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So tired of waiting... will labour ever happen?

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FloralOne Sat 21-May-11 09:34:02

Ok, i'm 40+5 today and at my last check up on Thursday was told that my cervix is thin and 1cm dilated... which sounds great... yet nothing seems to be happening! The mild period like cramps I had earlier in the week have stopped, my back no longer aches, and I'm getting SO sick of relatives emailing/phoning for updates. Argh!!! I'm also knackered as sleeping just isn't so easy these days what with the frequent loo trips and achey ribs. Getting really fedup.

Sorry for the moan - just SO tired. I know I should 'enjoy the time & relax' - but it's so difficult - especially as any potential early labour signs that I'd had seem to have all gone away sad Sigh.

pirateparty Sat 21-May-11 09:47:18

Fair enough! I'm 38+6 and really fed up too - and you've got a whole two weeks on me. Sending positive labour vibes your way...

Don't know if it helps but think - in 2 weeks time that baby will be out by hook or by crook!

NorkilyChallenged Sat 21-May-11 09:54:14

I feel your pain OP, am 40+6 myself and no sign of anything. So frustrating and I seem to get more anxious and feel worse the longer it goes on.

I'm also utterly fed up with the texts/phone calls too. As though we might secretly have the baby and forget to mention it to anyone! It definitely is hard to enjoy and appreciate these last few days isn't it?

FloralOne Sat 21-May-11 10:07:13

Hi Norkily and Pirate - good to know that i'm not the only one - although sorry that you're feeling fedup too! I don't know about you, but I think if it weren't for the pressure to have the baby before I go 10 days overdue then I'd feel a lot more chilled (i'm in Germany at which point they start insisting on inducing). If only the Drs would just relax a bit (stop wanting to check me every 3 days) and leave things to happen, I'm sure that'd help. Relations are also driving me nuts - I tried ignoring them, but then they think something has happened, and haven't been told. Argh!

pinkgirlythoughts Sat 21-May-11 11:09:44

I'm 40+5 today too smile also getting fed up, after the period cramps, back aches, and early show all had me convinced I'd be having an early baby, everything seems to have stopped for me too! It feels as though the baby's forgotten about the actual birth part of things!

That said, I have been having a few cramps again this morning, so I'll probably go into labour today, and miss the family gathering my sister has arranged this evening for our birthdays (hers is Monday, mine Tuesday), that I'm really looking forward to!

FloralOne Sat 21-May-11 11:45:59

Keeping my fingers Xed for you pinkgirlythoughts. Sounds like you've had a very similar experience to me so far. Starting to feel like i'm just going to be pregnant forever! (which I know is completely impossible, but am feeling quite disheartened & irrational about it all today).

Thornykate Sat 21-May-11 12:16:30

I feel for you it is awful waiting. I am 39+2 but had delivered DS3 by 39 weeks so am half expecting labour to start at anytime.

Best advice is to keep busy even if only mentally active. Time drags for me if I wait on anything so I am telling myself that baby will arrive within next 19 days (i would accept induction at 42wks) & making sure that I have things to do every day. Mind you with no family help & 3 DS it's not hard to keep busy grin

Hope you get started soon!

FloralOne Sun 22-May-11 13:20:53

Thanks Thornykate smile Hope you were able to enjoy your evening pinkgirlythoughts. Any progress Norkilychallenged?

I'm trying to stay busy which has helped my sanity a bit. Had another check up today and the Dr said all was well but also started talking about induction in a few days (which freaks me out a bit).

Does anyone know if you get much warning before labour starts? Is it possible that you can feel nothing one moment/morning, and then suddenly by evening be having full on contractions? Or is it a very gradual thing with lots of warnings over the days before?

thisisyesterday Sun 22-May-11 13:31:06

yes, i can guarantee you 100% that labour WILL happen grin

although I reserve the right to take that back if in a few months I see a newspaper article about the amazing permanently pregnant woman lol

no, seriously, it IS like this at the end and it can be quite frustrating.
I know it's cliched but DO try and just chill and do something you enjoy. Hard as it is to actually do, try and not think about whether the baby is coming or not but find something to do to take your mind off it and just enjoy some relaxation time.

get your husband to answer the phone, or text everyone saying "i know you're excited, but please rest assured that I WILL let you know as soon as anything happens"
it might work

FloralOne Sun 22-May-11 13:39:42

Thanks thisisyesterday smile What you say makes perfect sense - I don't know how I've gone from being so laid back about the pregnancy to such a nutcase about it all in only a week! blush

thisisyesterday Sun 22-May-11 13:42:25

ah i think it happens to everyone! i think i was like it from about 38 weeks each with my first 2.
strangely, with ds3 I was totally chilled, possibly because I was unorganised and not ready for him to come anyway lol, but i was happy to wait (luckily, because I went a week over)

also, maybe baby isn't in a great position and is moving round getting into place? that could explain your aching and cramping before? so I'm sure things are imminent... will watch for an announcement smile

FloralOne Sun 22-May-11 13:55:28

The baby was really late to engage - I only found it had fully engaged on its due date! So it would have been moving about. I've also been quite happy for the baby to be late - up until the due date when I finally got around to fully packing my hospital bag blush - as we'd moved house recently and nothing was ready. Which is why I don't know how I got this nuts so quickly when literally a week ago I was still feeling unprepared, sigh! Pregnancy def makes you nuts!

Snooch Sun 22-May-11 13:56:56

Hi FloralOne, sorry you're feeling so fed up - I was overdue with DS2 by 4 days and I can honestly say that it was HELL....those 4 days seemed longer than my entire pregnancy!! So yeah, I do feel for you!

Just to answer your question about experiencing any sort of warning of the onset of labour - with DS1 there were cramps over about a week, a bit of a show a couple days before, and then 12 hours before I went into labour, trickling waters. With DS there was absolutely NOTHING. Not a twinge, or a pang or a leakage of any kind - found myself on overdue day 3 in the GP's office, begging for an end to my misery, imagining at least another week of it, and then woken at 4am the next morning by a mild contraction....he was in my arms by lunch time smile

So you baby could come at any time! smile

Snooch Sun 22-May-11 14:00:41

Sorry that would be "with DS2 there was absolutely NOTHING."

And "so your baby could come any any time"... blush

pinkgirlythoughts Sun 22-May-11 14:15:45

Well, I'm still here... still cramping, though, quite badly now.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

FloralOne Sun 22-May-11 17:51:41

Oooh - pinkgirlythoughts that sounds promising.
Thanks for the encouragement Snooch - just been for a long walk around the park to try and get things moving - gives me hope to think that the lack of signs doesn't necessarily mean anything smile

pirateparty Sun 22-May-11 21:32:45

I had no signs before ds was born - just woken up by my waters breaking and he was there within 11 hours! I'd had braxton hicks but no show or increase in the braxton hicks at all. That's one thing I find weird actually - the thought that potentially this time tomorrow the baby could be here - actually thats probably just wishful thinking!

cowboylover Mon 23-May-11 01:15:53

I hope you are all getting some progress out there!

I am now 40+8 and going to see the consultant at lunch time today to see whats going to happen next and am expecting to be induced in the week sometime. I dont know why but I just dont think its going to happen on its own now so maybe a bit of reverse physocology will work smile

3 weeks ago I was in hospital with irregular contractions and sent home being told we will be seeing you soon and then its like since my EDD has passed its all seamed to have stopped! I dont think I have even had a BH all week sad

Now I just feel more relaxed about it today and not waiting to feel every little movement has helped me chill more so fingers crossed I will be able to sleep a bit better tonight. Even saying that its past 1am so time for bed.

Bogeyface Mon 23-May-11 06:43:28

I am 40 weeks today (by my dates, tomorrow by the hospitals) and I have resigned myself to atleast another week, I just have a feeling that it isnt going to happen anytime soon so I completely sympathise.

Regarding the rellies, my BF just after her EDD had left a message on her voice mail "If you are ringing for updates on the baby then rest assured, we will let you know as soon as anything happens. If we havent rung its because there is nothing to tell, so be patient and as soon as we have some news, you will hear it!"

It was a very pleasant upbeat message and it did seem to stop the calls coming so often. I loved it, and will be recording something similar myself later today!

FloralOne Mon 23-May-11 10:14:44

Hope your appointment goes well cowboylover. I'm 40+7 today - can't believe that after the Dr saying last Monday that he thought i'd be in labour in the next few days that i'm still here a week on. I'm also seeing the Dr tomorrow - think they're going to start talking more about inductions too. They don't like you to go over 10 days before inducing here. How long will they allow you to wait?

I seem to remember my preg. yoga teacher saying that sometimes having a date for induction seems to actually get things moving naturally, as if knowing things will happen one way or another, makes the mum2be relax - here's hoping it works! smile

FloralOne Mon 23-May-11 10:20:26

Love the idea of the answer machine message bogeyface - although our answer machine is in german and we haven't quite figured out how to remove the scary sounding pre-recorded german message from it yet! It does mean that we get very few messages left though grin

Keep the stories about suddenly going into labour coming - pirateparty thank you smile It makes me feel a lot more optimistic to think that, seemingly randomly, with little warning, I could be a Mum in 12 hours! Woohoo! smile

Zipitydoda Mon 23-May-11 10:52:34

Floral, I also had no prior warning both times. DS1 was born at 38+4 and I was in complete denial about contractions as I assumed he'd be late. Was walking repeatedly around shopping centre inwardly cursing my DH for giving me a tummy bug while trying to buy a new baby present for a friend - my baby arrived about 12 hrs later; no 'show', no waters breaking till pushing etc. DS2 was 39 weeks and I was feeling overdue had first contraction at 6pm he was born 5 hrs later. I am now 39+1 with DS3 and am fed up, willing any signs and waiting, waiting, waiting!!
Hope all your babies make an appearance soon!!

NorkilyChallenged Mon 23-May-11 11:34:11

Hi everyone!

Had my first sweep this morning and midwife will do a second one on Wednesday if nothing happening by then. Am booked in for induction now on Friday so the end is in sight grin

Good luck to everyone still waiting

saoirse86 Mon 23-May-11 12:00:57

I know it was different for me as I hadn't gone over but I didn't think anything. I had my last day at work at 39+4 and handed in my last assignment for uni that day. Then that night just woke up having contractions 10 minutes apart.

It really could all kick off any time.

Good luck to you all. smile

cowboylover Mon 23-May-11 18:07:25

Hello all! I went to see the consultant today and still no signs at all or progress with a bishops score of 2 so still unsweepable.

Booked to go in for induction tomorrow so I'm not as scared anymore and just excited today after a really good discussion about the process and how they can meet as much of my original birth plan as possible.

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