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Fragmin injections

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CHC3 Fri 08-Apr-11 21:24:24

Hello everyone
Is anyone here prescribed Fragmin injections while pregnant? I had a DVT at 30 weeks in my first pregnancy and was subsequently diagnosed with thrombophilia (Prothrombin mutation). I'm now 14 weeks pg and have been taking Fragmin since wk 5, but my Obstetrician says there's no need to check my blood. I was at a different hosp following the DVT and under the care of a haematologist who did blood checks every week. I appreciate the situation is different because I'm now on a preventative dose rather than a treatment dose. Just concerned that I'm on a strong medicine and no one has checked to see if it is doing what it is meant to be...
It would be good to know what's happening to anyone else in a similar situation?

piprabbit Fri 08-Apr-11 22:37:20

I took Fragmin throughout my first successful pregnancy. I don't recall having any blood tests to check the effectiveness, but I was seeing the consultant pretty regularly.

Good luck.

bearcubpooks Mon 08-Aug-11 07:26:02

I also have to inject Fragmin throughout i'm only 5 weeks in and already missing the usual warfarin tablet form. I find that the fragmin gives me the worst headaches is anybody else the same? I was told not to worry about the Fragmin i'mm on 2 injections daily both for 7,500, like you i also get worried if this will make my blood to thin but the doctors said its nothing to worry about.

Mmmmcheese Mon 08-Aug-11 08:33:00

I had these when I was in hospital on bedrest for 8 weeks and no-one checked my blodd. Didn't have any side effects other than a sore arm/leg!

stitchinline Mon 08-Aug-11 12:25:05

I'm on Fragmin but they do check my blood every couple of months to make sure the dose is correct - think it's called an anti-Xa assay. I'm on 5000 twice a day at the moment. But I was prescribed my fragmin by my ant-coagulation consultant not the obstetrician so they may look at it differently.

bear I don't get any headaches from the fragmin? You might want to mention that to your doc

FannyPriceless Mon 08-Aug-11 12:32:24

I had to inject Fragmin for both pregnancies as a preventative measure due to immobility. (Severe SPD, couldn't walk.)

I only had routine blood tests. I had the impression it was assumed that as long as you're injecting, the Fragmin just gets on with its job - reducing the risk of DVT.

I also did not get headaches.

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