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14 weeks anyone from Arnside/ Silverdale South LAKES?

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Jill72 Sat 16-Apr-11 14:26:31

I live in Arnside in South Lakes -due in October - anyone near me?

sloggies Sun 17-Apr-11 09:25:50

I hate to see unanswered posts. I live in the Midlands now, but Mum lives in Kendal, and I have a schoolfried in Arnside, so spent a lot of time there as a teenager.

sloggies Sun 17-Apr-11 09:26:46

I am not preg by the way....!

Daisybell1 Sun 17-Apr-11 09:38:36

Yes, hello!!!

I'm in Kirkby Stephen so south lakes ish, and due in September. I'm really looking to find people in similar situations up here as I'm terrified of being stuck in a remote rural location for months on end.

<Waves from a gorgeous sunny cumbria>

Jill72 Sun 17-Apr-11 10:04:32

Thank you Sloggies! I hope your good karma comes back round to you!! x I love Arnside it is such a special place and I can't wait to be exploring it all with Junior!!

Hi Daisybell! Thanks for getting in touch - hope you are well? I am 14 weeks to day and due mid october. So excited - Happy to keep in touch x

ImBrian Sun 17-Apr-11 15:09:05

I used to go on holiday regularly to holgates and we normally stay at the wolf house once a year. Lucky you getting to live there I went to uni in Ambleside and still have friends who live there and in Kendal. I think theres a lot of play groups going on in that area if thats any help.

Jill72 Mon 18-Apr-11 11:40:23

I love Wolf house - A fav stop on a sunday walk - in fact I thought the other day it would a perfect place to have a naming ceremony! I am a teacher - did you do teacher training at Ambleside? I went to Liverpool uni and did PE but lived with all the outdoor eds - we had contacts with other outdoor eds up in Ambleside. Going to start swimming at HOlgates - just waiting for a delivery of my whale suit!! lol!!!

ImBrian Mon 18-Apr-11 22:48:51

Yeah I was at ambleside, left in 2002. Loved it there, wish I could afford to move back! I'm thinking of booking a couple of nights camping with the kids at holgates. They love it esp the pool.

nuttyone Thu 21-Apr-11 21:43:23

Hi. I'm in Kendal. Moved in 2 weeks before DD was born, made a long lasting friend in the mat unit (HCMU). Don't worry, you'll have toddler groups etc etc

My No 2 is coming in September sometime... To be honest i was so knackered first time i didn't have time to stay in touch with many of the new folk i met with babies.

Holgates pool is far warmer than lancaster when you decide to take the wee one swimming.

Sniffybobs Sun 22-May-11 14:11:47

Hi, i live in Arnside and due in September. Cant wait, but very scared as it's my first. Only lived here since August last year, but your right, Arnside is a lovely place.

bettyboo83 Sun 22-May-11 22:21:25

Hi, I live in Lancaster but grew up in Warton. I'm expecting my first in August so can let you know how it goes!! grin

Rachegibbo2907 Tue 01-Apr-14 16:13:15

Hello, I was wondering if anybody attends any baby groups in arnside, Cumbria? I had a c section 15days ago so can't drive for another 4 weeks and wanted to meet some new mums in the village but I'm struggling to find any group or know which ones are suitable for newborns! Thanks x

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