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Pregnancy app?

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ghosteditor Fri 06-May-11 10:02:16

Hi ladies,

Can anyone recommend a useful pregnancy app for iphone? I only bought the thing a few weeks ago and now I'm a full on app-twat. Last month I downloaded the FF app but following my recent bfp (yeys!) I'd love something fun for pregnancy.

and please... don't judge me for the love of my new shiny shiny phone grin

PoppysMom Fri 06-May-11 10:05:20

I really like the BabyBump app and one called Pregnancy (amazing images!)

fatbottomgirl Fri 06-May-11 10:43:48

I like sprout, its great. Lots of details and picks of developing baby and helps keep track of your appointments grin

ghosteditor Fri 06-May-11 11:12:05

thanks poppysmom and fbg - they all look great so am testing them out. I like the look of the sprout one as it's super shiny and my favourite blue colour - not pink!

spatchcock Fri 06-May-11 11:12:18

I like the 'what to expect' app - it's a bit twee at times but full of quite amazing facts and daily tips.

ghosteditor Fri 06-May-11 11:13:49

thanks spatchcock I'll look at that one too...

BrassicaBabe Fri 06-May-11 11:37:23

I like Sprout too.

Lynzilove Fri 06-May-11 12:23:42

i love baby bump and pregnancy. baby bump in particular as i get a message at the beginning of each new week!

featherblue Fri 06-May-11 13:55:19

I also like Sprout for the pics and the weekly updates. I've used it throughout (I'm now 34 weeks).

About three weeks ago I also downloaded Babybump by Alt12. (Probably the same one everyone is recommending!). I really like it, too, as it has a kick counter and also a contraction counter for when the time comes.

MomsofFive Sun 08-May-11 02:20:42

Have2P is great b/c it tells you where all the public restrooms are when you are out and about (and have to pee all the time!). I also liked Your BFF During Pregnancy - covered all the practical tips instead of all the medical advice (when to install the car seat and tips on where to go to find someone certified to help you for free, how to put the pack n play together, etc.). Good luck!

ShazGJ Sun 08-May-11 09:03:25

I like the babycentre app it gives you tips each day and tells u how the baby is developing at the start of each week as well as your body.

ghosteditor Sun 08-May-11 16:22:07

Thanks ladies all sound great. Currently using sprout, love the photos!

gigglyapp Sat 08-Oct-16 15:04:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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