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anyone else due january 2012??

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scarlettsmummy2 Fri 20-May-11 12:32:06


Just did a pregnancy test and it was positive! very excited but a bit shocked as didn't expect to get pregnant so quickly!! I think I am about 4 weeks so due in January next year.

anyone else in the same boat?? when do you see the midwife for your first appointment?

ShimmeryPixie Fri 20-May-11 12:40:07

Hello and congratulations!

There's a group of us in the ante-natal club section (would link but technologically incompetent). I am 7 weeks tomorrow and saw the midwife last Tuesday.


scarlettsmummy2 Fri 20-May-11 12:48:24

great!! I am also technologically incompetent but I will find it! congratulations to you too! I just spoke to the midwife on the phone and she has given me an approximate due date of 28th January!! seeing her 30th june!

thanks for your help and hope you have been keeping well! x

blueeyedmonster Fri 20-May-11 20:16:54

I am too. I think i'm due between the 16th - 21st jan.

I've got my booking in on the 8th june.

Moobee Sat 21-May-11 07:46:23

Hi, I have an EDD of 8th Jan. I've got my dates for my scan, booking in appointment already and I've had my blood tests yesterday. I'm impressed at how efficient things are so far, although I was surprised that the NHS just takes my word for it about being pregnant - I really thought they'd test for themselves!

Mum2be79 Sat 21-May-11 08:02:34

I'm 7 wks + 1 and due 6th January.My booking in appointment is 7th June. It seems some areas of the country are better than others - especially as Moobee has a scan date and had her booking in appointment.

I'll be 9 weeks and 4 days when I have my booking in appointment which in my opinion is rather late.

Lostmyshoes Sat 21-May-11 12:53:26

Hey and congrats!! I'm due on the 21st approximately!!!!!

falabalamb Sat 21-May-11 14:27:49

Hi, me too, haven't seen a midwife yet as just moved house and haven't even changed doctors yet (I'm not very organised!!). I've finally got the forms so hopefully will get things moving next week!! I think I'm 6 weeks so due on the 14th of January. How's everyone feeling? I feel absolutely terrible!!!

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 21-May-11 15:34:24

I feel totally exhausted, my tummy is really bloated and I feel sick, which i am expecting to turn into actually being sick in the next couple of weeks (if it goes the same as it did with baby number one!)

is everyone else on baby number one?

Mum2be79 Sat 21-May-11 17:37:10

Baby number one for me. DH is adamant that it will be the first and ONLY although I want two. He's an only child whereas I have an older brother (estranged sadly). You never know, he may change his mind - so might I yet!

I'm not suffering as much as I thought (with nausea and morning sickness) but my boobs are really sore, oddly about 2am they reach their peak (no pun intended!), some mild cramps. However, I suffer from sciatica from time to time and the past two days it has been the worst it has ever been. I need to sit! Definitely feeling bloated but that is subsiding too. I suffered a bit with constipation last week.

I did go to the butchers today and the sight of the meat made me want to wretch. That will be a job for the DH in the next 7/8 months.

owl13 Sat 21-May-11 19:36:41

Also due in Jan I think. Not allowed to book my booking appointment until I'm 7 weeks (currently 5 weeks). Very tired

Trace100 Sat 21-May-11 20:34:15

41 years old (yikes) and I think I am about 5 weeks, due around the 14 Jan. What freaked me out is that I put on 5 1/2 pounds in 2 days!!!!! Please tell me I am not having twins !!! Lol.
Already have a list of names but haven't seen the GP yet - is that prioritising or what....

blueeyedmonster Sat 21-May-11 20:39:55

Baby number 2 here.
I don't feel too bad at the moment, just very very tired and my boobs are sooooooo sore.

I haven't seen the gp at all this time, just booked my booking in after I found out!

Jennyrosity Sat 21-May-11 21:06:48

Baby no. 1 for me. Due on 23rd Jan. Soooooo excited but nervous too.

Moobee Sun 22-May-11 01:29:27

Mum2be - I phrased that badly - I have my booking in appointment date, I've not had the meeting yet. It'll be when I'm 10weeks. I have had blood tests though. I went to the doctors as it's my first and I was having some crampy pains (which were normal). Although the doctor was fairly brusque, she did at least start scheduling things.

I thought the booking in appointment was late too. I was told to have the blood tests now so we can discuss results at the booking in appointment.

idrilis Sun 22-May-11 08:52:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mum2be79 Sun 22-May-11 09:45:58

I'm beginning to think it's because they think we're likely to miscarry before then. But odds are stacked in favour of NOT miscarrying. Would like to know why the booking in appointment is not around 6-8 weeks instead.

I feel like I have a hangover this morning. Could be my hay fever is suffering slightly today. I have a niggle in my lower left side and my hormones have gone haywire. Yesterday cross with everyone and everything and today depressed like feeling. Nausea is lingering for longer spells too.

TheOnlyWayIsEnfield Sun 22-May-11 11:54:19

I am! Have an appt with my GP on Tuesday, hoping they are going to tell me what/when etc for the antenatal stuff. I feel tired and have diarrhea. TMI?

Can't wait to be able to tell people, providing everything goes according to plan... 1st baby and super-paranoid that it won't!

Isn't it mad how amazingly slowly time seems to be passing!?

Has anyone told their family yet? We are having a family meal next week, and thinking of telling them all at the same time to avoid anyone feeling left out. But not sure if it is too soon? Also worried about hijacking BIL's birthday meal.

What has everyone else done?

Congrats everyone grin

alittlebitpregnant23 Sun 22-May-11 19:05:29

Is anyone else finding it really weird? We've been trying for ages so it's not as though it's unexpected or unwanted but I'm completely thrown. I feel absolutely normal with no symptoms at all so finding it very hard to believe it's real. If I've got my dates right I'm due on 26 Jan. I'm really hoping the smug, fecund, nesty feelings will kick in soon! I'm happy - but it feels theoretical.

scarlettsmummy2 Sun 22-May-11 19:12:59

We told our parents and close family yesterday and I have told my three closest friends, if anything went wrong I would tell them anyone. Everyone really excited for us and my mum has me dement about names! she likes daisy elizabeth but my husband isn't so keen.

We also had our first argument today- I really want a yellow bugaboo bee but my husband thinks it is a waste of money as we already have a pram and buggy so we will have to wait and see! I have a mamas and papas giant pram thing but it is very cumbersome in shops etc, but good for walking.

Mum2be79 Sun 22-May-11 19:16:03

We've bought a Silver Cross Linear Classic second hand for £64. There isn't a mark on it. We were quite shocked at the prices of nursery goods and decided that we were not going to spend hundreds of pounds on things that will only be used for a short period of time. The money we would have spent is going into a savings account for the new baby.

alittlebitpregnant23 Sun 22-May-11 19:19:13

We told our parents, but no one else so far (oh,alright, I told my friend at work because I thought I would burst if I didn't tell someone, but officially, I've told no one...) It was strange telling my mum - like a flashback to being 15 and thinking I would be 'in trouble' (am 34, married, trying for a year). Do you think I might need to grow up a little bit, at all?

Moobee Sun 22-May-11 20:41:58

TheOnlyWayIsEnfield: I've found the last three weeks since I found out the slowest ever! We told boths sets of parents and siblings at 5 weeks. My husband was going away with work for a month and so I wanted people around to know. I also told a local friend for the same reason and my boss who's very nice as we were planning my work for 2011/2012. I wanted to give as much notice as possible. I'm not going public until after the scan though. I ended up telling some other colleagues ( not people I work with usually) as we were travelling together for three days. I ordered a margarita pizza and added extra mushrooms. When it arrived, the mushrooms were just revolting. I spent half an hour picking every trace of mushroom off. I wanted to tell them so they didn't think I was completely nuts.

I'm quite glad I did tell people as I've been quite ill the last couple of weeks with a bad cold and people have been good about making sure I'm ok. The colleagues I was travelling with made sure I didn't carry my heavy case downstairs and took regular rests.

alittlebitpregnant: I was the same telling my parents! I knew they'd be pleased - I'm also 34 and have been married for a year, trying to concieve and they've nagged me about grandkids, but all the same, it felt weird and naughty! The training of your teens really lingers...

mum2be: hope you're feeling a bit better now. At least Sunday allows time to relax!

booksandchoc Sun 22-May-11 20:53:21

Hi, i just found out today im pregnant. Only started trying and half heartedly at that because we thought we were to late this month to concieve. I think im due on 25th jan but havent even spoken to a midwife yet. going to call and make an appt 2moro. I havent got any symptoms yet apart from massive boobs which is a nice wee perk (dont think i'll be saying this for long tho) so far told my sister and 2 friends, telling parents on thursday as they are on holiday and i want to see their faces bcos its their first grandchild!x

alittlebitpregnant23 Sun 22-May-11 22:38:15

Moobee I'm glad someone else is feeling a bit sniggery too!
TheonlywayisEnfield I agree re endless early weeks - I've only known for four days but am already feeling impatient for something to happen.
booksandchoc congratulations. Love the name, by the way.

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