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Quiet Baby-Very Worried!!

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Jennyb851 Tue 30-Sep-03 19:30:02

Hi All,
I wonder if you can help. Im 25 weeks now and the baby seems very quiet. I started to feel movement at 16 weeks and it seemed to get stronger and more often until about two weeks ago. i went for my check up last week and when i told the midwife she didnt seen concerned, but its beginnning to worry me a lot. I had my last baby by emergency c section at 33 weeks as they told me the placenta wasnt working properly and he was in distress. The worrying thing about this though was that i hadnt noticed anything unusual at all, it was by chance they spotted it. Am i being stupid to worry so much? Everything was fine at my 20 week scan and im booked in for another in three weeks time. Baby's kicks are now not as hard and less often and she doesnt seem to be getting into any kind of routine at all. Is this normal?

lucy123 Tue 30-Sep-03 19:40:17

Hi Jenny

I don't think you're being stupid, but I also don't necessarily think you have anything to worry about. I remember dd kicking more in some weeks than others (though admittedly I can't remember when the quieter times were).

There again, I am 25 weeks too and I keep getting panicky "why isn't it kicking? " moments - I guess that at least is normal. But the key thing is that your baby *is* kicking (I think).

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Ghosty Tue 30-Sep-03 21:12:18

Jenny ... I agree with Lucy ...if your baby is kicking (albeit less than you would like) then she should be ok. Have you tried counting how many movements there are a day? I think they say that if you can't feel 10 movements a day you should call the midwife ....
I am nearly 23 weeks pregnant and I definitely don't see any kind of 'routine' ... and I don't remember my DS having a 'routine' ... I think that you notice them moving more when you are resting and to be honest I am less aware of movements in this pregnancy as I was in the last pregnancy ... mainly because I don't have much resting time compared to last time due to having to run after mad toddler.
When you had your check up did you hear a heartbeat? Can you buy one of those heartbeat monitors for yourself to set your mind at rest??
Try not to worry ... though I know it is easier said than done!

shellyk Fri 03-Oct-03 21:39:00

Hi Jenny
I was also worried, I didn't feel any movement until 24 weeks and when I was working I often couldn't feel it moving about. Midwife says to call her if I don't feel movements 10 times per day, sometimes I stay up late to get them all in! If you are worried go into to labour suite and ask them to check you over.

Anyway I am due in 2 weeks so hopefully everything is fine. Good luck

arnold Sat 04-Oct-03 01:02:14

I don't think you are being stupid at all Jennyb851. If you are concerned about the movements then your midwife or doctor shoukd take notice. Some babies are just quiet or if you've been busy the movements usually don't get noticed so much. If the baby has changed position that can account for a change in the movements sometimes. I think though that with you being so worried and with your past history you should maybe ask for an earlier scan to check everything. Apart from anything there is no point you worrying for another 3 weeks and think how much better you'll feel when you get that extra reassurance.

Lilysmum Tue 07-Oct-03 12:54:54

I wasn't very good at feeling my baby move. When I was hooked up to a foetal monitor it was obvious to all that baby was moving and I just wasn't registering the movements most of the time - didn't feel them unless they were really pronounced.

Ask your midwife for a kick chart to fill in - I had one and it was really reassuring. I think I was underestimating how many times baby moved (ie. underestimating even the movements that I could feel). When I got into the discipline of logging the movements on the chart I was surprised to discover that I had usually reached the 10 a day target by mid afternoon.

Grommit Tue 07-Oct-03 14:33:57

Jennib851 - it could be that baby has turned and is kicking inwards so you are not feeling it as much. I spent my whole first pregnancy in a panic as dd did not move regularly. Try lying on your left side and manipulating your bump to get the baby to move or a glass of cold water often does the trick. You may not always feel strong kicks - a wriggle is also a move. HTH

Jennyb851 Thu 16-Oct-03 19:01:24

Hello again!
Thanks for your comments :0) funnily enough, after i wrote this for a week or so baby was playng football quite a lot! Now shes having a quiet week again. Not quite sure whats going on in there! Having a scan next week so fingers crossed.

Gem13 Thu 16-Oct-03 19:15:48

I've been given a kick chart to fill in from 34 weeks on. I presume they aren't consistent enough before then to have a pattern worth recording. It's worth mentioning to the MW but I would try not to worry. DS used to be very quiet for days and then really shift. He was a laidback baby (now busy toddler!)

Worry is all part of pregnancy though. Even though I'm on number 2 (22 weeks) and only had DS 15 months ago, carrying DS up the stairs to bed tonight I had a couple of real twinges and started to worry...

But it's just kicked properly so that's better

Bekki Thu 16-Oct-03 19:45:55

My first baby kicked me so hard I would yell out in the middle of supermarkets, it was also relentless. Ds1 was born 9lbs and was an awful baby. Never slept, always crying, he only calmed down slightly when he had mastered walking.

My second baby hardly moved at all inside me and I would prod him once a day to make sure he was o.k. That one kick in response would be all I felt all day. Ds2 was born weighing 7lbs and is a dream baby, he sleeps all the time and is as quiet as a mouse.

Don't worry just look forward to your quiet baby.

ninja Thu 16-Oct-03 20:13:48

Jenny - are you very active? If so this could be the reason that while you're on the go the baby is being nicely rocked. If you're worried about the amount of movements, one of my friends was told to drink a pint of icecold water and wait for the kicks (of protest I guess )

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