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Chavvy prams?

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Newmummytobe79 Wed 18-May-11 10:26:55

Hiya ... don't mean to upset anyone, but I'm going shopping for a pram soon and wondered if there are any brands out there that are considered 'chavvy' as I'd rather not buy one of those ...

pinkytheshrinky Wed 18-May-11 10:27:52

Well anything in white leatherette should be avoided....

Pagwatch Wed 18-May-11 10:29:11

Good grief. Really?

Just buy the pram you like and remember that anyone who has time to work out a hierarchy of poshness based upon what pram you buy, they are a massive twat

Cattleprod Wed 18-May-11 10:30:28

Or anything in Burberry check....

Pink is a bad idea too. I see lots of people with pink prams and think 'what if you have a boy next?'

pinkytheshrinky Wed 18-May-11 10:31:55

oh and anything with a cup holder (maybe this is just me?????)

or a play tray......

or big writing on like those horrid blue and pink twin things

Cattleprod Wed 18-May-11 10:33:20

This kind of thing is probably best avoided too!

mousesma Wed 18-May-11 10:34:20

hear hear Pagwatch.
Just buy the one that meets your needs and you like the look of for goodness sake.
Who can be bothered to judge people one their choice of pram.

mousesma Wed 18-May-11 10:36:26

Having said that Cattleprods link is gloriously tacky smile

Newmummytobe79 Wed 18-May-11 10:38:19

hahaha - all the other people on here Pagwatch and Mousesma! smile

Cheers ladies - I shall stay away from white leatherette and Burberry check!

And the ebay number Cattleprod!

Pagwatch Wed 18-May-11 10:38:27


vallinnapod Wed 18-May-11 10:51:18

PMSL cattle I don't think there are's normally the 'pusher' that chavs up the whole ensemble...avoided the buger in one hand, marlboro red in the other and you should be ok grin

buttonmoon78 Wed 18-May-11 10:59:06

grin @ pag!

But yes, that ebay link is best avoided.

otchayaniye Wed 18-May-11 10:59:32

ALL prams are chavvy, imo.

buttonmoon78 Wed 18-May-11 11:02:52


PregolaLola Wed 18-May-11 11:03:35

otchayaniye what do you do with your child, carry it by the ear or something ?

sungirltan Wed 18-May-11 11:08:17

i think the icandy ones with chrome bumbers are chav so there!

but yy to the big writing, frills, pinkness and also those retro silvercross monstrosities in pink.

dont get me started on the pink plastic steering wheel attachement.

yes i judge

KittyChat Wed 18-May-11 11:11:21

Yeah prams are sooo chavvy! I'm going to have a team of nannies to pull my progeny around in a gold chariot.

ToriaPumpkin Wed 18-May-11 11:11:32

The only prams I really judge are the ones with Baby Phat and Juicy Couture covers, much in league with Burberry ad white leatherette IMO.

KittyChat Wed 18-May-11 11:11:53

meant to add a: hmm

otchayaniye Wed 18-May-11 11:12:21

hahah, she's 2-1/2 and if she wants a nap out and about I back sling her. Yes, even while 6 months pregnant.

But I realise I am mad ... and so is my husband, who is a part time SAHD and also does this.

Just never got the point of them really and as I had my daughter abroad where it was impractical and came to UK at 7 months I never found the need for a stroller. I find pram obsession weird (I also find sling obsession equally weird) Generally where I live the posher the pram, the chavvier the parent. But that's confirmation bias at work!

I'm not buying a pram/stroller/buggy for this baby but of course, if I break a leg or my baby is three times the size of a normal baby or for some reason I can't carry her I will buy one.

People think they are essential for every parent, but they aren't.

nethunsreject Wed 18-May-11 11:13:39

I judge sometimes too blush

Massive fixed wheels and ones with satin-frill-edge personalised blanket things. WHite/pink/blue leatherette.

Renaissance227 Wed 18-May-11 11:14:33

I hope you don't mean all Silver Cross and ONLY the retro ones sungirltan. I'm getting a lime green Surf and am definitely NOT a chav!! smile

nethunsreject Wed 18-May-11 11:15:09

Oh, GOd, yes the Juicy Couture buggy is awful.

Pmsl at gold chariot.

LadyThompson Wed 18-May-11 11:19:53

Er, sorry to be a bit po-faced, but the propensity and SHEER SALIVATING DESIRE to sneer at others on here never ceases to amaze me. Just buy a pram that you think suits your needs, OP. Most people don't give a tom tit about your pram choice and, if they do, they are nobbers.

thaigreencurry Wed 18-May-11 11:22:49

Plastic steering wheel attachment? I've never seen one but I'm sure ds2 would find it great fun. Why would that be chavvy?

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