing bras (boobs were very sore last time when I didn't wear a bra - even in bed)
Big knickers in a large size (just bought the cheapest pack of 5 from M&S) can't be doing with disposable ones
Bag of miniture shampoo, conditioner etc
LANSINOH cream (get some if you are intending to breast feed)
Will put ipod and camera in last minute
Don't need food or reading material as there is a really good shop at the hospital. Will get DH to bring clothes in when I go home - no room in the bag ;-)

Baby bag:
4 vests
4 babygros
2 babygros without feet in case she is very big and won't fit in the others! (scan measured her at 7lbs at 34 weeks!)
socks, hat, scratch mits
baby wipes
nappy sacks
DH can bring coat when he takes us home - have put it in the car seat

I hope this helps but please be aware that I do tend to go OTT with these sorts of things - always struggled with 'travelling light' grin

GooGooMuck Tue 24-May-11 20:44:02

what tigglewiggle said but halve it.

Both times I've been out of hospital in 4 hours. I took a tens machine, best thing ever. And cheese and pickle sandwiches.

WiiUnfit Tue 24-May-11 20:49:16

I'm 35 weeks now & my bag has been pretty much ready to go since about 32 weeks.

It contains:
For Me
- Loose, comfy top for birthing in (planning a water birth)
- BF friendly PJs, light dressing gown (due in June but want to be able to cover up if I want to)
- Big, cheap underwear that won't 1. irritate stitches if I have them, 2. matter if they get ruined
- Dark bath towel
- Dark flannel (mainly for putting on my head if I get too hot!)
- Shampoo, shower gel, sponge, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, bobbles, moisturiser & lipbalm (apparantly lots of women get very dry lips during labour)
- Maternity towels
- Breast pads
- 2x Nursing bras
- Straws (apparantly make life a lot easier when you're thirsty in labour!?)
- Loose, comfy going home outfit
- Drinks / snacks for me & DP
- Change for parking / bits & bobs from the hospital shop
- Camera
- List of phone numbers

For Baby
- 3 Sleepsuits
- 3 Vests
- 2x Scratch mitts
- 3x Muslin squares
- 3x Bibs
- 1x 27 Pack Size 1 nappies
- 1 Pack of wipes
- Cellular blanket
- 2x Going home outfits (we don't know the sex so one of each!)
- Comforter

I've probably forgotten bits but I hope this helps!

Thornykate Tue 24-May-11 20:49:43

Phone charger, money, dry shampoo are in mine too.

danio7 Tue 24-May-11 20:52:55

thanks so much for your help guys!!!!
I realise I am probably being a little over zealous with this bbut time really does fly so I am getting quite geared up grin

Did any of you bring a pillow, my sister swearsby the extra pillow?

TiggieWiggle Tue 24-May-11 20:55:39

GooGooMuck - 4 hours wow! please send me short stay vibes grin. I went in Monday night and came home Friday lunchtime last time - hated being in so long.

Oh I forgot to put towel and flannel on my list too!

TiggieWiggle Tue 24-May-11 20:56:56

I was wondering about the pillow thing too...

danio7 Tue 24-May-11 20:59:20

I know, insane right!!! I dont want to get there are be really frustrated because I could of bought something. I would rather bring it all than not enough.

I dont think that DH would be able to run and grab anything from home either, he thought a pashmina was a type of curry if that puts things into perspective- god love him smile

CBear6 Tue 24-May-11 21:01:14

I haven't done it yet this time but with DS I did it around 34 weeks. I had an air-hostess style mini suitcase on wheels.

For me
- a nightie for labour, I got a cheapie one from Primark (forgot to put it on though and had DS delivered onto my nice top that I was still wearing)
- travel sized toiletries (Asda do then 5 for £4 or something like that)
- hairbrush, bobbles, and some make-up
- socks and bras
- cheap knickers, I didn't want paper ones because they're vile so I bought cheapie Asda ones and threw then away once I was done, I took about five pairs to hospital
- a pair of pyjamas
- yoga pants and a t-shirt for during the day (I can't wear PJs in the day time)
- a pair of flip flops to use as slippers and for in the shower
- camera, phone, money
- Vaseline, you won't believe how chapped your lips will get
- maternity pads, the free ones the hospital gives out are awful
- a towel, hospital towels are no good for getting dried with

For DH
- a clean t-shirt
- his toothbrush
- can of body spray
- a sandwich and a drink
I thought he'd like the opportunity to freshen up after the delivery before visitors came (it's hot in the delivery room).

For baby
- 3 sleepsuits with feet in them
- 3 vests
- a little hat
- 2 pairs of scratchmitts
- a travel pack of nappies
- 5 bibs

I didn't take any wipes because just water is best for the first few days for cleaning bums and the hospital supply this along with cotton wool, they also supply all blankets so I didn't take one of those either.

Leave your carseat, going home outfits, coats, etc at home and get your DP to bring them in on the day you go home. Same goes for if you need any extra supplies, get someone to bring them in for you. Basically pack enough for two nights and then top up as needed. Don't forget your maternity notes! If you forget any of the other stuff the hospital will be able to sort something out for you but if you forget your notes they'll send DP home to get them.

FannyNil Tue 24-May-11 21:11:17

Long time ago now but from memory

large black pants
night dresses/shirts
hand cream
moisturiser (can be hot and dry in hospital)
face cloth
perfume (did my morale a power of good)
book (just in case you get the odd 5 minutes)
clothes for the baby to wear
scratch mits
baby wipes or cotton wool
mobile or camera
emergency non-perishable food
plastic flipflops (wear in the shower)

Coppernoddle Tue 24-May-11 21:18:39

You don't need towels as they have them there and they don't care if blood ect gets on them, that's what there there for! And forget lip balm! Use your lansinoh cream, it's amazing stuff! And my little one on the first night shat for England, all up her back every time and went through 6 grows!!! You can always pack your bag with minimal stuff and have a swap bag at home ready to go with spare clothes ect in it that DH can bring!

Thornykate Tue 24-May-11 21:59:26

Definitely flip flops, & flash or dettox wipes. That way if something doesn't look clean enough you can wipe it yourself its quicker & easier than asking & waiting for the ward cleaner. Or maybe that's just for ppl who worry about hospital acquired infections like I do!

Rootatoot Tue 24-May-11 22:45:33

Wow, such a useful thread. I'm 27 weeks so will keep this page saved for when time comes. Thank you smile

Rootatoot Tue 24-May-11 22:47:27

oh silly question for those of you with previous it true that you can't plug anything in in hospital? My mobile will need charging at some point. Doubt it'll last the duration. Wondering if I should invest in a solar/wind up/battery charger!

Thornykate Tue 24-May-11 23:08:10

You're probably not supposed to & I wouldn't use a plug socket next to important equipment BUT I will be charging mine discreetly as I refuse to pay & expect my family to pay the exorbitant 'patientline' bedside phone charges.

Think most staff agree that the hospital call charges are too much so I doubt anyone will mind, I've never been told off for it but I am always discreet with my phone in hosp anyway.

Rootatoot Tue 24-May-11 23:19:32

I hadn't even really thought about phone charges. I just use it to listen to music, has my camera and will text people when our little chap makes an appearence. Or rather my DH will. His mobile is out of the ark and he doesn't use it very well anyway so best we have mine ready.

sarahmia Tue 24-May-11 23:20:32

i charged my phone during labour, was there for like 3 days!
flash wipes are a must for me!
im 32 weeks and was not even considering packing for another 4 weeks... am i being silly?

Borisneedsahaircut Tue 24-May-11 23:23:23

All the others said + chocolate and sweets and energy drinks - you will need the energy!
The worst thing I did was not eat anything beforehand and I had no energy left at the end at all!!

Justtrying Wed 25-May-11 06:45:46

I've had mine packed since 33 weeks, now 40+5 hmm. 3 bags in total a small wheely suitcase for me, changing bag for LO and vanity case to stay in car with going home outfits and extra nappies.
Have been told not to take towels except for small handtowel, no where to dry them after use and just use hospital ones which go through a sterilizer. I've probably packed too much including flash wipes etc but would rather have stuff with me then dispatch DH. Anything i've forgotten tesco is only 5 mins from hospital and home is only 15mins away. Just hope i remember the cold/frozen drinks from fridge and freezer before I go in.

OrangeGloss Wed 25-May-11 06:57:58

Excellent list, I'm taking notes smile how many nappies are you packing? [innocent]

Rootatoot Wed 25-May-11 09:16:52

What are flash wipes? confused

CBear6 Wed 25-May-11 09:20:49

I packed one of the Pampers mini-packs with DS, this it's 27-32 nappies? It lasted me two days in the hospital and I took some home with me too. Hide them in your cabinet when you're not using them though! Sometimes a few go walkabout when you're in the loo or the shower if you get my meaning.

I forgot something important too. The hospital will provide water for you in the delivery room but not all hospitals have an ice machine and it's hotter than the Sahara in those delivery rooms (right before baby arrives they close the windows and crank the heat up). When you get to about 38/39 weeks buy a bottle of water and chuck it in the freezer, when you go to the hospital take your frozen bottle with you. It'll melt slowly so you'll have icy cold water for ages.

CBear6 Wed 25-May-11 09:23:04

Flash wipes are like wet ones but with Flash cleaner on them - know the spray stuff for cleaning floors/kitchens/bathrooms, etc? Some people use them for cleaning the loo seat, shower, etc when they're in hospital. I don't myself but I do take a little bottle of anti-bac hand cleaner.

Bogeyface Wed 25-May-11 10:32:26

going home will not be in pre-pregnancy clothes so pack maternity stuff for going home in! Even if you havent put on much weight, you will still have a pregnant looking tummy for atleast a few days as everything goes back to normal so dont make the mistake I did after number one and assume you can wear your old jeans blush grin

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