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antibiotics for skin abscess

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happyhippy30 Sat 16-Apr-11 09:03:05

Hi, my due dute was thursday, but the same day I noticed I was getting a really painful lump on my left outer labia, near my leg, which I presumed was an ingrown hair. I had an appointment with the consultant that day for a sweep and she had a look and gave me flucloxicillin 250Mg and said take them, we don't think they have any adverse effects on baby. So that put me right off. I didn't take them but by that night the lump was about the size of a hens egg and I was in so much pain that hubby took me to a and e and they prescribed me the same only 500mg. I took one on thurs night and 2 paracetamol but by the next day was too scared to take anymore and thought I'd just leave it and see how the pain goes. By lunch time I couldn't stand it anymore and lanced it myself. There was so much poison came out but I know there is still more. Its not as sore now but its still quite big and a bit sore to touch.
I guess what I'm asking is, are antibiotics safe for me to take? What if I go ointo labour soon and I'm taking them? Will they have any effect on my baby? Is it worse for my baby not to take them or as its not so sore maybe my body is trying to fight it off without them? Any thoughts?

WidowWadman Sat 16-Apr-11 09:48:15

They have prescribed you an antibiotic they think is safe - this will be down to clinical experience, as it's unethical to do trials on pregnant women.

Reading around, there have been no reports on adverse outcomes of using flucloxillin in pregnancy and it's one of the antibiotics of choice for pregnant women

Not taking an antibiotic when you need one, however can lead to problems for you, the pregnancy, and the baby.
Untreated infections can lead to early labour, septicaemia and all kinds of nasty things.

Starting and stopping antibiotics before the end of the course can lead to resistance, not a good idea either.

Lancing the boil yourself sounds like a really bad idea to me, too.

Why do you think it would make any difference if you go into labour? Women with GBS for example are purposely on antibiotic drip during labour to protect the child.

I'm on antibiotics myself at the time being, started off with IV about 3 weeks ago, had two week long courses, and because that still hasn't finished the nasties off, will stay on them until the baby is born.

Anyway, please listen to your doctors and take the prescribed medication. Don't go by gut feeling and strangers of the internet (unless the strangers tell you to listen to the doctors)

elephantine Sat 16-Apr-11 12:16:45

Take them. Flucloxacillin is safe in pregnancy and the 500 mg dose four times a day is fine. Would be good to clear up the infection before baby comes to reduce the risk of baby's contact with the infection and the risk of stitches (if any) getting infected. You will be alright continuing the course even in labour, and you should always finish the course prescribed to avoid breeding resistance.

MonkeeMummy Sat 16-Apr-11 12:35:33

I got an soft-tissue infection in my face (I looked like elephant man) with my first DD at 28 weeks. I was put on a massive dose of Flucloxacillin plus another antibiotic (can't remember name) for 14 days and was taking the maximum allowed dose of paracetamol for the pain for 7 days. My doctor assured me that antibiotics are absolutely safe during pregnancy; an infection however is not safe. The doctor lanced my face (gorgeous procedure) after 7 days on antibiotics. Take the antibiotics, they wouldn't prescribe them if they weren't safe. However, I know how you feel and spent the entire time crying and worrying about my DD - who was and is perfect. If you still feel worried phone a pharmacist (Boots are usually brilliant) and they'll be able to reassure you about the antibiotics you've been prescribed - they're more qualified to discuss the affects than a GP. Take care.

MonkeeMummy Sat 16-Apr-11 12:44:47

Oh and I've just remembered the doctor at the hospital misdiagnosed the infection as a cold sore and told me to use Zovirax (an absolute no,no in pregnancy). The pharmacist refused to sell it to me and told me to go and get a proper prescription for antibiotics. grin

AlmightyCitrus Sat 16-Apr-11 12:48:33

Manuka honey. Put on affected area and cover. Clean and repeat once or twice a day. It is a natural antibiotic and has no ill effects, although personally I'd prefer the antibiotics, pregnant or not. However I've seen some fabulous results on abscesses and leg ulcers with manuka.

Abr1de Sat 16-Apr-11 12:53:54

Another vote for manuka honey. It has healed two infected toes and several bits of impetigo in our family.

bluerose24 Tue 08-Nov-16 23:56:01

Hi im 9 weeks pregnant and i got given amoxicillin and stoped taking it 4 days ago. Now i have an infection in my tissue on my arm from having a canular in two weeks ago its red inflamed and very sore. I have been given flucloxacillin but just wondering if its safe to take and with antibiotics so close together. I passed a what seemed ti be a kidney stone a few weeks ago and had high protine in my urine but found out aftwr taking my antibiotics i had no infectuon. Could this cause problem having so many antibiotics so close together?

Kittenrush Wed 09-Nov-16 10:00:51

As PP has said, you are potentially putting your baby at a lot more risk by not taking your antibiotics. Infections can cause all kinds of complications. If two lots of medical professionals have prescribed and the pharmacy have dispensed then you're safe.
Lancing it yourself (whilst I'm sure must be a huge relief) has also opened you up to more potential infection. Get taking those antibiotics!! smile

Kittenrush Wed 09-Nov-16 10:03:30

If you need any more proof this is a link to the BNF which is what Drs use to prescribe medicines. This is the page for fluclox, scroll down to contraindications/pregnancy and you'll see there are none smile

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