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superchick Mon 18-Apr-11 12:02:51

My hayfever is starting to kick in now as it usually does at this time of year so I went to the GP to discuss what remedies are safe in pregnancy (29 weeks) and get a prescription. I told him I prefer to take a 'one a day' non-drowsy tablet if its safe and we talked about other options (nasal spray/eye drops). He prescribed me loratadine which is what I usually buy over the counter when not pg. However I wasn't convinced by him - whilst I am sure he's a perfectly good doctor he did have to look up a number of the drugs we were talking about in his book and I'm having second thoughts. I have also tried searching online for advice about it which is very mixed.

I feel a bit stupid doubting my GP but would feel even more stupid taking something that harmed the baby. Anyone got any experience or advice specifically about loratadine but also about suitable alternatives that work?

nannyl Mon 18-Apr-11 12:11:17

I was discussing this issue with my pharmacist last week

(I always get hayfever but havent as yet, sure it wont be long)
I had always assume loratadine (clarityn) was not suitable when pg too, and im sure people on here have been told the same.

Pharmacist basically told me that he would not be able to sell me anything over the counter, but if i went to dr dr WOULD be able to prescribe me something.
Also pointed out that my anti-sickness tablets are in the antihistamine family, and are a antihistamine, so there ARE some antihistamines that are fine when pg.
Pharmacist also said that although he couldny sell me them, he was quite sure that eye drops are safe in pregnancy (go striaght into eyes, in tiny quantites so shouldnt harm baby) and that some nasal sprays might be and to discuss with GP.

I wouldnt be bothered that GP had to look stuff up at all, In fact it would give me confidence.
GPs cant be expected to know the ins and outs of every drug avaliable, and weather safe for pg people (& people on other meds) Also the advice changes regualarly, so what was "safe" 2 years ago, may now not be recommended, and what hadnt been approved a few years ago, may have since been officially given the ok after medical trials etc

If he checked then surely he would have just being certain to give you something safe for baby

licoriceGreen Mon 18-Apr-11 12:24:11

I went to the docs on Friday and she looked it up too just to check nothing had changed, she then prescribed eye drops and one a day tablets. There was only one type of antihistamine that has ever been linked with pregnancy problems, it began with h but I can't remember the name. She basically said there is no known link with most of them and thousands of pregnant women will have taken them but that there us no official results because it's not ethical to test drugs on pregnant women.
Manufactures cover themselves by saying not to take them and so pharmacists cant give you them but I was reassured by doc that they would be fine.

superchick Mon 18-Apr-11 13:30:46

Thanks both of you, that's really helpful.

Joannezipan Mon 18-Apr-11 18:56:51

I also suffer from really nasty hayfever. I spoke to the consultant at the maternity bit of the hospital about it last week. He said that nobody does trials on pg women so no drugs are rated as safe while pg. BUT that in late pg (3rd tri) the risk to the baby from meds is reduced as it isn't developing much, just growing so there isn't as much scope for damage to the baby. He said I could just take my normal medication and to get a prescription from my GP.

scepticalexpat Mon 18-Apr-11 19:37:09

I was also told clarityn and eye drops were safe in pregnancy by my doctor on Friday. I was surprised, because I had thought clarityn would not be OK, but she was definite about it.

bilblio Mon 18-Apr-11 19:53:24

Interesting reading. I need to see my GP as my hayfever is starting and chemists won't prescribe anything.
Last time I was given flixonase nasal spray and eye drops. I never used the eye drops as the flixonase worked so well, but I had to leave myself notes everywhere so I'd remember to take it. I'm normally rubbish at remembering to take tablets so I'm better with things that work quickly rather than those that need time to get into your system. I can use clarityn that works quickly I'll push for that.

VegetarianMum Mon 30-Jan-17 09:18:21

Try HayMax - I use it because it's organic and drug-free plus it's fine for when you're pregnant and breastfeeding. There's also a Kids one which babies and children can use smile.

arbrighton Mon 30-Jan-17 10:26:56

my Gp has said no tablets fill stop but beconase will be ok

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