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Help choosing pushchair/travel system/pram....whatever!

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Rootatoot Fri 15-Apr-11 23:33:39

Hello all

I'm 22 weeks and just starting looking at the baffling world of prams/travel systems & pushchairs. Not wild about having a car seat clipping into base for newborn, from what I can, as they look a bit bunched up plus we've now got 3 infant car seats given & was hoping one of those would be suitable for the car.

Basially I need something that will work off-road (walking dog), something that will fit in small car, something that will be comfy for newborn to lie flat and I was hoping to have it parent or rear facing! Am I asking too much? Any recommendations?

I thought I was on to a winner with the Out n About single nipper then found out it doesn't do parent facing for newborn which doesn't seem kind.

Any suggestions would be great. smile



We've noticed this thread is quite old now, and some of the product recommendations are a little out of date. We've spent weeks speaking to parents and testing prams and pushchairs, here's our round up of the best pushchairs suitable from birth

Hope that helps! flowers


Joannezipan Sat 16-Apr-11 06:32:15

We got a bugaboo cameleon because it is sturdy enough to go off road and has the big wheels which help with that too. It also fits into our (old) ford fiesta's boot as long as you unclip one of the big wheels. That was smaller than some which just wouldn't fit at all! I know what you mean about the car seat thing, although I did buy the adapters to go with the buggy. They were only about £20 and it seemed worth that to have the option if the baby was out for the count when we got somewhere to be able to move them to the final destination before waking them IYSWIM. When we got them the sales lady told us a new born should only be in a car seat for 2-3 hours at a time anyway. The best thing we did was go to a big baby shop and try them all out. The woman even took us and all the ones we liked outside so we could try putting them in the boot!

DomesticGoddess31 Sat 16-Apr-11 07:04:04

For what its worth my sister had the out n about nipper after going through several other pushchairs and couldn't praise it enough. Only reason we haven't gone for one is that we wanted the option to clip in the carseat so we went for a baby jogger city mini, which although i haven't used it for real yet, I'm already v impressed with. Know what you mean about the rear facing issue, it is the only drawback imo.

Sparkles23 Sat 16-Apr-11 07:21:00

We've got an iCandy Peach and can highly recommend it, comes with carry cot for first few months then the pushchair bit for later on which can be parent or rear facing. It is very easy to wheel - the wheels move in all directions. We also got the car seat adapters so you can clip maxi cosi seat in. For us the choice was between the Bugaboo and iCandy-they were roughly same pricewise (not cheap!) but worth every penny. We went to a shop that did both and the sales person fully demonstrated both for us and the iCandy was just that bit better, also I think what swung it was the fact that when we have a second we can buy an adapter to make it into a Peach Blossom so a double-rather than having to buy one of those huge ugly wide buggys! I would say go to a decent shop (not Mothercare!) which has a wide range and ask them to demonstrate a few and find out what is right for you.

Boosaphena Sat 16-Apr-11 09:17:42

I just wanted to say don't dismiss the car seat adapter pushchairs-like you I was against them-I hate seeing babies all scrunched up. However they don't stay little tiny babies forever and at some point you might find yourself with a 15lb wriggler that you really need to run into a tescos to grab something quick. You might not want the hassle of popping up a pushchair orcgetting a trolley or battling to get baby back into his seat once you've tried to run in quickly. In these instance chucking up a base, popping the seat on, grabbing your bits and then slotting back in the car is very useful.
I speak from experience as a mum of nearly 3.

nannyl Sat 16-Apr-11 09:41:35

have u seen the out and about nipabout?

Its the new nippa and faces both ways.

Or mountain buggy.... they are fab,,, forward facing but carrycot can face u and you can get a car seat adapter (that fits pretty much any group ) car seat, not a specifc one) too

nannyl Sat 16-Apr-11 09:41:56

group 0 (ie rearfacing baby)

Rootatoot Sat 16-Apr-11 22:11:22

Thanks for all your suggestions everyone. It's really helpful being totally new to all of this stuff. I think will definately go and try some out soon and that is good to know about some shops letting you see if they fit in the boot! Boosaphena, yes I can see the upsides of click in seat for sure so I'll try & reserve judgement till I've checked a few out I guess. Going to check out the nipabout now online though - thanks nannyl. Hadn't heard of those

mouseanon Sat 16-Apr-11 22:22:00

I've found the mountain buggy the best dog walking buggy by far. I'm expecting #3 and I've just bought the carrycot for it. It's a nice big comfy one. I've always kept a lightweight stroller in the car rather than lift the big buggy in and out though. Easier to fit in the car and easier to get around shops. Just take the mb if we're off walking or something.

BikeRunSki Sat 16-Apr-11 22:24:47

Don't get a Quinny Buzz. Not sturdy enough for off road, too big for more urban situations. Folds awkwardly, too big and bulky, handles appalingly.

Got a P&T Sport (now superceeded by Explorer) when DS was 6 months old. Love it. It will take MAxi Cosi car seats rear facing, not sure which way baby cocoon faces. Better find out, DC" due in October!

Rootatoot Sun 01-May-11 00:19:41

Well actually made it to mothercare today as a first foray into world of pushchairs. Had a look at Phil n Teds Explorer. They were helpful and let me put it in my car to see if fits. Was pretty pleased it did as mine is only a ford fiesta. DH wasn't sold on it as he thought steel wasn't that great and was expecting lightweight aluminium (engineer geek!) Going to check a few more out but got more of a clue now. smile

claire201 Sun 01-May-11 00:39:42

I had a mamas and papas 6 (or was it 8) in 1 with fixed wheels. Really good for long walks and keeping the baby comfy, but crap in town and it is quite big. The plus side is that we also used the carrycot as a moses basket during the day, and the seat bit can face forwards or backwards depending on the age of your baby! I think you can also get it with swivel wheels! the basket underneath was also really useful if i was out shopping on my own and couldn't manage a pram and a grocery basket/trolley.

Ilovekittyelise Sun 01-May-11 09:45:05

I just bought an icandy peach. its fantastic, great steerer easily assembled and converts to double (& you buy maxicosi adapters). would highly recommend. also, if u plan on doing lot of walking have u thought about a baby bjorn carrier? they are ace, cost about £70 new nut theres tonnes on ebay for a fraction of the price.

Rootatoot Sun 01-May-11 09:58:03

Thanks Ilovekittyelise - is the icandy good off-road then? I wasn't sure whether it was one that would cope with forests & fields as it looks very stylish and thought maybe more of a one to be shopping with. I am intending on getting a baby carrier - hoping my brother is giving me his now my nephew is too big for it. Is that right that they're not really suitable from 0-4 months? I read some stuff saying they have to be in a lie flat baby sling if you want to carry them from being v small.

Love your name btw - is that your DD? We're having boy. Stuck on names - had loads for girls!

Rootatoot Sun 15-May-11 12:50:42

So the great pushchair debate is rumbling on....

Yesterday went to great place and saw phil n teds (again), Out n about nipper 360 single and the Jane Slalom Reverse. The Jane was too big for our car though looked very sturdy. Wasn't all that keen on the phil n teds having seen it again. Although it gives the carry cot option which I like, it feels very low and feel like I'm almost kicking the thing as I walk.

The out n about was superb and am almost sold on it BUT I'm still left feeling like it's a bit of a risk. No carry cot option and wont' parent face. It did have nice little viewing window so you would be able to see baby and it did have great big hood which seemed really cosy.

Sooo...opinions please. Does it seem ok to you to just use a lie flat pushchair with the newborn support & cosytoe accessories when it doesn't parent face? I really don't want to end up buying one pram to start with and then a different one 6 months later (which seems to be quite common).

I do also really like the idea of baby sling now I've read more about them. Anyone who doesn't like prams, have experience of these? Kari-me sounded very nice. Am I being naive thinking a sling plus the lightweight 3 wheeler will work for me, walking dog and having small car?

Glad it's not just me finding all the pushchair stuff a bit bamboozling. A new Dad to be in shop yesterday looked totally bemused too! smile

gallicgirl Sun 15-May-11 13:18:51

I have a mama and papas sola and love it. Small enough to just about fit in the boot of my partners Ford KA.

Has a carry cot option but I didn't bother as didn't feel we'd use it for very long. The main pushchair part does go very flat so I felt this was sufficient. I would say though that I've only just started using the footmuff as it comes quite low down and didn't really provide much cover when DD was smaller so we just used a blanket. Might be worth taking a teddy out with you so you can see the position of baby in the pram!

I found it the easiest of the prams we looked at, to work out how to fold it and unfold it. Very easy action. I'm not sure how well it is off road. We've used it at local woods with a reasonably marked path and it was ok but we have struggled on gravel. I have a sling too and this is probably the better option for walks on very rough ground provided your baby likes it.

I'm hoping the sola will suit us for quite a while and I deliberately paid more for a pushchair that seems more adaptable and ticks more boxes.

figgygal Sun 15-May-11 13:28:40

Im looking at this today too as have a few spare hours DH determined he wants a 3 wheeler any recommendations??

Have been looking at the Britax B Smart 3 but the reviews seem to differ widely depending on website and a few have said their baby has outgrown it by 6months+ want to only buy the one so need to avoid that if a legitimate concern.

fairy1978 Sun 15-May-11 14:56:02

I absolutely love the mountain buggy. I have the swift version which is a bit narrower. I am pregnant with dc3 and have been through a lot of pushchairs with my other 2 and I have finally found one which I am sticking with. They are bit more expensive although you an get them on ebay, they are brilliant, good for rough terrain and brilliant round the shops - very easy to steer. They are just forward facing although I have just got the carrycot which clips on for the baby, Good luck

nannyl Sun 15-May-11 15:02:10


find an out and about nipabout.... just like nipper but seat can face both ways

Rootatoot Sun 15-May-11 16:59:53

Nannyl - thanks, yes I did look into the nippabout. Apparently they're not an 'off-roader', like the nipper, according to manufacturer and I couldn't find one to see in the flesh anywhere here either.

Same problem with Mountain Buggy. Wouldn't mind looking at the swift (thanks Fairy1978 smile but can't find anywhere locally that stocks them. I do like the carrycot idea. Don't feel that I would take the plunge online without seeing one for myself first.

If anyone knows a mountain buggy stockist in worcestershire/west midlands, please let me know smile

sevendwarves Sun 15-May-11 18:16:25

I'd think about whether you're likely to have any more children. I bought a silvercross 3D when I was pregnant with DS. A few months later we decided to get an off-road buggy so got a Mamas & Papas 03 sport. I'm now pregnant again and am going to buy a phil & teds as we probably won't need a double for that long. We always knew we wanted more than one child, if I'd have been more sensible and got a phil & teds in the first place I'd have saved £500!

Ellsiedodah Tue 13-Mar-18 12:19:58

Ooh useful thread for me too! @everyone I'm more or less looking for the same thing as rootatoot but am in a major dilemma about what's going to kill my back more - a low buggy (like the bugaboo) where you're always craning to pop the baby into it vs a higher sturdy mixed terrain buggy which is heavier to lift (eg lift it into the car boot / lift it onto buses, albeit not that regularly). I found all the buggies pretty heavy but I don't have to take the buggy up stairs so maybe it's okay to have a heavier one? What do people do when they take a 0-6 month old to a big supermarket... do you just sling it and do away with the buggy? Big thanks!

usernotfound0000 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:21:55

We bought the ICandy Peach and it served us well. Just on the car seat thing, we actually bought a car seat that has a lie flat mode, Kiddy was the make, it was great for attaching to the pram as you could lie the baby flat without worrying they were all squished up.

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