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Boy or girl at 12 week scan?

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latherrinserepeat Thu 21-Apr-11 17:55:41

Hi all

Wondered if anyone had any experience of whether its easier to tell if its a boy or girl at 12 week scan? We are expecting DC2 (huzzah!) and had our scan this week- all developing normally. The sonographer asked if we wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl and we said no as my DH really wants to wait.

The thing is she said she was sure she knew and was never wrong, she told us she wouldn't have offered to tell us if she was in any doubt. So now of course I am desperate to get any clue as to which it is grin

Anyone know if one is more obvious to a sonographer than the other?!


TurtlesAreRetroRight Thu 21-Apr-11 17:57:32

Nope, not that easy I'm afraid.

With super duper machines now they can spot the gender at a 12wk scan as easily for boys as for girls (both have a nub like protuberance). At the 20wk scan it's easier to confirm one way or the other but at 12wks if they can see it's just because they can see.

lockets Thu 21-Apr-11 17:59:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rasta Thu 21-Apr-11 18:00:06

You could try the Nub Theory It proved correct for us, and many others apparently by looking at the 12 week scan photo.


latherrinserepeat Thu 21-Apr-11 18:41:12

That;s what I thought tbh - thanks anyway!!

latherrinserepeat Thu 21-Apr-11 18:43:06

oh sorry - replied before refreshing and didn't see the last two posts! Am going to check out nub theory now grin thanks!

TurtlesAreRetroRight Thu 21-Apr-11 18:48:26

On our 12wk scan pic, this baby doesn't have a nub. grin There's a certain website that's obsessed with nub theory if you want to waste an hour or 7.

gina84uk Thu 21-Apr-11 20:23:42

hi my sister had 2 boys so when she was having the 3rd she had to pay for a scan as our hospital wont tell you the sex,when she had her scan she got told it was a girl the woman said with girls you need to look for 3 lines sort of like a burger she said i dont know if this helps.
but when i had my ds i didn't even need to ask you could see clearly.
with my sisters 2nd boy she got told at her 12 week scan

lockets Thu 21-Apr-11 20:52:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TotorosOcarina Thu 21-Apr-11 20:53:22

i was told at 13+4 we were having a boy, she was right x

5GoMadOnAZ650 Thu 21-Apr-11 20:54:06

My cousin was told at her 12 week scan that it was a boy, she has recently had her 20 week scan and been told it's a girl. I suppose time will tell!

candr Thu 21-Apr-11 20:57:43

I have been told that for a girl you can sometimes see two black dots where her ovaries are, have seen it in a couple of friends scans, ours was clearly a boy and the scan was obvious cause of the angle, even if we hadn't wanted to know it would have shown (big grin from DH that it was obvious) x

wetwelly Thu 21-Apr-11 23:00:20

I was told that my son was a girl at 12 week scan based on the 'nub' theory so I wouldn't place too much faith in any answer..

cowboylover Fri 22-Apr-11 01:22:57

Hopefully you will have another opportunity at your 20 week scan.

With the nub or lines theory everyone had a different opinion on ours!

otchayaniye Fri 22-Apr-11 11:54:05

I found out at 11 weeks but this was Singapore and I had weekly scans.

Hersetta Fri 22-Apr-11 13:01:15

We had out 12week nuchal at the FMC. The sonographer asked if we wanted to know the gender as he was pretty sure. They said it was a girl.

Back to FMC for 20 week scan and our girl had grown a willy!!

So I guess not accurate at all!

francinedoherty Mon 02-Feb-15 15:25:10

Can anyone tell me if it boy or girl

SnowwyJane Wed 04-Feb-15 11:55:20

I would say by the skull shape that it's girl but who knows!

BikeRunSki Wed 04-Feb-15 12:00:26

Do sonographers ever get any feedback as to whether they were right?

Number3cometome Wed 04-Feb-15 12:15:08

francinedoherty looks like a girl to me, nub and skull

francinedoherty Fri 06-Feb-15 13:26:42

Thankyou I just don't no

francinedoherty Tue 10-Feb-15 11:57:36

Anyone else no if my scan is boy or girl x

Lozzie1989 Mon 21-Dec-15 21:24:30

Hi had my scan today can anyone tell what I'm having? Xx

Scoopmuckdizzy Tue 22-Dec-15 09:20:33

This is mine at 12+4. Any guesses?

kaymondo Tue 22-Dec-15 09:30:09

I had a scan at 12 + 4 and was told that he was 85% sure it's a girl. Got to wait until 20 weeks to see if he was right!

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