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Fathers Day Gift Ideas from baby

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Kiki84 Fri 13-May-11 09:53:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rachyaimeelou Fri 13-May-11 13:27:00

hi kiki, im gettin my partner a baby bjorn off baba, hes not here yet but that doesnt mean i cant get my partner something off him, no idea wat to get him off dd tho n off me i was thinking maybe a canvas painting of us, i never had a dad so i think this is my chance to be able to spoil my oh lol, hope u find something hun xx

tavish Fri 13-May-11 13:34:20

Hi kiki, I was looking for something off my little lump to buy daddy as an arrival gift and found some lovely ideas at the following link, they do things like silver cuff link that you can put finger,foot or hand prints of your little un on. HTH

fairy1978 Fri 13-May-11 13:41:09

How about getting some plain canvass and doing hand or footprints? Very personal and you forget how tiny they are when you look back. Footprints are easier with smaller babies as they tend to curl their fingers up so it is a battle to get it looking like a hand!!

Kiki84 Tue 17-May-11 12:31:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

buttonmoon78 Tue 17-May-11 13:30:39

I had my son's footprints done at about that stage. They are sooo lovely to look at now, and he loves to see them too.

Happy present hunting!

ladyr Thu 26-May-11 22:33:16

Like the footprints idea, might do that for bday in July. I've just done a personalised My for first Father's Day and can't wait to give it to DH. Here's a link

hambo Thu 26-May-11 22:37:30

What about this
Oops, noticed now pressie is from a tiny baby!

I second silver fingerprints - I have some on a necklace. Imagine how nice to have them when they are bigger than you and left the nest.

apieceofmum Thu 06-Nov-14 14:08:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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