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No yolk in sack

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Tennerlady Thu 21-Apr-11 23:08:31

hi just wondering if anyone out there has had this problem had scan last week and it should of shown I was 5/4 but Only measured 4/3 and no yolk in sac so had to go back a week later been back today and still no yoke in sac but sac has grown from 5mm to 7 mm and showing about 5/5 weeks having hcg levels took again on sat to see if increased has any one experience this .

OrangeGloss Fri 22-Apr-11 08:00:05

I had similar, I was scanned due to bleeding and they could just see the sac, no yolk or heartbeat, just a 'cyst' as they called it, measuring 5 weeks I think. I went back in 2 weeks and saw the yolk and a little heartbeat flashing away

Hopefully your HGC results will give an indication, mine were still doubling throughout. When will they scan you again? It's so early to see anything conclusive, it might even be there already and they missed it, it is just millimetres they're looking for. I do hope you get some reassurance soon

Bogeyface Fri 22-Apr-11 13:58:21

When I had dd I was scanned early due to having a miscarriage (it was confirmed that I lost a baby) and my uterus was empty. I saw the screen myself and there was nothing there. I had hcg bloods taken and 48 hours later they had doubled, so I was called back a week later for a follow up scan as obviously that wasnt right after a m/c. And there she was, heart beating merrily away and measuring 7 weeks, I had lost her twin but there had been no sign of another baby before that, even the sonographer couldnt work it out, they checked the previous scan pictures and confirmed there was nothing there.

She is 9 now and driving me crazy as we speak

choc1 Fri 22-Apr-11 14:02:22

Unfortunately i have had this 4 times.

For me it was caled a "blighted ovum". Its an empty pregnancy sac and a baby never developed.
HCG levels always increased, i always felt very pregnant (nausea, sore boobs exhausted) but then the pregnancy ended, either with medication to help it, or naturally (eventually at 13 weeks)

Its an awful situation and you do hear of nice endings with some, for me not.

I hope you have a nice ending.

Tennerlady Fri 22-Apr-11 20:49:47

It's agony just waiting for mc I can't relax then my brain keeps saying no they going to find heart beat go back in morning for 2 hcg test but wont get results until tues after 1pm then can't do anything as going away on Thursday till next tuesday how do you manage to keep sane !!!! The best thing is we haven't told r 3 other kids about me being prgant yet .

Vix1980 Sat 23-Apr-11 09:07:38

Hiya, the fact that you have seen it growing on the scans can surely only be a realy good sign, they generally cant see anything until after 6 weeks anyway so a lot of people find themselves in your position of just having to wait (which i know myself is the worst part). I could tell you to take it easy, enjoy the weather and relax and keep busy doing fun stuff with your other kids and the time will fly, but i know you will be clock watching like mad counting down to the day you go back just like i was!! good luck though but i really hope and think you will be fine xx

TrinaW Sat 23-Apr-11 11:18:39

Hi Tennerlady - I had a similar thing - was scanned at what they thought was 5wks and only saw a gestational sac. Went back ten days later (supposedly nearly 8wks) and saw yolk as well as a teeny tiny fluttering heart in a 2mm baby. I was actually only 5wks at the second scan, hence not seeing much the first time round.

This fitted in with my late ovulation but no one really took this into account as they measure by last period. Even now, I'm officially 12 wks but actually 9.

The worst thing was definitely the waiting, but all you can do is stay positive, get lots of rest (where you can!) and stay away from google. Hope this helps and that you get some good news at the next scan. x

PrincessScrumpy Sat 23-Apr-11 14:42:52

I had a scan at 6w which showed an empty sac and they told me I was 4w pg (made no sense). A week later we had another scan that showed I was 7w pg (so that matched my dates) and there were 2 little blobs in the one sac - both with heart beats!

So at first we thought we'd lost a baby and ended up with 2. Now I'm 18+2w pg with ID twins. Early scans are not very accurate.

Good luck x

Tennerlady Sat 23-Apr-11 19:27:15

Thanks everyone went and had hcg done again today they gave me my results of thurs it was 4420 is that good ? The problem iv got is I'm diabetic and 40 so odds against me anyway x

OrangeGloss Sun 24-Apr-11 09:56:57

I think they will want to see the results to compare, it's the increase they will be looking for. There is such a wide variance of levels at each stage I was told it's the increase that's important. I hope it isn't long until you get your next result. Fx for you, it's just horrible waiting

oinkyoink Sun 24-Apr-11 12:45:38

I had this too, with both pregnancies. Early scans are always such a worry, I think it is best to go back from 7/8 weeks preg and have a scan and the results will be way more conclusive! It is a worrying time but you may be very surprised, I hope you are

Tennerlady Thu 28-Apr-11 20:52:04

Hi lady's just giving you update on situation phone hospital on tue to get result of hcg and they said it had Rose to 5230 and had to go to emergency room ASAP as this confirms pregnacy progressing so went in and they exammined me and explained they suspected eptopic pregnacy and levels patterns follow this but they could not fit me in for scan until tomorrow as back log due to Easter break told them I didn't want to stay in as I only lived 15 min away so let me go home and come back next morning at 11 for scan and they did another hcg test ... Went yesterday (thur) and had scan still could not see anything in uterus but she thought she seen preg outside womb by left overay so hcg levels had Rose up to 7430 so admitted as eptopic preg and went to theatre at 6 that night surgeon said he was about to remove tube but wen he looked again it was not there so he made other insissions and had a look around uterus but could not find the pregnacy . So got to wait now until tues to see what hcg levels are and then have another scan if they have increased but that is what consultant said it's still 50 - 50 chance it could progress as it's still all a mystery were this pregnacy is but surgeon came to see me and he more or less said I will miscarry or I will have to have some injection to get rid of pregnacy were ever it is? So still pregnant up to know but just waiting again till tues went should be 8 wk 2 days consultant thinks I might not of got pregnant till end of march ( I think it was 27 march) and it might be too small to see x but just might be clutching at straws x

PoppysMom Fri 29-Apr-11 03:19:39

Oh Tennerlady, sorry you are having such a touch time. I do hope that they can find this pregnancy, wherever it is (and hopefully in your uterus afterall!)

My first scan showed an empty womb and I was terrified. Second scan then showed my little blob. I have a tilted uterus, so yours may be hiding somewhere in there too.
Fx for you and keep us posted x

OrangeGloss Fri 29-Apr-11 06:31:21

Oh I'm so sorry you didn't get better/conclusive news, it must be hard to stay positive. When I went for my 12 week scan I should have been 12+2 and I measured 10+5, which has now grown at the right level. Means it implanted a lot later than they thought. It might not seem it but 50-50 is good odds considering that 1 in 4 pg end in mc. I was given a 10-20% chance and thinking of it that way made me feel a bit better while I was waiting, so I hope I haven't offended by saying that. Let us know how you get on, and post on here in the meantime if you need to talk/vent x

Tennerlady Fri 29-Apr-11 09:20:55

Thanks it's good to talk to people who understand what you are going through still no bleeding so that's good sign but still sore from operation but I got appendix removed at 18 weeks pregnant with my last baby and he is nearly 6 now so fx .

galwaygal Fri 29-Apr-11 13:41:22

Tennerlady - sorry you are going through this. If you want to read some positive stories then go to mis-diagnosed miscarriages website, women with a tilted uterus can often not find the pregnancy on scan til 10 weeks pregnant and hcg levels over 10000! I hope you do get your positive outcome.

Whitediamond Tue 17-May-11 16:09:22

I had a positive home pregnancy test on 8th May. My last period was 2nd April which technically makes me 6 weeks. I had sex with my partner on 15th (he is a long distance lorry driver, so very rarely home, and bled afterwards, but I had been doing this quite regularly after sex anyway. However, the spotting continue yesterday and my GP referred me to Early Pregnancy Clinic. Went this morning and had a scan. They saw a "blob" as she called it and thought I was earlier on in the pregnancy than I thought. I have been on tablets for a tumour on the pituatory gland which do make you more fertile. I stopped them as soon as I discovered I was pregnant. I had a blood test today and have to have another one on thursday. I only lose when I wipe myself or if I do a number 2's. I have a lot of pain in my back but think this is the sciatic nerve because it goes down my leg. They said it could be an early pregnancy, one that had stopped growing at 5 weeks or eptopic. I also had that bacterial vaginoses, which seems to have disappeared now. I dont want a miscarriage but its the waiting thats killing me. I have a son of 8 and trying to keep smiling is hard.

BlueCrane Mon 30-May-11 16:48:18

tennerlady and whitediamond I wonder how you got on?

I went for what should have been 11 or 12 week scan last Thursday and they could only find an empty sac measuring 5-6 weeks (20mm) so techincally should've had a yolk visible too, they did a IVscan too to take the measurements. However, I haven't had any bleeding at all, a few mild cramps but nothing to be concerned about and still nothing. They offered me an ERPC but I have chosent o wait for natural. But today i have just found out that if you have a tilted uterus (which I do) then there's the possibility that they just can't see the yolk yet so now I'm a bit confused and trying not to get my hopes up but still no bleeding!!! I'm fairly certain of my dates (just trying to think back now to when we DTD). The hospital booked me in for another scan 7th June but didn't take any blood to check hcg...should I request that they do that this week and again next week to see if that sheds any light on the situation?

PoppysMom Tue 31-May-11 05:59:47

BlueCrane sorry you are going through this.
I hope that you have a good outcome, but if you really are 11-12 weeks, then they should have seen a baby already.

I have a severely tilted (back) uterus and my 5 week scan showed nothing, but my 7 week scan showed my little blob already. My 11 week scan was very clear, but still had to be done internally, as he couldn't see through my abdominal wall.

You can ask them to take hCG levels and compare them to next week.

As far as I know (not a medical proffessional!!) a MMC can take a long time to miscarry naturally unfortunately.

Good luck!

CBear6 Tue 31-May-11 09:24:23

BlueCrane, you're well within your rights to ask for another scan an that they check hCG levels. I have a tilted uterus too, "severely so" according to anyone who has ever scanned me. When I was pregnant with DS and went for my 12 week scan there wasn't a 12 week baby there, there was just a sac and not much else. Going by LMP I was 12 weeks but the scan put me at 5-6 weeks. They told me that this either meant I wasn't as far on as first thought or the pregnancy had stopped growing. I had a repeat appointment for six weeks later at the ante-natal unit but an open appointment at the EPAU for if I experienced any bleeding, etc (basically I was to go straight there). I had no bleeding or other problems and went to the ante-natal six weeks later to find a 13 week baby on the scan. Turns out my first missed period was exactly that, a missed period and nothing to do with pregnancy, it was the following cycle that I got pregnant (my due date by LMP was 10th July but by scan was 23rd August).

Fingers crossed for you x

BlueCrane Tue 31-May-11 12:25:19

Thanks poppysmom and cbear6 for your replies. I had another look at my dates yesterday and because of when I got my BFP and when I know we DTD the earliest I could have been on Thursday was 9.5 weeks which I think means that they should have been able to see something on the internal scan even with the tilt. I spoke to the EPU this morning and they said that they will do bloods etc on Tuesday when I go back for my next scan. I will chat to them then about my uterus but I think if nothing has changed on the scan (ie still no yolk visible and sac same size etc) then we may consider medical intervention, erpc or medical management to stop this dragging on too long. The more I thought about it all yesterday the more I thought that the uterus thing has just made me more certain that I need to be totally sure there's nothing there before getting myself 'cleaned out' so to speak. The waiting is horrible though!

Halgirl Wed 01-Jun-11 11:15:13

I had an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago. It wasn't in my tubes, they couldn't find where it was. My period was 2 weeks late but then I started bleeding and severe pain started. I went to A and E and they confirmed I was pregnant due to high hormone levels but I'd either already miscarried or was on the verge of doing so. went back the next day to early pregnancy unit and they scanned me said their was nothing there and I'd miscarried. However after the weekend went back for blood tests and hormone levels had gone up significantly so then they suggested ectopic had to stay in had lots of scans, still couldn't find it. Wasn't in my tubes thank goodness, but where it was is a mystery I had methotrexate injection to end the pregnancy. That was not a nice experience. Was very ill with this. Thinking back now I was only 4/5 weeks so they wouldn't have seen anything and I do sometimes wonder what if they did get it wrong and they could of waited to see if it did develop in the right place, but then my husband reminds me with the bleeding and pain it's a very strong indication that it is ectopic and leaving it would have put my life at risk. If you haven't got the bleeding and the pain then fingers a later scan might show that it is there in the right place.

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