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Anybody delivery @ Norwick Park Hospital in Harrow?

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Jiyaa Sun 22-May-11 13:02:23

I am due in mid Sept and would like to get views on Northwick Park hospital

Geeza Mon 30-May-11 23:23:10


I did my obstetrics placement there as a medical student, 3 years ago. I was impressed with the unit, I think they had previously been in the media regarding some bad reports, and may have shut for a while several years ago. But 3 years ago, I found the midwives lovely, the rooms are modern and all ensuite. the midwives stayed with the patient all the way through, unless they had a colleague having a break, and they checked the other patient. There may be medical students....we only come in with your consent so we dont mind if you refuse...but you can make us useful...I applied cold compresses to womens feet, got them drinks, masssaged their back and got them tea and cake when it was all over!Just as the baby is about to be delivered the head midwife will come into the room too. I hope this of luck

ladyGeraldine Mon 30-May-11 23:38:40

It sounds like it has improved, I had my first there. I was ignored, nearly died from neglect, and after the midwife was abusive. When I went to another hospital with my second I was treated so much better, it was chalk and cheese. That was a long time ago, glad it has improved, it was closed due to mortality rates, too many mind and babies died due to poor care.

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