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18 weeks pain low left side?

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yoshimigalloway Wed 13-Apr-11 13:49:19


I'll be 18 weeks on Friday. this last week I've been noticing lots of aches and pains which I have put down to stretching and growing.

Today I have a sharp pain low down on my left side kind of on the side of my bump. It really hurts whenever I move and is tender to touch. I was wondering whether it might be trapped wind as I had quorn last night? I've been trying yoga type stretches but it isn't helping. Has anyone else had pains like this? It goes away if i lean forward and stay still but otherwise is there all the time, I have the doctor tomorrow morning anyway but thought I'd ask

Thank you.

gourd Wed 13-Apr-11 14:24:25

I had pain in my right and left side (low under bump, kind of where ovaries are) particularly whilst cycling at around 12-16 weeks, then again later on at about 26 weeks and I was worried as it did feel like a sharp stitch pain but was located more where you'd usually get period pain. No one really had any answer as to what it was, but my baby seemed fine - her heart rate was good and scan at 12 weeks showed her moving, then later on I could of course feel her moving about and kicking, so I knew she was OK. I just put it down to round ligament pain (caused by stretch) but it is best to go to the GP anyway if you're worried. GP may not really know either but it's nice to be reassured that your baby's OK, even if you just have to put up with the pain.

yoshimigalloway Wed 13-Apr-11 14:35:31

Thank you, I'm a bit worried cos it's tender to touch. But I am wondering whether it might be bad trapped wind which would be embarressing but I'd just be glad to get rid of it. Does anyone have any tips for shifting this?

hilltop666 Wed 13-Apr-11 21:08:06

I have a similar pain although it started in my back but really felt like wind, it was around my lower abdomen and down my left leg too i seen midwife, GP and eventaully went to Fetal assessment unit at hospital last night where i seen another MW and a doc- they all seemed to think it was muscular or stretching of ligaments. All said LO is fine - checked hb and still plenty of movement.

Today it definately feels more like a really bad stitch or a cramp and is alot sorer when im moving or getting up and it really hurts when the baby kicks- im 28+5 and only starting to get big so it could be just stretching going on- have been told to rest for a few days and if it doesn't get better to go back to hospital.

Think we may just have to suffer!!

Kerri1983 Wed 13-Apr-11 21:12:44

The only way I know to shift trapped wind is to kneel on the floor with your head down and your bum in the air!!!

Not the most attractive looking but seems to help a little x

I am sure it will just be stretching, you get all kind of aches and pains in places you never knew possible x

PrincessScrumpy Wed 13-Apr-11 21:13:16

I had pains in my right side (like mini contractions) at the weekend and am 17w - scan was fine so I think it's just stretching to make space for my twins. Could also be braxton hicks (spelling?) but I didn't get them with dd1 so it was scarey.

Mw and doctors weren't worried though.

yoshimigalloway Wed 13-Apr-11 22:46:03

is it possble that the baby could be resting on my bladder? what that cause a tender type pain at 18 weeks? i feel like i need the loo but when i go there's only a little. it feels like i should walk bent over so it wouldn't hurt?

yoshimigalloway Thu 14-Apr-11 07:51:32

that should read would not what.

PoppysMom Thu 14-Apr-11 08:01:16

Could you have a UTI maybe?

hilltop666 Thu 14-Apr-11 08:57:52

They were thinking i had a UTI but all tests were clear and i would think with that the a pain would be on both sides at both kidneys.

Keep me posted if you find out what yours is cos it sounds exactly the same as mine!

PoppysMom Thu 14-Apr-11 09:10:49

I had a kidney infection several years ago and it started one-sided.
When I was toppled over in pain and could no longer move it was across the entire area

Glad that your tests were clear hilltop and hope they find out what it is

RenniesFromHeaven Thu 14-Apr-11 09:16:03

could it be stretchy ligament pain? I def remember than, both pgs.

But ... ask midwife if it continues.

BananaMad Thu 14-Apr-11 09:32:26

I have something similar and asked my Dr about it this week at my scan - she didn't seem concerned and said it is just the ligaments stretching and loosening. Apparently some women get it on one side, some on the other and some not at all. Hope this helps somewhat. I'd get it checked out anyway both to be on the safe side and for your own peace of mind. I hope they manage to sort it!

yoshimigalloway Thu 14-Apr-11 11:19:01

hi, i've just got home from the doctors. she tested my urine which was fine.

She pressed my tum and it was really tender on the left side and when she pushed the right side i could still feel the pressure on the left.

she listened to the baby's heartbeat which she said was fine and strong. She said it seemed low down. she said that i should stay at home for a few days and see if it gets worse, in which case come straight back in.

she said it could be just pressure from things growing & pushing on things, and that she's not too worried but not completely reassured?!

It does jolt a bit when i walk and just then i caught something which feel out the fridge and really jolted it too.

thanks for your messages.

yoshimigalloway Thu 14-Apr-11 20:43:59

bump - anyone else experience this?

hilltop666 Thu 14-Apr-11 20:58:38

Exactly my symptoms- we'll just have to suffer I think but whatever it is as long as the LO's are ok thats the main thing!

ps. i have just developed a cough now and its so painful to cough so they sound so feeble my DH is laughing at them!

FirstimeMummy Fri 15-Apr-11 21:43:19

ive got the same and im 18 weeks today lol , my midwife said it could be where the baby is laying? when you due?

clarafrank2016 Sun 22-May-16 04:32:18

I am 18 weeks and I have sharp pains on my lower left side,, it feels like cramps

Pink2105 Tue 06-Dec-16 23:07:45

I am 16 weeks pregnant and I have just experienced the exact same thing. It is like trapped wind on one side and won't shift. Was getting worried so you think this is the uterus stretching

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