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Please help. 12 weeks. Woke up with spotting.....

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TeacupTempest Tue 24-May-11 10:23:14

Reached the 12 week mark today and was so ready to let myself relax a little only to find blood when I went to the loo. I also have very slight cramping....well not really cramping but just that odd feeling before you get a period.

I am in a bit of a state. The bleeding has stopped (for now) but I cant stop crying. I am miles from a hospital. Am booked in for a scan on Friday.

I can't do this....

cookie9 Tue 24-May-11 10:35:40

There are many different causes for bleeding but ideally get yourself checked out. I know you are far from the hospital but can you get an urgent doctors appointment? I found the nurse I spoke to on nhs direct lovely so give them a call. Good luck.

PeppaKew Tue 24-May-11 10:38:04

Go to hospital now. Friday is too long to be in limbo. See if a friend or OH can come aswell as it is boring as hell waiting and you will be worried. From what I know they will do a scan to check on everything. It is the best thing to do to put your mind at rest. Similar happened to me and that is what GP advised. Don't just wait you'll drive yourself nuts.

CBear6 Tue 24-May-11 11:21:04

I know the hospital is far away but please go. My MW told me that if I ever had any bleeding then A&E was my fastest route to getting seen, if they're anything like my A&E they will triage you and then bump you straight down to either gynae or EPAU for a same day scan. I know it's a hassle and hopefully it's nothing but it really is important to go and be seen, to put your mind at rest if nothing else because stressing until Friday doesn't do you or baby any good at all.

Bleeding in pregnancy can't ever be dismissed as normal and it has to be investigated but it's very. very common and in most cases the causes are entirely benign - implantation, cervical erosion, etc. I bled all the way through with DS and he was fine and I had a bleed at 10 weeks with this one and I'm currently 24 weeks, but I've also had a mc and a mmc so I know how worrying it can be when you see blood where there shouldn't be any.

Fingers crossed for you that everything is okay.

silverangel Tue 24-May-11 12:22:34

I would get an EPU referral - esp if you have had some pain.

Really hope everything is ok for you x

figgygal Tue 24-May-11 12:39:15

Teacup i hope you have taken the advice and tried to see someone let us know how you get on. will be thinking about you.

figgygal Wed 25-May-11 12:36:27


any news?

TeacupTempest Wed 25-May-11 14:35:23

Well we travelled closer to hosp yesterday and went in this morn. Was a small hospital so they only asked questions took temp and pulse. I told them had small bleed and few cramps amd they basically told me I have lost baby. . . Have booked in for scan fri morn to confirm. Original one was private as am travelling at mo. Dont know what to do. . . .

Isthreetoomany Wed 25-May-11 16:08:16

I don't want to give false hope but I can't see how they would know that you had lost the baby simply by taking temp and pulse?
When I miscarried it was only called a threatened miscarriage until the scan confirmed things; as I understand it (and as others have said above) it is really very common to have small bleeds in early pregnancy.
Thinking of you x

Paschaelina Wed 25-May-11 16:14:58

I had a huge bleed at 12 weeks and a healthy baby on the scan at 12+4 days. They never did find the reason for it, but mentioned a few possibilities that can cause a bleed such as a low placenta or a burst blood vessel or an aggravated cervix.

Fingers crossed for you on friday. Try to relax til then and dont overdo things. (I know its difficult).

TeacupTempest Wed 25-May-11 16:28:58

Thank you. Am trying to stay calm but flit between numbness and devestation. I just expected them to reassure me and tell me it was normal. . . . So confused

Paschaelina Wed 25-May-11 16:41:58

I agree with Isthree, theres only one way to be sure and thats the scan. There is no way they have given you a definitive diagnosis on a chat and basic readings.

If the bleeding stopped quickly thats good.

TeacupTempest Wed 25-May-11 16:50:53

It lasted a few hours and was only spotting - not even enough for a pad. . . Still getting crampy feelings but have been light, not what I wud call pain exactly.

lolajane2009 Wed 25-May-11 18:00:12

i had spotting a few times in first trimester and i am now nearly 24 weeks pregnant... i would try to stay cal till the scan tbh.

figgygal Wed 25-May-11 18:08:02

Without a scan or an internal exam they told u that? Blimey again not to give u false hope but that seems a bit insensitive to tell u that

neolara Wed 25-May-11 18:15:34

It's impossible for them to tell without a scan whether your baby is OK or not. Lots of women spot or have full on bleeding and their babies are fine. It is also possible for a woman to have no bleeding at all and for their baby not to have made it.

I really hope things work out for you.

KTDace Wed 25-May-11 18:19:34

I also spotted between 11 - 13 weeks, this was because there was a little sac of implantation bleed that had taken that long to come out. I was lucky as I have a very understanding EPU and a history of MCs so I was scanned and told about the little sac of blood. But even though I knew about it I was freaking out, so I can only imagine how you are feeling. This time (so far, I am 24 weeks) everything is ok and I hope it is for you too. xx

OrangeGloss Wed 25-May-11 18:45:55

I agree with the others, there is no way of telling if you have mc based on temp and pulse. I had a few weeks of bleeding and rang up once to be told I was miscarrying (I wasn't, and am now 25+3 touch wood). Only a scan can tell what is happening in there.

You have had light bleeding, another nicer MW told me a mc bleed would involve passing large clots which included blue/grey chunks rather than blood alone.

Where I am a dr can refer you for a scan straight away - mine did - I saw an out of hours gp late at night and was in for a scan at 8am the next morning. Is that something you could try?

I do feel for you, bleeding is an awful thing to go through. Remember it isn't 'normal' to bleed but it is 'common' and lots of cases turn out just fine. I'm really hoping everything turns out ok for you x

TeacupTempest Wed 25-May-11 18:52:25

Thanks so much for all the kind words and advice. I guess I will just have to wait. I dont know whether to grieve or hope. Its out of my control either way I suppose. . .

Katy1368 Thu 26-May-11 07:48:04

aww teacup it's awful, I really feel for you. There is no way they can tell you that you have lost the baby unless they scan you - i'm shocked they even said that! I bled throughout my 2 pregnancies - 1 did end in a miscarraige and 1 a healthy live birth so it is entirely possible to go either way. Try and hang in there and get to the scan - that is the only way you can be sure and the hospital shouldn't be telling you any different.

Cadmum Thu 26-May-11 08:18:34

I've had experience with spotting during a pregnancy that ended with a healthy baby, too. I am slightly annoyed that you were told that you have lost the baby. I hope that Friday brings you comfort.

cookie9 Thu 26-May-11 08:29:29

Can't believe they gave you a diagnosis without any form of examination. Wait for Friday's scan . Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Bloody insensitive hospital!

KateeHasABunInHerOven Thu 26-May-11 09:04:12

I had spotting from 9 weeks to 12 weeks, a little bit every week. They couldn't find any reason for it, but both scans have shown a healthy baby (19 weeks now). It may well be that as the placenta is forming and shifting around it is irritating your cervix - someone did warn me on here that as your uterus shifts up from behind your pubic bone it can cause some spotting and cramping, so fingers crossed that's all it is. I can't believe the hospital staff were so insensitive and that they didn't examine you in any way! Makes me mad. Good luck with the scan tomorrow, we'll all have our fingers crossed for you xx

m1nn1em0u5e Thu 26-May-11 15:00:44

My sister in law had the same type of situation, bleeding heavily, they told her they thought she had lost her baby, eventually she got a scan a couple of days later & the baby was absolutely fine, she had placenta praevia....she is now 34 weeks! Good Luck, fingers x for you xx

nickelbabe Thu 26-May-11 15:08:43

the hospital cannot tell you you've miscarried from only taking a pulse and temperature.
all they cn tell from that is how fast your heart beats and how hot your body is.
that's nothing to do with the baby.

They were very, very wrong to do that.

Good luck with the scan tomorrow.

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