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Things about pregnancy that no one tells you

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CBear6 Fri 13-May-11 12:19:04

I'm starting to remember the weird things I noticed when pregnant with DS, mainly because they're happening again with this one, and at the time I wondered why no one ever mentions these things, not even the books (or at least the ones I read).

Things like:

- rolling over in bed becomes a test of strength, patience, and momentum. It's all about timing the pivot and the flop and using Whatever is in reach (sorry DH) for leverage

- your nipples get huge and change colour

- morning sickness isn't just in the morning, sometimes it's all day and all night too

- the random hormone-fuelled dreams

- the hair. It'll either stop growing and go all lank or it'll grow like weeds. And it's not just the hair on your head that's affected

- skin tags. For whatever reason they're common in pregnancy. I didn't know this until the doctor told me so when I got one on the end of my nipple, it turned black (the tag not the nipple)

Reality Fri 13-May-11 12:23:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bartimaeus Fri 13-May-11 12:27:19

- the weird dreams
- the insomnia (despite being exhausted)
- the bloating/constipation
- the fact that it can impact your every waking (and non-waking) moment from conception, not just from when you have a huge bump
- getting out of breath all the time, again before having a huge bump
- the random aches/twinges for no reason
- morning sickness does not magically go away at 12 weeks

Witchofthenorth Fri 13-May-11 12:31:54

Don't forget your boobs looking like an aa road map, with all that increased blood flow making your veins more prominent! Oh, and the nightmare that is not being able to see to trim all that weed like hair lol!you get so far along and forget what it looks like smile I have often thought of writing a book about what it's really like to be pregnant grin I swear sometimes I wish I coud have just laid an egg haha

SlightlyScrambled Fri 13-May-11 12:36:54

The worrying.

The discharge. I was changing panty liners a few times a day on the last pregnancy.

Aches in the ribs. Felt like I'd be hit by a truck one day and then gone the next. Weird.

lizandlulu Fri 13-May-11 12:44:59

oh glad you said about discharge slightlyscrambled i thought i was in a minority!

CBear6 Fri 13-May-11 12:45:08

My nails are pretty too Reality, they look like a natural French manicure when I let them grow in. Looks like hormones have a few perks.

I'd like to add the wind. I'm tempted to buy a dog so I can blame it on someone.

Not being able to bend. Not too bad right now (22+5) but with DS I needed help putting my socks on at the finish (DH used to put them on for me before he left for work each day while I was still in asleep in bed!)

Joannezipan Fri 13-May-11 12:53:13

The spots...I swear I haven't had so many since I was 13! But my skin is really dry at the same time confused

thell Fri 13-May-11 12:57:39

That stretchmarks are actually quite sore when they first pop.

Chrononaut Fri 13-May-11 13:04:59

the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, i swear they are the longest in your entire life

reikizen Fri 13-May-11 13:06:43

I think people do tell you this stuff but it somehow doesn't register or seem relevant at the time. I also thought that it would not apply to me for some reason, as if everyone else was doing it wrong somehow!

seaweedhead Fri 13-May-11 13:18:56

The desperate hunger! They say you don't need to eat for 2- try telling my stomach that!

HighFibreDiet Fri 13-May-11 13:25:33

oh yes, skin tags, discharge, weird dreams, more hair everywhere but lovely nails smile

posypom Fri 13-May-11 13:47:47

Joannezipan I thought it was just me! My back looks like that of a teenage boy. (My front however...shock)

And I don't understand how I can have so many spots when my skin is the driest its ever been - doesn't make any sense at all!

SlightlyScrambled Fri 13-May-11 14:07:23

Oh yes the spots. That's when I started to wonder if I was pregnant. Some are so big and ugly I could give them names.

Remember that 1 on the nose is worth 2 on the chin!

no1childminder Fri 13-May-11 14:15:22

anyone else get prickly pains....errr.....down below? felt like someone was stabbing me with knitting needles

the spots, oh gosh i went through puberty hardly getting any then WHAM i get them on my back, shoulders, chest and chin. eek!

rachyaimeelou Fri 13-May-11 14:40:06

The yukky stretch marks climbing up the back of ur legs, i never had them with dd but with this one theyre on the inside of my thighs, up the backs of my legs, makes me wonder how dh still finds me attractive???

hair all over that wont stop growing, i have to do my legs and under arms every week otherwise i look like a werewolf, totally sacked trying to do my bikini, altho oh has offered which i find weird lol

iv had so many weird dreams its untrue, one of them had to do wit dancing on ice???

also the heartburn and indegestion, iv had it all the way thru but its starting to become unbearable...did u no that pregnant women arent allowed to buy rennies???? gaviscone is yukky and wont fit in a hand bag lol

Beesok Fri 13-May-11 15:00:11

When you sneeze or laugh or get up abruptly you sometimes get a shooting pain in your lower abdomen - yes, NOW I know it's ligaments stretching but scared me to death the first time it happened!!

Complete loss of appetite to the point where eating becomes a chore sad and when you don't you get the migraine from hell and the awful guilty feeling that you're "starving" the baby ......

on the plus side - I have been blessed with glowing skin and lovely hair and nails grin let's hope this one lasts!

Booboostoo Fri 13-May-11 15:03:26

The backache, the stomach that sits right below your diaphram, the feeling that you are wearing a really tight bra only to discover that it's your own tummy...but by far the best one is...

three sneezes and...accident!

mrsravelstein Fri 13-May-11 15:05:15

that you can get varicose veins on other places than your legs sad

inbetweener Fri 13-May-11 15:08:18

My hair is lovely at the moment if I do say so myself !!! Im quite surprised how think and shiny it is looking ! This is my 3rd pregnancy and its a boy, with my previous two girl pregnancies my hair bloody fell out !!!!

inbetweener Fri 13-May-11 15:08:54

I meant thick and shiny not think blush
I might have nice hair but clearly cant spell.........

heather79 Fri 13-May-11 15:57:13

Just like to say you can take Rennies through pregnancy -

I'd like to add - restless leg syndrome. The cruelest part of pregnancy I think! Wakes you up just as you are dropping off to sleep.

CBear6 Fri 13-May-11 16:04:33

I had a boy last time inbetweener and my hair was amazing. Um having a girl this time and it's not doing much of anything, I'm sure it's even stopped growing. The one plus though is that the hair on my legs has stopped growing too smile

The inappropriate comments from practically everyone. They range from "is there definitely just one in there?" to "a girl? Aw, one of each! You'll be able to stop now!"

Learning to sneeze with your upper thighs crossed and your pelvic floor clinging to itself in horror at the potential for an accident.

That "frequent urination" really means "constant urination", much like "mild constipation" really means "I haven't pooped in a week and am going to savage the next person who speaks to me".

The random cravings - swig of fabric softener anyone?

Mizza76 Fri 13-May-11 18:33:10

Dry hands. Whenever I'm pregnant my skin peels off my hands. Not pretty....

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