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I think my waters have broken, hospital say not

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GoodVibrations Fri 13-May-11 17:12:06

I'm 38 weeks with DC2. With DC1, waters broke with a gush. This morning, I had a very powerful sneeze and felt a very small amount of urine come out blush (first time in months as I've been hammering the pelvic floor exercises!). Then a few seconds later I felt fluid trickling down my leg. I had no sensation of weeing and there was quite a lot of clear fluid. It soaked into my pyjamas and definately did not smell of wee. It felt exactly the same as last time (in that there was no control over it, it had no smell and there was quite a lot of it).

Went to hospital and was examined, but the doctor said my waters hadn't broken and that it was discharge. But it had been clear and very watery, and surely that volume of discharge would have been noticeable on my PJ's (rather than soaking in). I haven't noticed much leakage since but have been wearing pads (though I do feel very damp when I go to the loo).

Have had period cramps most of the day and feel very heavy. Also had one very strong contraction in hospital but nothing since (DC1 was very fast intense labour so this is all new to me!!).

Am confused. Could the doctor possibly be wrong?? I really feel like labour is on its way (doctor did confirm that my cervix had softened).

TheVisitor Fri 13-May-11 17:13:23

Yes, they can be wrong and were when mine trickled rather than gushed! Sounds like you're on your way, so the very best of luck. grin

bronze Fri 13-May-11 17:14:28

Yes he could be wrong. If it's trickling rather than gushing chances are it's hind waters anyway and the dr would have no way of telling

Thornykate Fri 13-May-11 17:32:15

Ooh how exciting, that definitely sounds like somethings happening gv !

I think if you manage to catch the fluid on a pad they can test it but if they haven't tested it how can they be sure?

I have always had ARM so somebody else who is knowledgeable about spontaneous rupture will hopefully come here soon!

midori1999 Fri 13-May-11 19:16:04

Of course, mistakes can be made, but if it is amniotic fluid they can see it leaking out of the cervix (especially if they get you to cough hard when checking) and pooling beneath the cervix when you're laying down. They can also use a special swab that changes colour if it is amniotic fluid.

My waters went at 14+5, by the time I got the the hospital there were none left around the baby, obviously there hadn't been loads at 14 weeks anyway, but they could tell by doing an internal.

harrygracejessica Fri 13-May-11 19:16:35

Sounds like what I had which I believe were my hind waters which went at 34 weeks but I was convinced I had wet myself even thoug I know it wasn't logical with the amount and the smell. My normal waters didn't go until 36 weeks though.

allibaba Fri 13-May-11 19:26:28

Did they do the test where they put a bit of almost like litmus paper in the water? I had this with my DS as when my waters went it was just a small bit not a big gush and no contractions happened at all (ended up being induced in hospital 5 days later!).

But it was only when the paper turned blue when the midwives tested me that it was confirmed. I would give them another call if you're concerned - you won't be wasting their time if it gives you piece of mind.

GoodVibrations Fri 13-May-11 19:55:30

Thanks everyone. Just had a long bath and still having period type pains but no contractions. Am not wearing a pad now so will definately notice any more 'leakage'! (though last time after my waters broke I didn't leak again and went into labour 4 hours later confused)

allibaba no they didn't do the test with the litmus-type paper.

harrygracejessica what is the difference between hind waters and normal waters?

supadupapupascupa Fri 13-May-11 20:05:00

hiya, I was leaking for nearly 3 days and the hospital said it wasn't waters. It was. It continued and then went from clear to yellow and then all of a sudden it WAS my waters and I was induced due to merconium.

Keep an eye on the colour and if it goes yellow go straight to hospital.

Thornykate Fri 13-May-11 20:14:55

GV please keep us updated, either on here or the June thread.

Am so excited for you I have kept stalking checking back for updates grin

GoodVibrations Fri 13-May-11 20:55:50

Thorny will do! Off to bed shortly so will update tomorrow (hopefully with some good news........)

littlebrighteyes Fri 13-May-11 22:44:55

i had this with all 3 of mine- hindwaters went first-trickled slow.
with dd last year i went in saying i felt some had gone-and they had me lie down to see if any pooling in cervix -test thing-they couldnt see any and sent me back home

when i got in the hospital lift -as i leaned back i deffo felt water again come out and spent 10 mins debating with husband that i was pretty sure it wasnt wee.....felt a bit daft -as they said no-but we went bk to mat unit.....and as i had a pad on at time-they had me bk in and tested pad.

turned out it was -and they sent me home to see if contractions start up-but didnt so had to be induced cause of risk od infection after 48 hours-i think!
went bk in and they broke my proper waters and it started it off.

Supersunnyday Sun 15-May-11 09:07:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ginmakesitallok Sun 15-May-11 09:19:31

Yes - they can be wrong. With DD2 my waters went at 1am, and then another trickle at about 7am. I went in at 12 noon to be told that my waters hadn't gone, that nothing much was happening and to go home. I went back in at about 7 that evening, midwife still didn't think waters had gone and I don't think she thought I was in established labour (didn't move me to a delivery room, kept me in assessment room). At 7.45 she said she'd just check me as she was going off shift. "Oh I think you're having a baby!!" - I was 9 cm. DD2 arrived at 8.45. After she was born other mw came in and asked "so when did your waters break???"

epeters6810 Wed 13-Apr-16 04:08:02

Old thread but has anyone had this happen to them recently? I am 36+6 and two days ago I woke to a pop (much like first baby) but laid in bed and asked hubby to get a pad and some knickers. I then got up for morning wee and started getting ready for shower. As I stood on bath mat to get in I had a gush of clear fluid (exactly like first time) luckily I still had pad on and it saturated that (sorry tmi) I got in shower and it felt like more kept coming away. Went into hosp and they monitored me for ages then did a speculum told me to cough but couldn't see any leakage so sent me home. A few hours later sat at kitchen table the same happened again so I went back into hosp. I was monitored and this time they got a doctor to check speculum, again they said nothing was there. And were going to send me home, luckily the second time I had brought with me both saturated pads. When doctor saw these she then chose to keep me in overnight and scan the next day (yesterday). Woke up and had no more leakage just a lot more discharge than previously and scan was booked for 4pm so asked if I could go home and come back, they then decided that I didn't actually need a scan as they were certain it wasn't my waters. My husband queried and said it would be good for reassurance and in the end they got portable scan and checked baby, apparently he has lots of fluid still. So they said it must have been urine, there is no way it was urine as I had been emptying my bladder as normal and (naughtily) hadn't drank much. I also tried to hold my pelvic floors to stop the fluid when it was occurring as I can still hold my urine but I could not.

The first midwife did say the previous day it could have been hind waters. And with my first it was only ever my hind waters that went before labour my main waters didn't break until he was delivered (forceps). I am booked for an elective in just over 2 weeks but am now really anxious about risk of infection to baby and I. He's still moving well at the moment but I am on tenterhooks, I also have a 20 month old for cannot afford to keep going back and forth to hospital over half an hour away.

Would love to hear others experiences of this and what happened. Thanks!

Kimuli Wed 13-Apr-16 12:54:32

Yes, they do make mistakes. ... I had my little girl 14 weeks ago...I was 38 weeks, had a bloody show on Thursday evening, my waters went, padded my self, went to hospital on Friday, I was checked and they said it wasn't them....I went back Saturday mid morning after more waters going and having horrendous back pain, was checked and still they said the same! I knew it wasn't pee! I went in again Saturday at around 11p.m as couldn't stand the pain anymore and felt an urge to push, baby was born about 15 minutes later in the assessment room! Looking back I was in labour (back labour ) from Thursday morning and I was having contractions but I dismissed them as I thought I had 2 weeks to go....I thought I had done bad moving and handling! You know your body Good luck with everything.

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