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May 2011 Mums Part 2

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cowboylover Tue 12-Apr-11 00:14:42

I hope everyone finds us ok!

Linky to old thread [ here]

The journey started in August 2010 and now ready for the new arrivals grin

cowboylover Tue 12-Apr-11 00:28:44

Sorry duff linking!

Lloyds have got a half price sale on all there TENs machines are half price. There own brand one is £15 now but still out of stock but they have got the babycare Ellie is down to £35 so only slightly more than hiring one so think I'm going to order.


LabMonkey Tue 12-Apr-11 07:01:26

How do you know if the baby's engaged? I know people talk about the "bump dropping" etc but I'm not sure if it has but everything feels different since yesterday morning.

JBrd Tue 12-Apr-11 07:21:35

I guess the midwife would be the best person to say if baby is engaged... However, since a bit over a week, mine is very much pushing down on and into my pelvis, up to the point where it is really uncomfortable - sometimes I have to catch my breath because of it. Makes walking more difficult, and I definitively have to wee more often (or at least it feels as if I have to!). Midwife said yesterday it's 4/5 engaged, whatever that means...

trixie123 Tue 12-Apr-11 07:27:20

hi ladies, good idea to start the new thread - old one was getting a bit unwieldy! Haven't been on for a while but glad people are ok. Don't know about bump being lower but this is definitely bigger than my last one - people keep expecting me to say I am due any day now, not in a month. Am getting a much needed break this week as DP has taken DS away for a few days - very weird to have a silent house but nice to have a chance to sort out some baby stuff. Wonder how long it'll be now before the first of us pops!

Biggem Tue 12-Apr-11 08:54:03

Arrrghhh can you believe its nearly May - WTF!!
Thanks for the TENS machine tip, wasn't going to bother with one until a couple of 2nd time Mums in my antenatel class raved about them, def going to have to order one of those bad boys me thinks!
Hoping to pack my hospital bag & changing bag for the baby this weekend and over Easter I am planning to fill the freezer with home cooked ready meals in preperation for the first few weeks - anyone else doing this?

Marabou Tue 12-Apr-11 09:59:20

Hello Ladies,

Nice with the "new" thread! I'm also anxiously waiting for baby to engage. He's been head down now for about two weeks, but still not engaged, or so I was told by MW last Friday. My back's complitely busted now and can't really walk anyway so lord help me when he drops!

Hey thanks for the TENS-link, I had complitely forgot about them! I also had a look on Amazon and there's loads there as well. I was thinking to get this one:

Only one week to go at work, can't wait!!

Pinkjenny Tue 12-Apr-11 10:05:16

Sorry to crash your thread (and fwiw I used to find people like this really annoying), but I just wanted to say congratulations. My May baby turns four next month, and I can't quite believe it. Some of the May 07ers are now cherished friends, and we've all gone on to have more babies!

So, for all you first timers, as I was in May 07, enjoy every moment.


cowboylover Tue 12-Apr-11 13:42:56

My baby is head down but not at all engaged. She's also got her back to my side rather than facing my back which is not ideal but MW said we still have plenty of time so will look again next Thursday. Still causing lots of heartburn and hard to catch my breath!

I just looked at my notes and 5/5 is fully engaged so being 4/5 must be a good thing.

Off to Cornwall this weekend for a wedding so anytime after then for me would be great. Being a first timer i think I'm more likely to go overdue so I am trying not to get attached to the due date. (jumps to me in a months time pacing around trying everything to get her out!!)

Thanks Pinkjenny x

LabMonkey Tue 12-Apr-11 17:43:23

Just seen my MW and apparently the head's a bit in my pelvis but not fully - she's told me to sit at my desk tipped forwards a bit to help it on it's way. I definitely need to pee more now!

pinkgirlythoughts Tue 12-Apr-11 18:08:45

I feel like baby has dropped somewhat today since yesterday- the bump looks lower, and when I went for a walk today I only managed a quick ten minutes round the block as it felt like baby was actually about to fall out with every step I took! But if it means the birth is imminent, then it's fine by me!

harrygracejessica Tue 12-Apr-11 18:23:05

I go to hospital tomorrow to get my c-sec date to evict these twins!!! I'm 36 weeks on Thursday and struggling alot with my pelvis and back, not due till 12th may but 38 weeks is right at the end of april. Can't wait to meet them, nor can the kids - they are a tad excited now lol. DS is 4 and I have twin girls who are 2.5, these twins are boys

mamamona Tue 12-Apr-11 18:32:42

I've still got 7 weeks! Due at the end of May, but feeling like I've been pregnant forever! Had a thought that I was going to miss being pregnant though, anyone else feeling the same?

soandsosmum Tue 12-Apr-11 18:43:56


i'm same as you, cowboylover, with back to my side. I'm only 36 weeks and the MW didnt seem at all concerned about it. said the baby will moved round one way or another. also got lots of heartburn still.

I'm not engaged yet, but I think it's to do with how far down into the pelvis the head is - saw a diagram of it somewhere ...

Bubandbump Wed 13-Apr-11 08:14:39

Grrr jealous of babies heads engaging - mine is still breech and seems far too comfortable there.

Whilst I have had the nesting urge for a while, yesterday it really stepped up and dh came home to find me in tears last night as I was too tired out to tidy up the under stairs cupboard! Scaring myself that this means things are getting ready now....

Also been having lots of bh..eek!

clarabella18 Wed 13-Apr-11 09:37:20

Nice new thread!

I'm headdown and have been for a while but apparently he's on the brim of te pelvis and not quite engaged. God knows how I'm going to be when he I engaged as I feel likethe world is going to fall out my fanjo everytime I take more than 5 steps!

5 weeks to go and I'm torn between hoping je makes an early appearance and staying in there as long as possible!

harrygracejessica Wed 13-Apr-11 11:04:41

Twin 2 has been engaged since 29 weeks, first time one has engaged here and I wish it wasn't lol. Hey ho hospital again later

Vakant Wed 13-Apr-11 11:59:01

Hi - I'm new to the May 2011 thread, hope you don't mind me crashing in late! I'm due on 10th May with my first baby. Saw the midwife today and she is head down but not yet engaged. I'm feeling really excited now but also very very nervous. It's just starting to hit me that I'm going to be a mum very soon!

cowboylover Wed 13-Apr-11 17:51:48

Welcome Vakant!

Im due 15th May and it seams so strange to say that I am having a baby next month! Even if I go over she will be out by June, not sure if I am excited/scared/want it over with/happy to stay how I am.

Keep thinking is there anything I still need to do? or to get? Probably!

clarabella18 Fri 15-Apr-11 22:59:57

Just ordered my pram that was the last bug thing to sort out. Have 3.5 days left at work next week then all finished and will hopefully get about 3 weeks of relaxing and pottering around the house before baba makes an appearance.

Starting to feel alot more ready now and can't wait till he gets here!

lozzamumoftwins Sat 16-Apr-11 09:13:33

Hi - New to the thread. Due 9th May. Baby very much head down ready to go. SPD sufferer and low iron levels. Oh and a chest infection! Kinda fed up now. Would not grumble if my little one came early.

Anyone else feeling this way?

LabMonkey Sat 16-Apr-11 09:43:34

Hi Lozza I'm due 7th May and I would welcome this wee one turning up any time now. I'm still at work until the end of next week but I've done all of my handover so I would be quite happy to get the next bit over with. I got more random bump pain last night (might be ligaments or BH?) and I'm a bit fed up of being so knackered and huge.

dizzy77 Sat 16-Apr-11 11:28:01

Welcome Lozza and Vakant. I'm due 18 May but one of my NCT buddies who was due on 2 May gave birth this week, and have also been advised Holly Willoughby delivered this week due 16 May so whilst fed up with being ma-hoo-sive, also nervous we'll get an early surprise! Still lots of stocking up to do and haven't started on the batch cooking.

LabMonkey did Erin O'Brien DVD at the weekend for the first time in ages. Phew it was much tougher than I remembered! You keeping moving?

LabMonkey Sat 16-Apr-11 12:42:18

Hi dizzy I reckon it's been a month since I did the dvd - oops! I was still walking to work but gave up last week as it was taking so long that I was going to have to get up earlier. Might give the dvd a try tomorrow to see how I get on - who knows it may spur something into action!

mojo1981 Sat 16-Apr-11 15:52:50

Hi guys....well i'm just bored now lol i'm 37+5 (due 2nd may) and would really like for this baby to come now, can't do bugger all cos i get too tired, and can't even walk far with the dogs cos i feel like i am about to drop the baby! lol.

Midwife said she is 3 fifths engaged so i'm hoping she may come early, although she has to wait until after wednesday cos thats when my mum is coming up to stay lol!
I'm having my mum in the delivery room as well as my partner, thought it would be nice as she has done it 4 times herself and being the only daughter and the youngest (even though i turn 30 end of may), plus its something she hasn't been able to do with my nieces and nephews
People think i'm mad but my partner and her get on well so i don't see the problem, we have discussed it and i reserve the right to chuck her out if i change my mind lol! (which i won't).

Its funny cos after wednesday i won't be bored and will probably be quite happy for her to stay in for a bit longer but at the moment i'm fed up! lol

I was cursing that Holly Willoughby (can't spell her surname) for having her little one early, cheeky cow! lol How dare she jump the queue!

Hope all goes well guys, look forward to hearing stories about your little ones and the births in the coming weeks, nearly there now....not long

Ive got money that she comes the day of the royal wedding...d'ya think ya get a telegram from the Queen if you have a baby on the dad of a royal wedding lol?

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