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I'm on day 34 of my cycle no period but 2 neg HPT's??

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Smelly1 Sun 01-May-11 21:06:24

I can't stop wondering where my period is?!
I came off Femodene BCP 14th Feb hoping to conceive in a few months, had a normal fake period 17th Feb. We have 2 girls 7 and 3 and are desperate for a boy so I have been tracking my BBT! I took the MAP on 24th Feb as we hadn't been careful and really wanted to try for a boy when my temperature peaked. I then bled 1st March for 2 days and my temp peaked 6th March??!! On 14th March I had abdo cramps and a loss of thick brown mucous for 5 days (not infection) don't know what that was but it hurt! I then got my period 29th March which would have been 29 days since last bleed.
I am now on day 34 of my cycle but no period?? HPT taken on days 31 and 33 both BFN! Had small amount of brown stretchy mucous on day 18 (?ovulation). We used protection until day 22 but had UPSI on days 22,23,24!
Temp peaked day 23?!!
I had cramping days 29, 30 and 31 but still no period??
I don't feel pregnant and the cramps have now stopped, what can be going on??

lolajane2009 Sun 01-May-11 21:26:11

might be preg but hormones are too low. i'd test again in a few days and if no see your doctor

Smelly1 Mon 02-May-11 18:08:35

Now day 35 still nothing?! Nauseas on and off today but thta's probably in my head! It's so worrying :0(

cheapFlower Mon 02-May-11 19:21:25

as you had two BFN I would assume not pregnant (but would test again in a couple of days if nothing).
you haven't been off the pill for very long yet - I would assume that your body isn't really back to its normal regular cycle yet. it took a good while for me at least...

saoirse86 Mon 02-May-11 20:18:46

With coming off the pill recently and taking the MAP it could just be your hormones being a bit all over the place.
If you get carried away again when you weren't planning to, maybe the MAP isn't the way forward to keep your body and hormones in check, unless you really do only want a boy.

I had this recently. I'd had the cramping too and was on day 42 yesterday when my AF appeared! We're not TTCing but still mixed feelings.

Like CF said, maybe wait a few days and do another HPT, otherwise go and see your GP.

I hope things work out for you. smile

Smelly1 Mon 02-May-11 20:34:54

Thank you all for your input and especially thanks to saoirse86 for not being horrible about the MAP. It was only 3 days after my fake period that we had UPSI and I thought we would be okay only to be advised by the GP that we could conceive any time after coming off the pill!!

Smelly1 Mon 02-May-11 20:39:23

Now I'm wondering should I have a glass of wine tonight as I'm probably not pregnant?
Going to see GP tomorrow and will keep you informed.
It's just odd that I have come off the pill twice before and my cycle has gone straight back to normal?! Perhaps it's my age? Or like you say the MAP affecting things??

saoirse86 Mon 02-May-11 20:50:23

grin at wine That might help you conceive though, if it hasn't already happened! wink

I'd imagine that your GP will probably say it's hormones and to wait it out but it's worth going still. I can't remember when they can actually feel the uterus, 12 weeks or something? So they probably can't/won't do much at this point. That's why I didn't bother going, although as far as I can remember you actually need to have sex to get pregnant! blush

Smelly1 Mon 02-May-11 20:57:47

We've had plenty of that this month, record month for us blush only most times using a condom apart from on day 22, 23 and 24 of course. Back to using condoms again as not sure what's going on?!

saoirse86 Mon 02-May-11 21:07:44

Well at least you're having plenty of practice for the hot days! envy

Smelly1 Sun 05-Jun-11 20:30:38

Got my period on day 36!!
Now on day 34 again and having sore boobs for over 1 week. Had PMS symptoms 10 days ago and think I ovulated on day 20 as felt a ripping pain on left side! Used withdrawal method around that time! Now wondering again if I am going to get period in next couple of days or could I possibly be pregnant?

PoppysMom Mon 06-Jun-11 04:10:04

HAve you taken a test?
THat's the only way to tell you for sure unfortunately

Smelly1 Tue 07-Jun-11 20:40:37

On day 36 now some cramping on and off today but still no period. Have sensations in my breasts/nipples on and off! Sent a urine off to lab today but midwife advised that it might still read neg as still too early and advised buying an HPT in a few days time if still now show!
Wish me luck (I'm secretly hoping for a + result) wink

Mum2be79 Tue 07-Jun-11 21:00:08

I was 5 weeks gone before I had a positive pregnancy test.

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