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constant nausea - any tips?

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Cat98 Mon 23-May-11 21:23:21

I am about 8 weeks and feeling constantly sick, though I haven't been sick. I almost wish I would though if it would get rid of it! I didn't feel like this with ds, and i'm going on holiday tomorrow so need help! Eating little and often helps a bit but it returns half an hour or so after eating. Anyone else get this? What works for you? When does it stop?!

scepticalexpat Tue 24-May-11 01:04:48

Aargh. I had the same experience as you - never was sick though thought I was about to be quite a few times, and felt really awful for about 8 weeks. Agree eating helps a bit. In desperation sucking a boiled sweet also seems to help a bit (I found if I was carsick and morning sick at the same time that was almost unbearable). Other than that... lying down? In the end I concluded that there isn't much else, and personally I got quite frustrated by hearing people say cheerfully 'eat little and often... ginger tea... ginger biscuits' when actually all those things were of pretty limited help. But maybe that's just my bad luck and those tips do more for other people.

People on here will tell you that there are anti-emetic drugs that can help, but I don't think you get prescribed those 'just' for feeling sick, only if you're constantly throwing up to the point that you're not getting any nutrition. Can only imagine how much worse those people feel - felt my own experience was horrible enough.

I started feeling better at around 14 weeks, and at 16 weeks the nausea seems to have completely gone. Good luck, and hang on in there.

HLSalter Tue 24-May-11 01:24:38

The only thing that made me feel marginally better was nibbling a rich tea biscuit whenever I felt really nauseous and drinking as much water as I could stomach. I don't envy you at all as I was miserable through pretty much all of my first trimester due to this. Hope you feel better soon.

humph123 Tue 24-May-11 08:14:00

I had nausea in the first trimester nearly every day. hideous. try ginger biscuits/ginger beer. even just a plain rich tea biscuit. try and do this every two hours. even though you don't feel like it, it does help. dont let your stomach get empty.

Cat98 Tue 24-May-11 08:23:31

Thanks everyone. I managed to have some smoothie this morning and don't feel too bad. I am finding plain ryvita a godsend too! Really don't fancy ginger but rich tea biscuits sound like they may be palatable so I will try those. I can't imagine how awful it must be to have hg or something, it's horrible feeling sick all the time. Sympathies to anyone else who's suffering. At least it hopefully means all is ok with little one!

Magnumwhite Tue 24-May-11 08:27:51

Ginger biscuits!!!!!!! oh my goodness they burn on the way back up! you learn to eat the stuff that you can bear reappearing....Rich tea much better.
have snacks by the bed so you can eat something before you get up - i had to eat flat as if i sat up i'd start retching unless i'd prelined my stomach before i got up.
eat little and often and continue to eat..... i know it feels like you will put on masses of weight but when your sugar levels fall the nausea is usually worse. your body knows what it needs.carry snacks everywhere - get your partner to prepare bite sized sandwiches for the day if you can't face food preparation. and go easy on yourself. The nausea is often worse when you are tired so cut right back on your social events and get to bed early. You'll have alot more more energy for this in your 2nd trimester probably.
you have my sympathy!

Paschaelina Tue 24-May-11 08:27:52

Water biscuits are good because they're very plain. Also milk in small sips. But the best thing for me as pregnancy went on and the nausea showed no sign of abating was chewing gum. The mint and the chewing action was the only thing that kept me sane.

jezebelle Tue 24-May-11 08:32:31

Sea bands were the only thing that helped me, can be a bit obvious unless wearing long sleeved tops but they really work smile
I was sick till i was 22 weeks, not nice.

firsttimer84 Tue 24-May-11 08:36:02

i had this too and honestly its such a horrible feeling knowing you HAVE to eat or you'll be sick but thinking i cant face anything!! I stayed away from all cooked meals and snacked on bread and butter and biscuits (not ginger- as someone else said the burn on the way up is horrendous!) I found lying down helped as well (when i wasnt working) i was lucky as the nausea was all day but the sickness started from 2pm onwards so id normally finished work by then. (just realised youve got another child so these may not help) I also saw a quote on here that said " sitting on the bathroom floor crying please just let me die!" helps!

nannyl Tue 24-May-11 09:00:31

I was extreme and had HG

nothing really helped much but i swear accupuncture did help me, even more so when i had needle plasters in my wrist (where you'd place a sea band) which id keep in for about 4 days at a time.

Oh and anti-sick tablets from the Dr, though my drs policy is to only prescribe them in extreme (HG or near HG) cases. Im sure if you make enough fuss and go back a few times and beg for them they'd let you have them though

belle29 Tue 24-May-11 09:08:20

I empathise with you so much! I had 'morning' (that's a joke!) sickness from about 7 weeks until about 14 weeks. Sick first thing in the morning and then just continous nausea all day and night - described it to my friends like being hungover for 2 months! I tried so many things to make it go away but only really found things that took the edge off it enough so that I could sort of function! The things I found that did this were avocados (I looked this up after eating one and found that the lack of B6, which they contain, can cause ms), preggypops - didn't really stop me feeling sick but took the horrible taste I had in my mouth away, sea bands and the I-POD app Nevasic - although after a while I began to associate feeling sick with the sounds so had to stop that! Snacks in your bag is also good advise.
Hope you manage to find something that works for you. x

harassedinherpants Tue 24-May-11 09:25:03

I've been doing all day sickness and nausea! I'm 9+1, and it seems to be improving slightly. The nausea seems to abate for a while, but the sickness seems worse. Btw actually being sick does not make it better!!!

My solution is to eat pretty much constantly. Small and often. Luckily I'm craving fruit (same with dd) so I have a plastic box of chopped up fruit to pick at. I find the mornings the hardest, and once I've got past lunchtime I feel sick, but I don't seem to need to eat.

Also, midwife told me to make sure I wasn't dehydrated so I'm also sipping my drink constantly. I bring a 2l bottle to work with me so I can guage how much. I'm living on lime cordial and fruit tea. Anything else makes me envy.

harassedinherpants Tue 24-May-11 09:25:43

Oh and the word ginger makes me feel ill now..... tried all sorts of ginger products whilst preg with dd......gross, gross, gross!

MrsMilton Tue 24-May-11 09:47:01

Green apples helped me.

And giving birth... wink

aethelfleda Tue 24-May-11 21:49:19

Definitely try Sea Bands (£8 from supermarket/chemists), they can really help to reduce nausea. And snackety snackety snack!

It can help to "go through" different varieties of snack (biscuits/cereal bars/cripss/nuts) to see if a particular sort helps more. I found one flavour of milkshake syrup really helped, the other 5 flavours were useless!!!

And drink LOTS of water, and get early nights, as dehydration and tiredness always makes nausea worse.

Hang in there and roll on week 15 (which is when most mums get some improvement!)

Lala83 Tue 24-May-11 21:58:47

Glad it's not just me! I agree on previous comments - I need to be eating something every half hour, and nothing remotely interesting. Just dry water crackers things. I have to run to the kitchen in the morning to make brekkie (hubby had nerve to ask 'can you please throw up in the bathroom not the kitchen sink!'). My morning bagel really settles my stomach with a cup of tea. I've started getting up for work half an hour earlier just so I can sit and recover for a while afterwards. On the plus side, I am usually ok by 5pm :-(

Rock on week 15!

curleywurley2 Tue 24-May-11 22:14:11

Yep im the same as you Cat98, im 13 weeks pregnant with my second child and been feeling sick since i found out but now its gradually getting easier! I found eating about every 2 hours made it feel better, so i always have ceareal bars and carrot sticks etc with me at work. Also i found keeping a packet of ginger biscuits in the bedside draw handy and eating 2 with a glass of water before i got up in the morning helped also.
I think ive eaten that many ginger biscuits that my baby is going to come out ginger lol!!! Good Luck Huni hope this helps xxxx

H007 Tue 24-May-11 22:18:09

Cadbury's chocolate eclairs sucked pretty constantly until about 11am when I could have breakfast. Although I was constantly feeling sick and being sick.

pregnantmimi Wed 25-May-11 01:00:06

I had 24 hours nausea I even used to wake up and cry when I realised I still felt sick. Tryed everything only thing that helped was knowing it would hopefully go at 12 weeks well Im 10 weeks and its not 24 hours now feel lot better.It also helped being able to lie down even if for 30 mins in the day I dont know if this is poss in your lifestyle? I felt lying down helped to settle the sickness a bit. xx

aethelfleda Wed 25-May-11 21:04:24

Arg, another up and down nausea day...

Ginger is weird, it never seems to help for me. Salt and vinegar crisps are better. And does anyone else get that thing where sweet tastes make you sicker?

GwendolineMaryLacey Wed 25-May-11 21:13:18

Ugh sick sick sick here. I'm living on wine gums and lucozade with the occasional quaver. Nothing else will stay down. But it's leaving me with a constant sweet taste in my mouth which is almost as bad as the nausea. I feel like I've been at a kids party for 3 weeks!

mummy22gorgeousboys Wed 25-May-11 22:32:36

i felt nausea with my first but never was sick, but was sick as a dog this time around and threw up 3-4 times a day and lost weight!

I even had to pull over from driving to be sick once!!

The only thing I could just about manage, sometimes, was Ribena, banana, cucumber, cheese, celery, barley sugar, milk, flapjack. Sounds like a lot of things, but I could literally eat just 2 bites of banana, or a couple of cubes of cheese.

Make sure you're taking pregnacare or something similar if you're not eating well. You're baby won't be suffering, that's why you are, and you can make up for lost meals once the sickness has gone - you'll feel great and want to eat well then too.

Good luck!!

mummy22gorgeousboys Wed 25-May-11 22:34:14

ooh, and sleep, sleep, sleep if possible - it really does help nausea

leeloo1 Wed 25-May-11 23:10:47

Fresh pineapple helped calm my sickness down a lot. smile

Penny2012 Sun 05-Feb-12 22:23:58

I am 8 weeks and feel continuously nauseous. All I can eat is what is what I can stomach at that moment. I also find water to be the most delicious drink imaginable! I couldn't stand plain water before! A brilliant craving though!! I can't stand the sight of tea and coffee and my husband smells utterly RANK - although I'm not sure that's just since I've been pregnant.... wink

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