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constant nausea - any tips?

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Cat98 Mon 23-May-11 21:23:21

I am about 8 weeks and feeling constantly sick, though I haven't been sick. I almost wish I would though if it would get rid of it! I didn't feel like this with ds, and i'm going on holiday tomorrow so need help! Eating little and often helps a bit but it returns half an hour or so after eating. Anyone else get this? What works for you? When does it stop?!

hamncheese Mon 06-Feb-12 08:36:14

You can get anti-sickness tablets if not vomiting. I did anyway and took as needed, really helpful.

Eat something first thing and don't feel you have to have a cracker or ginger or anything recommended just go with what feels right. For me it was baked potatoes, first thing for every day for 4 weeks.

Don't eat anything you don't want. If it makes you feel worse looking at/smelling it don't eat it; you'll regret it.

Distractions - don't do the same thing all day, sit in the same bed, watch the same tv shows etc you'll get cabin fever. Do something different, have someone close over to visit or go stay with them. Distractions help you forget it a little bit.

vanimal Mon 06-Feb-12 16:26:25

I am in the same boat, today is my first day of wearing sea bands and they seem to help. I am also taking cyclizine tablets, prescribed from the doctors, which also help, but doctor will not give me more than 7 days supply so I am saving these for really bad days.

Sipping v cold Ribena helps me, and kitkats too.

I agree with the distractions, unfortunately I have no-body near by who can visit, and I work full time from home, the alone time is not good for distracting me.

But I also get to sleep for an hour during lunch, this helps too.

I am only 10 weeks gone, but counting down (and praying) that it will end by the magic 15 weeks.

Good luck.

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