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Anyone in North Bristol area or nearby due between Aug and Nov who want to meet up or chat?

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BumpyBecs Sun 01-May-11 17:07:28

Hi ladies, I am 18 weeks pregnant today with my first baby and really want to get to know others in the North Bristol area like me. Whether just to chat or to meet up. I am due 3rd Oct and live in Bradley Stoke North. Anyone out there??

seasaltbaby Tue 03-May-11 08:41:45

Hi bumpybecs, just seen your thread! I'm 14 weeks & due 28th Oct with my first! There was another bristol thread on here a while ago but not sure where that went....I'm in fishponds btw. Be great to have a brissle lady to chat to! How have you been feeling so far?

BumpyBecs Wed 04-May-11 21:36:41

Hi seasaltbaby, I was on a thread a few weeks back but didn't go online for a while and lost track so thought I'd start again.

I am 18+3 and just starting to look a bit more pregnant but still at the stage where I just look a bit fat!! All good other than that. Bit of indigestion but gaviscon is fab and still a bit tired :-).

I am due 3rd oct but have 20 wk scan on 17th may so they may give different date then.
Also is my first - v exciting.

Pretty sure dates will be the same though as this pg is due to fertility treatment. Can't wait to find out what flavour my baby is at the scan!

How are you coping?

Where snouts in fishponds are you? Bbx

BumpyBecs Wed 04-May-11 21:47:11

Sorry that was supposed to say where abouts in fishponds are you - not snouts! Nightmare typing on my iPhone! Bbx

berniegroves Fri 06-May-11 12:10:17

Hi Becs,

I live in Patchway and am currently 16+1
How are things with you? Are you being seen by the midwives in Patchway or Bradley Stoke?

I have my 16 week midwife appointment next week on wednesday in Patchway.


seasaltbaby Mon 09-May-11 19:57:44

hi again,
I'm just off lodge causeway in fishponds-not the nicest of places but not too bad!
so far I've not been too bad-little nausea and tiredness. my main issue has been really bad back ache in the evenings but got a physio session tomorrow so might try and get some advice then. Realised today I haven't got my 16 week mw appointment yet so just trying to get that sorted, cant wait for the 20 week scan either, mines 7th June!
I'm starting to get a bit bigger now, espcailly bloated in the evenings, but still holding onto my normal clothes as cant afford any mat ones yet! I too look a bit fat, definitely not obviously pregnant yet-cant wait for that!
thanks for starting the bristol thread again!

berniegroves Thu 12-May-11 10:00:43

I had my 16 week midwife appointment yesterday, had to take half a day off work for it and it lasted all of 10 minutes as she was rushing because she was behind schedule! Didn't ask how i was or anything!
This is my first baby and i really don't feel the NHS midwifes are very supportive really.

How is everyone? Are these your first babies?

Seasaltbaby - my 20 week scan is also on 7th June!! Small world! Is yours at Southmead?


flamencogirl Thu 12-May-11 11:31:13

HI I am in bradley stoke, I am behind all of you, due on Dec 4th currently 10 and a half weeks pg. Would be great to meet up for coffee with anyone from bradley stoke. Its my first child and don't know anyone else who is pregnant at the moment!

berniegroves Fri 27-May-11 15:09:33

I can't believe i am 19 weeks already! Time is flying by!
Has anyone looked into ante-natal classes? I can't do the NHS ones so am going to have to find some private ones.
Flamencogirl - how are you? Are things going well?

flamencogirl Sun 29-May-11 11:38:58

HI berniegroves

yes thanks 13 weeks now and all going well!

I have signed up to the NCT ante-natal classes, not cheap but I am told well worth it!

Can't wait to be 19 weeks like you!!

seasaltbaby Sun 29-May-11 19:42:41

Hi everyone, I'm now 18 weeks & all going v well. Got my first lot of mat clothes yesterday, loving the jeans, so much more comfy!
Yay berniegroves, my scan is at smead too, v small world! Mines 3.30, when's yours, I can't wait for that! We've also signed up for nct class as nhs didn't sound that great, also hoping to meet some other mums too.
Hope everyone doing ok x

berniegroves Wed 01-Jun-11 15:46:51


Seasaltbaby - my scan has been moved to 3pm on 10th June due to staffing issues or something like that!! It was at 3pm on 7th originally.
I hope yours goes okay, we are really looking forward to ours.

What NCT class have you signed up to? I am looking at which ones to choose currently and can't make up my mind!

Flamencogirl - Glad things are going well, it is an exciting time! I really just want to finish work now as i am so distracted!! lol! I am also looking at the NCT classes now, also looking at ones in Bristol from a company called Fit For Birth, but don't know which to choose! Am very indecisive!

Can i ask how old everyone is, if this is first baby etc?
I am 28 currently and this is our first am very nervous about it all!

seasaltbaby Thu 02-Jun-11 21:54:01

Berniegroves thats not good they had to re-arrange your appointment, I've not heard anything about mine, wierd.
We booked a standard NCT class through the South Glos NCT group-I think its 6 weeks ish and starts in September in Downend. I hadn't heard of the Fit for Birth one until afterwards, otherwise I probably would have been v indecisive too! I'd go for the cheaper option....

I'm 31 and this is also our first bubs too, I'm getting so so excited about it all now and just cant wait for scan next week now!

berniegroves Fri 03-Jun-11 14:40:42

Seasaltbaby - i know i am so excited about the scan as well!
I have been given details of two NCT classes in Downend, one based on a weekday evening and one based on saturdays.
I really do need to make my mind up this weekend and book something as it will be too late soon!

I am feeling the baby move more often now, at first it was just at night-time, but now i feel it on and off through the day! Amazing!

I hope your scan goes well and you never know we may end up on the same NCT group :-)

Riveninside Fri 03-Jun-11 14:43:36

Wotcha all. We hold a mumsnet meet friday mornings. All welcome, from bumps to them with kids at school.

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