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Ob/Gyn recommendations @ Portland & Lindo

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polo44 Thu 21-Apr-11 20:42:12

Does anyone have any experience with either Pat O'Brien or T G Teoh - both at the Portland - I have heard good things about both. Teoh is also at the Lindo but it's closed at the moment.
There is a chance I will need a c-section. I would be really grateful for any advice.

DoubleDiffedDachs Thu 21-Apr-11 20:50:53

No experience with them but I'm with Chris Barnick at the Portland and he's lovely. Very accommodating and reassuring. I'm having twins so will prob need a c-section too. (He's on holiday in Bali at the moment but will be back in two weeks, his secretary is also lovely and accommodating too). The 12 week and 20 week scans are done under Prof Nicolaides at the FMC.

lilly13 Fri 22-Apr-11 12:17:37

Pat O'Brien is very popular and highly experienced. He was my 1st choice if I were to go to Portland, but I decided to go for Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and picked another consultant. You can also try Maggie Blott, Eric Jauniaux and Demetrios Economides at Portland. Chris Barnick was my gyn for a few years and I dropped him due to a terrible medical error. I would never have him as my obstetritian (if you want details then pls PM me)...

sarahmia Fri 22-Apr-11 18:10:01

my sil swears by Demetrios Economides

BagofHolly Fri 22-Apr-11 18:35:42

Paul Armstrong at the Portland delivered all my children including my twins and is very nice. Very unruffled, unphased by things, and accommodating. Decent surgeon too, all v neat and tidy and only one scar despite two sections.

florence10 Sun 08-May-11 14:13:38

Sorry just saw this post. I would NOT recommended Armstrong. I had an elective c-section with him. I found him to be creepy and uncaring. His postnatal care was a joke too. I have heard good things about O'Brien. I had to see Britt Clausson for Postnatal Pain gyno pain. She is an extremely kind and supportive women.

mookickkick Fri 13-May-11 23:12:27

I agree with BagofHolly. Armstrong is my consultant (for the second time) and I think he's great. He's totally laid back while still reassuring and on the ball. During my first delivery, he was completely in control -- which was great because the midwife was clueless. He doesn't really do small talk and is not soft and cuddly. But he listens and knows what he is doing.

florence10 Sun 15-May-11 00:14:39

Funny Armstrong was completely clueless during my postnatal appointment (all four minutes). He missed my postnatal depression (probably hasn't heard of it or cares), wasn't able to give any clue as to what was going on with the vaginal pain following a c-section etc (the two female consultants I have seen in the year following the delivery were wonderful). I wouldn't send my worst enemy to see him. My husband didn't like him at all either. Oh he didn't wear any gloves when he flicked down my sanitary pad in the hospital (yuck) or wash his hands afterwards.

QueenofWhispers Thu 11-Apr-13 14:28:51

I love Economides too!!!

Xalla Thu 11-Apr-13 20:16:58

I had Ursula Lloyd at the Portland for both of my sections (2008 and 2011). Absolutely love her and her secretary, Sarah, is delightful too.

QueenofWhispers Sat 13-Apr-13 09:26:18

I just can't bring myself to like the birthing suites at the portland. I have no problems with the Kensington Wing though.

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