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bleeding in pregnancy

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hermykne Mon 29-Sep-03 14:03:50

i have a friend who is just 18wks pregnant and is bleeding quite regularly and has been told she may miscarry. the baby is fine its her womb and a clot that has developed , i hope i have that right. i was wondering if anyone has had similar experience. she can be anaemic.


bunny2 Mon 29-Sep-03 20:48:18

I bled regulary in my second pg. I didnt make it to 18 wks as I miscarried. However, I know there are many women who post on here who have bled but not miscarried. I hope your friend is ok, it's just an agonising waiting game.

dinosaur Mon 29-Sep-03 21:36:50

Sorry, I've no experience, but my heart goes out to your friend...

hermykne Tue 30-Sep-03 18:48:31

thanks for your comments

arabella2 Tue 30-Sep-03 19:58:30

In my last pregnancy I bled at 9 weeks and then at 12 weeks, both times for a few days but I did not miscarry. She could maybe try some alternative therapies which are supposed to help with threatened miscarriage. Osteopathy is one and I'm sure things like reflexology help as well.

Beccaroll Tue 30-Sep-03 20:01:58

I bled continually throughout my second pregnant - from 6 weeks all the way through to term - resulting in a few in patient stays in hospital! I had a hematoma on my placenta but baby was perfectly fine. He was born a very healthy 8lb 7oz and is now lying peacefully next to me - just over 3 weeks old!

Its very, very hard not to worry as seeing blood goes against all your instincts but Im proof it doesnt always mean the worst.


hewlettsdaughter Tue 30-Sep-03 20:08:10

My book "Natural Pregnancy" (Zita West) suggests that the following can help in cases of threatened miscarriage: acupuncture, reiki, visualisation, homeopathy, western herbalism, aromatherapy (burn either lavender or lemon essential oil), flower remedies. It also says: "If you are bleeding, eat iron-rich foods, such as watercress and spinach, to prevent anaemia". HTH.

hermykne Wed 01-Oct-03 22:04:04

ohh becca
you must be sooo happy.
my dd is nearly one and i just miss those early days so much , but for you its very special

i;ll pass these bits of info on to her

bunny2 Wed 01-Oct-03 22:20:58

Hermykne, if you go to Search and search in the pregnancy topic for bleeding, you will find several threads dealing with this.

StripyMouse Wed 01-Oct-03 23:08:46

hernykne - I bled early on in my pregnancy and went for the usual emergency scan - the baby was fine but they did comment on a clot like patch showing up on the scan. I was told that it could mean more bleeding to come or that my body might just absorb it - the latter happened. I am now 34 weeks with just the final 6 weeks to go and all has gone fine since.
The hardest part is knowing that there is very little you can do to improve your odds against mc - resting and eating healthily are about all they could suggest for me...very frustrating but hopefully my story will help to show that although mc is a possibility, it might not come to that so try to stay prepared for the worse and yet as positive as possible!!

Any relaxation sessions sound a good idea as sugegsted by others - although I would check out the practitioners qualifications carefully beforehand or even ask her GP’s recommendations rather than take a risk - particularly with treatments such as osteopathy.. let us know how she gets on.

hermykne Fri 03-Oct-03 21:20:46

hi stripeymouse
sorry for the delay in answering, i hope everything goes really well for you. i am about to phone my friend tonight and share all these bits of info with her, but i dont want to be alrming her either.

6 weeks to go! you must be excited.
anyway thanks

QueenBee35 Mon 19-Sep-16 17:49:04

Really distressed . Have an on going medical condition. Was hospitalised in August with kidney stones had surgery to remove them and a stent inserted in my left kidney . Whilst in hospital they said my hcg levels were raised but pregnancy test was negative . I was in for 7 days . I then came home and was bloated looked about 6 months pregnant . On all my regular meds which include morphine . Having had an ablation 6 months ago hardly thought I could fall pregnant. A week later was asked in to EPAU here I was tested and told its positive almost as if I was aware I was pregnant . Shocked and worried knowing I just had an op and am in so much medication , had X-rays and scans , radiation was terrified . Had a scan and. Wa stood there's just an empty sac. To come backs week later . Being certain now because they did a blood test and hog kevels are higher I was told to come back in two weeks . Scan showed a bigger sac but not as big as they expected . Told to come in after two weeks again . I started bleeding last Saturday as I a pinkish fluid on tissue but radially red and fullon soaking up to 3 pads I went to a and e as was feeling weak and ill . The drbin a& e was certain I miscarried booking me in and doing an internal there was blood everywhere. Sent up to the gynae Ward I was assessed by a gynae and nurse who assured me the cervix was closed and they were treating it as a threatened misscariage . Sent home still bleeding told to rest . Bleeding has since got heavier with clots despite resting and huge clots . I called to see if they could scan earlier and was told you are probably losing the baby . Just test and come in on Monday which is a week from today . This is my 4th pregnancy and I have 3 beautiful children but it makes it no less scary or confusing . As I am still showing as pregnant but losing blood and passing clots and being told I can and can't be pregnant . Just reassuring myself as I don't know if anyone else has been through anything like this

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