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Can anyone help with a running during pregnancy problem?

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blimeythatwasquick Thu 07-Apr-11 10:25:49

I have been a runner for as long as I can remember and plan to keep running in pregnancy as long as I feel okay - I'm coming up to 16 wks now.

Although I've slowed down and am keeping off any proper hills my biggest problem is sore nipples when I run. I wear the top level shock absorber runners so the problem is not support - its just them pesky nips, they start to really hurt after about 15 mins of running.

Any other pregnant runners got any suggestions that will help?

fatsowhale Thu 07-Apr-11 10:39:22

I ran until about 24 weeks but can't help, I'm afraid - I've never had sore nipples, even on long runs. Are you really sure your bra is supportive enough? That's the only explanation I can think of.

There's always the vaseline...

ShowOfHands Thu 07-Apr-11 10:42:48

I had really sore nipples when pregnant with dd and it made running a bitch. I had some warm pads that I put in my bra which helped. Same thing happened when I went from outside in the cold to indoors in the warm. Painful isn't it? Midwife said it was a heat related thing and something to do with suddenly larger breasts and circulation. Felt like a bulldog was chewing on them tbh.

dizzy77 Thu 07-Apr-11 10:53:09

I ran a bit up to 17wks and otherwise did cardio that led to jiggling and nipple pain although this did ease after 24 wks or so (but then I think the amount of jiggling I indulged in slowed then too): Lansinoh cream was recommended on here and helped soothe, but didn't stop the problem occuring. In the end, I became too worried about getting into trouble away from easy help in the gym so packed it in.

FeralGirlCambs Thu 07-Apr-11 12:37:46

Sorry - no ideas as I don't seem to have this problem. Well done for keeping up the running though. I'm 23 weeks now and still doing some - but feel like I might need a belly bra soon! Don't really have a bump, but it's getting a bit jiggly. Must see if maternity joggers with belly support exist... How glamorous!

BakingBunty Thu 07-Apr-11 19:09:49

I haven't had this problem in pregnancy, but had incredibly sore nipples when training for a marathon. I used 'nip-guards', which are every bit as attractive as they sound, but very effective. They look a bit like corn plasters and I bought them from a running shop (mortifying - sure you could get them online!)

Have any of you runners found that you've been really breathless whilst running? I'm coming up for 21 weeks, and my runs are more like walks these days because I have to stop to catch my breath so often!

Malvapoeding Thu 07-Apr-11 19:17:00

Blimey - I bought a pair of Lilypadz silicone breast pads and wore them in my bra when I ran whilst pregnant, I think it was the chill in the air compounded by chafing

Baking - I went through a period of a couple of weeks at about 22/23 weeks of breathless then it eased. I ran until 32 weeks then stopped because I got lots of BH post run and was seen a number of times in L&D because of suspected early labour.

vallinnapod Thu 07-Apr-11 19:39:17

18+5 and still running here. You don't say whether your nips are raw sore or achy sore! I only ask as I have a MASSIVE problem with uber achy sore nipples when I first got PG, put this down to the weather. My boobs did not like the cold!!

Not so achy any more but not sure if that is because it is now warmer or because I am further down the track.

My main problem at the moment is that the bub seems to put all it's 'weight' on my bladder while running but stops to second I get home/near a loo!!

blimeythatwasquick Thu 07-Apr-11 21:12:04

Thanks everyone - think I might invest in the Lilypadz - they sound good! Frankly I'll try anything as I really want to keep running as long as I can - can't face swimming or the gym, prefer to be outside, especially in this lovely weather we're having down South.

The nips are achey sore and feel fine once I'm back in the house and warmed up - I think it is them being, ahem, erect the whole time I'm running that makes them hurt.

Vallinnapod - like you when I was first pregnant by nipples were super-sore and my boobs felt like they'd pop if they were even squashed a tiny bit. My boobs generally are okay now (though seem to be undergoing a second growth spurt now - not complaining as I was only a 32C to start with I'll miss them when they're gone!) its just the running nips.

On the breathless front - I've always been a real huffer and puffer so can't tell much difference than normal though definitely find it harder than usual and am slower as a result.

FeralGirlCambs let me know if you find some maternity joggers. Its amazing you are 23 weeks and hardly any bump. I have a really obvious bump already but just look like I ate too many pies and they all stuck to my front!

Thanks again!

helsbels999 Thu 07-Apr-11 21:21:07

just a thought but don't the marathon runners use micropore tape over them to help?

It maybe a really quick way of sorting out the problem - but I am presuming you don't want the tape uber sticky!

the Lilypadz sound a little nicer though

enjoy the running

readyornot22 Thu 07-Apr-11 21:29:46

I had really sore nipples when running in the early weeks but it seems to have stopped now without me even noticing! I'm 17 weeks and i have slowed down so much! My legs feel like lead and at effort i am still only 9min miling - I did a marathon less than 6 months ago at 7.40min mile pace so find it very depressing :-( I wish i had got more running in during the early weeks, but then i was so worried about 'being careful'.

Woodifer Fri 08-Apr-11 11:57:53

Blimey ready or not that is a well speedy marathon :-), i was pleased to get a 44min18 10k before i caught - and thats not that much slower over a whole marathon!

Do you lot already have kids because my running mates who are mums love telling me you come back stronger (ie bigger heart/ improved aerobic system).

I am only 9 weeks - just jogging in between tiredness at the moment - how did you all find your first trimesters??

I am shocked and appalled how much i am eating already (but the hunger nausea thing is killing me) - i need to let got of my body image hang ups cos if things go ok its not like i'm going to avoid getting big! :-)

It seems hard because I felt like i was going well and got to a good "race weight" - and then i read you're only meant to eat an additional 200 calories a day (or less in first trimester) - and i am like human garbage disposal (like my body really really wants to lay on a big reserve or something)

Also when did you lot get a new running bra ?- as I don't want to get one too soon and instanly grow out of it.

Yay for running (and cycling which i love)

blimeythatwasquick Fri 08-Apr-11 13:56:55

Crumbs Readyornot you are super-quick! And Woodifer - hardly shabby yourself. Thinking maybe I should just call myself a jogger from now on! Here's hoping I come back stronger ;-)

Woodifer - I know exactly what you mean, its all very well saying you're not meant to eat much more but I was hungry ALL THE TIME to start with although I have to say that seems to have settled down now. I felt tired for about the first 12wks or so but now seem to have much more energy (just like the textbooks say).

I bought the newish shockabsorber runners bra in a size up from normal (highly recommend Wiggle - just order a load of sizes to try on at home) - when I was about 10 weeks - it has adjustment at the back and on the shoulder straps so I am slowly letting it out as I go - seems to be working.

Off out to boots to inspect the nipple protection options now!

FeralGirlCambs Fri 08-Apr-11 14:20:46

I ate LOADS more up to about 20 weeks (appetite eased off a bit now) and have put on under 2kg so far at 23 weeks - listen to your body! If you're exercising you probably need it...
I'm definitely more breathless and finding running generally harder - suspect not much front bumpage is perhaps because baby is extending upwards into my diaphragm instead!
I got a new bra - went from 34D to 34DD earlyish, about 12 weeks - think I may have been on the cusp of needing it anyway, but boobs haven't grown since.
Happy running in the sunshine, ladies.

vallinnapod Fri 08-Apr-11 15:10:32

Still squishing my poor boobs into a Sweaty Betty sports bra confused should really invest in a good 'un...and some larger bras in general!

I felt KNACKERED and I mean beyond tired for the first 8-9 weeks and then much better. I also had to ease off the running from 6-12 weeks as the IVF had given me mild OHSS - the concern wasn't for bub but for ovarian torsion. So just x-trained (not entirely sure they wanted me to do that but I was soooooooo bloated)

thehiddenpaw Mon 11-Apr-11 13:17:01

was running till 23 weeks and then hurt my back (related to lifting 3 year old toddler I think) so have stopped, not sure if this is the end of it now (27 weeks). Glad to know that am not the only one as some people seem to think life stops when pregnant and have to be determined to ignore the comments and do what is right for me. I moved to more supportive bras early on (used to be B106 but went for more structured traditional style). Did have to stop and walk after 2 miles though. major problem for me was constant need to stop for pee. Had to stop 4 times on 4 mile run which gets hard to find privacy for these things. Am going to switch to bike rides now if I don't feel like a run next weekend

vallinnapod Mon 11-Apr-11 14:41:55

Yes, I get a lot of "So, you've stopped the gym/running" comments. "Errr, no...." Lots of people quite shocked. I don't quite get it!

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hopsalong Mon 10-Apr-17 08:04:17

I couldn't be arsed to do any running in this pregnancy but I was a runner in my last pregnancy and just wanted to say that I feel your pain. I didn't actually find much that helped with the nipples, other than replacing outdoor runs with a treadmill (less wind/ cold -- though it was a different time of year). It stopped by itself at about 20 weeks but then was immediately succeeded by round ligament pain that made me feel like I had a stitch even at very slow paces, so I retired from running and changed to swimming for the rest of the pregnancy! (Actually this was a really good decision: ended up taking a few lessons and became a much better swimmer than I had been before!)

Maybe Google to see if you can find anything about training schedules / tips etc from professional runners -- e.g. Paula Radcliffe?

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