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The Constipation Advice Thread!

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Beccy2011 Sun 01-May-11 18:41:30

Hi everyone,

I hope you find this helpful but, during this pregnancy the constipation has kicked in severely - so for anyone that is starting to suffer too I thought I would create (what I hope is a funny but helpful/useful) constipation advice thread! blush

(I'm not joking when I say that when it started it felt like I was having to pass a grapefruit every 4-5 days, and after a month it was more like having to pass a watermelon! - and even worse was on more than one occasion it happened on the work loos! So embarrassing when people keep using the cubicle next to yours and you can't go!)

Okay - So we all know of things that help you to avoid getting it again in the future (prunes, fybogel etc.) - but what can you do when you actually need the toilet.... but can't?

Some things that might help:

- Try raising your feet up when you are on the toilet (using a box or something similar). Its supposed to straighten your bowel and make it easier to go

- Never try to go to the loo when you are short of time - make sure you have at least 20 minutes (sitting there knowing that you needed to leave for work 10 minutes ago & you're still in your PJs doesn't help things to happen!)

- Try just sitting and waiting for things to happen - no pushing or straining (you think the pushing/straining is helping, but it can actually make you tighten the muscles in the opening of your bottom as you push, when you need them to relax, and so despite all the effort you can't go)

- Try a little bit of blush Vaseline around the "opening"

- Try lifting your bottom a couple of inches off the seat, so youre not actually sitting on it (supposed to work in the same way as the first one).

Hope this helps - feel free to add anything else that helps you or let us know if you are struggling too!

Beccy xxx

Flowerydems Sun 01-May-11 18:45:32

Oh my goodness, thank god someone else has had the workplace loo problem like me. smile I've only been able to go every 3-4 days when I've been lucky and it always seems to fall on workdays.... Nervousness about someone else coming in the loos are never helpful.


CBear6 Sun 01-May-11 18:56:49

Leaning side to side a couple of times or back and forth works the same way as lifting your bottom.

Sitting in a warm bath for a little while and then going to the loo can help, it's a relaxed muscles thing.

LittleMumSmall Sun 01-May-11 19:19:33

A very helpful thread, thanks Beccy! I would second the advice to try and get time alone for the erm, 'event' - don't worry about rushing.

I have found that my digestive system responds slightly better in the morning so some fresh air/short walk post-breakfast can be beneficial.

Green tea can be effective in speeding things up.

Glycerin suppositories can be bought at the chemist (ask at the pharmacy counter) if things have been going on too long!

One thing that has really worked for me has been remembering to make a note of daily movements (I keep a pregnancy diary that I write up each evening) - it can be easy to let two or three days go by without anything happening and then the problem gets much worse. Have really suffered with constipation during this pregnancy, lots of sympathy to other mums-to-be who are dealing with it too!

prolificwillybreeder Sun 01-May-11 19:28:22

I'm really suffering too!
Great thread op!
I'm going to try eating kiwi apparently that helps
I also have started doing the I love u baby massage that helps them poo/relieve wind on my tummy.
I'll come back with a link as need to post and run!
I love the idea of a constipation support thread!

prolificwillybreeder Sun 01-May-11 19:34:32

Ok it apparently also helps babies with colic but it helps me!
massage I love you

Ilovekittyelise Sun 01-May-11 20:10:34

lentil, split pea, spinach and aubergine curry (make lovingly with my fair hands!) works for me....a little too well at times....

natwebb79 Sun 01-May-11 20:16:14

I stopped taking Pregnacare vits - they clogged me right up! Think it's all the iron in them...

CBear6 Sun 01-May-11 20:19:25

Figs for breakfast always turns the trick for me, fresh if I can get them or a handful of dried if I can't (a few weeks ago I was so desperate I ate DS's fig rolls). The Organix date and banana fruit bars (check the baby food aisle) work too.

muffins Sun 01-May-11 20:25:24

Oh thank god for this thread-I am suffering today, 18 weeks pregnant and today is the fourth day without any, erm, movement. I am so uncomfortable!
Have drunk gallons of prune juice and got some fig syrup stuff to take before bed. Doesn't help that am away from home for weekend and can't get 5 mins to myself-help!!!

captainbarnacle Sun 01-May-11 20:28:50

OMG I thought I was going to DIE on friday morning!!!

For me, it's the poor fluid intake. I'd been wanting to go for a couple of days, but nada. Took me several 1 min trips to the lloo on fri morning for it to be resolved (waited until desperate urge and then sat down, rather than sitting for ages and straining - can only be done in your own home!!!)

This is my 3rd pregnancy. You'd think I'd be more experienced. But no. HOrrid horrid horrid.

littlestressy Sun 01-May-11 20:53:07

Took prune juice and it worked a charm (a bit too well!). I also find drinking lots of water, taking a long walk help to get things moving.
I know some people don't like it but I read on the loo, it helps me to focus on something else smile

JBrd Sun 01-May-11 21:09:01

Drinking lots and exercising helped me a lot, also eating linseeds every day with my cereal did a world of good!

G1nger Sun 01-May-11 21:09:52

I haven't had a problem with this yet, but plan on using an (ahem) home enema kit which I've bought from lovehoney.

Beccy2011 Sun 01-May-11 21:11:10

The thing that never ever works for me (and I've been severely constipated) is straining. I think it is helping - but rather than going, things always just end up back where they started!

Does it work for anyone else?

Glad that the thread is helpful! smile

CBear6 Sun 01-May-11 21:15:31

Straining never helps and just causes more problems like piles or fissures which are both very painful.

Folicacid Sun 01-May-11 21:49:05

I've been on lactulose, licorice, prune juice, orange juice, apricots, lots of water, etc and nowt...or very little. What worked I think yesterday was having a greasy bag of chips. No joke.

muffins Sun 01-May-11 21:55:01

I had chips at lunch-nothing for me! Maybe they weren't greasy enough smile
I've just sobbed in bed for 10 minutes, think I'm scared my figsyrup and prune juice concoction won't work in the morning.
Constipation is hideous!

Beccy2011 Sun 01-May-11 22:35:54

Muffins - good luck for tomorrow! smile

It's horrible when it happens away from home - it happened to me once on a camping trip on the South Coast and I couldn't go for the whole week we were there.

By the fourth day I was getting up at 6am to go to the site loos in the hope there would be nobody else in there - and of course there would be - and nothing would happen!

Have you at least been able to try to go?


camdancer Mon 02-May-11 07:22:54

One kiwi fruit including the skin, 2 - 4 sugar free polos (they have sorbitol in) and lots and lots of water (2-3 litres) every day makes things easier for me. Panda licorice is also pretty good, but other licorice doesn't help me at all. I do find though that if I've left it a few days it is much worse, so I have to make sure to do all those things every single day.

rightontime Mon 02-May-11 10:23:15

with DS2 i had one desperate time when getting on all 4s on the bathroom floor was the only way. yes i had to clean up my bathroom floor but the relief was worth it.

Sorry for TMI but it might help the more desperate among you. Obviously not to be tried at work though. And this time I have carpet (yuck) in the bathroom so is out of the question for me! lol

Straining doesn't work but I do find a little gentle pushing can help. Not constant but a little push, relax, little push, relax can be beneficial sometimes.

wombatinwaiting Mon 02-May-11 10:44:24

I am loving this thread - thank you beccy for starting it. I am straining but it does give some relief. Running always used to help me but I can't do it at the mo due to sciatica probs. I drink probably 3-4 litres water a day yet this doesn't seem to make any difference to me....

Would also agree re: getting your knees up - fine at home, but I don't think I can get away with dragging a box of photocopier paper inot the loos here at work!!

prolificwillybreeder Mon 02-May-11 11:01:58

I can confirm that eating a whole kiwi works within hours of eating it with relative ease.
This could of course be conscience!

muffins Mon 02-May-11 11:03:09

Thanks beccy.....unfortunately no news yet lol and we are now on a 5 hour car journey home. DP is going to take DS out when we get back to give me a bit of peace fingers crossed.

Wombat-made me laugh picturing someone dragging photocopier paper into the loos smile

G1nger Mon 02-May-11 11:03:40

Doesn't eating a kiwi with the skin on hurt the throat?

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