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Hemorrhoids- sorry TMI..!

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Leilababyno1 Wed 30-Mar-11 17:14:29


I am nearly 36 weeks, and have recently developed a couple of hemorrhoids...they don't go back in after a bowel movement and have been a little painful for the past few days....blush

What is the best treatment cream to buy from the pharmacists?

I am reluctant to book an appointment at my very busy doctors, as it may take me a while to get a free appointment, only to be told yes you have piles!

Please advise? Thanks!

lia66 Wed 30-Mar-11 17:19:11

you could do what I did and call surgery, tell receptionist to ask doc to leave you a prescription.

I didn't find over the counter remedy particularly helpful I have to say, others have though so may be just me. Someone recommended Witch hazel too which is supposed to be very soothing.

Hope you get relief, I'm 41 wks and developed them about 2 wks ago, never had them before in 5 previous pg's and bloody hell, so painful. I feel for you.

Leilababyno1 Wed 30-Mar-11 17:23:31

I could do that, but thought most docs wouldn't prescribe anything to a pregant women without seeing her first? Do you think it just depends on the surgery?

buttonmoon78 Wed 30-Mar-11 17:31:44

It would depend what it was for. Ours will happily prescribe things like that and stuff for thrush etc. They wouldn't be prescribing you antibiotics (generally) or anything heavy duty.

It's worth a try. If it doesn't work, DH swears by anbesol but the oitment not the cream. It can be a bit oily though so don't go wearing nice knickers! He's never taken my advice but I reckon a panty liner put a little further back than normal would do the trick.

I truly can't see why he has a problem wearing a panty liner wink

Leilababyno1 Wed 30-Mar-11 17:36:41

Ha..ha! Thank-you!

I called my surgery and my doc is gonna return my call at the end of surgery. So, hopefully I can get her to leave me a prescription...Oh the joys of the last few weeks of pregnancy- hemorrhoids, lovely! Can't wait til I get this baby out!!

lizandlulu Wed 30-Mar-11 17:53:56

i have anusol which seems to do the trick, i think boots do an own brand one, but if you get a prescription you will have to have the one they give you i suppose?

MrsBloomingTroll Wed 30-Mar-11 17:54:07

If it's any consolation, piles are quite common after birth, due to pushing! Mine were terrible...

Anusol was good. And use baby wipes instead of loo roll.

Oh, the glamour!

wobblyweeble82 Wed 30-Mar-11 17:56:56

Does anyone know whether childbirth is problematic if you have piles? I have horrible visions of the piles doing horrible things blush. I'm 33 weeks and mine come and go and it's a worry! Hope you have a lovely derriere again very soon Leila!

buttonmoon78 Wed 30-Mar-11 17:57:37

Perhaps I mean anusol? I'd check but he's away and got it with him! It comes in a blue box anyway.

Hopefully the doc will give you something.

And you might want to get some 'moist' loo roll (I hate the word moist) or some toddler loo wipes (you can normally get them on offer). If you flush baby wipes down the loo you could end up with a very expensive blocked drain like my mate!

lizandlulu Wed 30-Mar-11 17:57:52

ohh yes mrsbloomingtroll i forgot about using wet wipes, i do when i have piles as i dont feel clean using just loo roll and wet toilet tissue is so much nicer feeling than toilet paper on the actual pile

ShowOfHands Wed 30-Mar-11 18:02:17

Anbesol is an antiseptic you use on toothache/mouth ulcers. Please don't put it on your piles. grin

Isn't anusol just a horrid name? Like Vagisil I suppose. Not pretty really.

buttonmoon78 Wed 30-Mar-11 18:03:53

ROFL! I knew it didn't sound right!

I agree. Sometimes the name for the treatment is worse than the condition grin

Indith Wed 30-Mar-11 18:09:26

grin at anusol/anbesol confusion.

You can also get anusol in shove up your arse form which is good.

Don't you just adore the things that pregnancy and childbirth does to you hmm

If you can manage it in your pregnant state then put little step under your feet when you go for a poo, it puts you in more of a squat which is much better. Also, ahem, lean forwards slightly and use your finger tips to, ahem, support the area around your anus as the poo is coming. It helps to stop the buggars popping out. Good to remember after childbirth even if can't do that now.

myredcardigan Wed 30-Mar-11 18:11:50

I got a prescription only stuff last time. It was amazing. It wasn't a cream but suppositories which looked like tiny bombs! grin You took them out their plastic coating and shoved them up your bum after pooing. The most important thing about them was that they also contained local anesthetic and the pain relief was fantastic. Though they make your poo white next time!

After a few days, they settled down. Came back with a vengence in my 3rd pg though and during my 3rd labour, I could feel the piles pain more than the labout pain. I could barely walk afterwards simply because of th piles.
Thankfully, used the suppository things again and after about 3wks they died down though they've never gone completely.

Leilababyno1 Wed 30-Mar-11 18:12:10

wobblyweeble82- I am also quite worried at the prospect of still having them once I go into labour, that's why I am trying to clear them up asap! I have heard that if they are REALLY bad and you happen to go into labour, the MW may offer an episiotomy to reduce exasperating the problem..

......BUT I suppose they must be a very common occurrence during the 'pushing' stage anyhow. So they will probably come back again..sad

Imnotaslimjim Wed 30-Mar-11 18:13:52

Try and get the dr to prescribe the pessaries, they treat the inside ones as well as the outer ones

I found germaloids the best cream though, its made by germolene and has similar ingredients so stops them stinging so much and helps them reduce so you can pop them back in

My DD is 3 and mine are finally going away!

wobblyweeble82 Wed 30-Mar-11 18:15:46

I feel a trip to the GP coming on! And good tip indith.

I'm suddenly not ready for dinner now, however ...

Leilababyno1 Wed 30-Mar-11 18:16:19

3 years!!!!???-*Imnotaslimjim*

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 30-Mar-11 18:24:01

I have them too am only 30 weeks!! I have been using Anusol HC on advice from pharmacist.

TMI Alert!

I think one burst last night, did a BM and wiped away loads of blood, then looked and the toilet bowl was full of blood! Very scary. It didn't hurt anymore than it was, and feels a bit better today. Slight bit of blood today.

Indith Wed 30-Mar-11 18:28:44

Ouch kara!

I had vulvic ones in pregnany but avoided the other ones until I got hugely constipated just after dd was born hmm. 2 and a bit years later they only crop up whena bit constipated or if I get a dodgy tummy and need the loo lots. Currently taking my body weight in iron tablets every day and if I take senna to combat the side effects I end up with the runs and spend the next day on the loo so erm, well, ouch and sympathising with the pregnant ones!

harrygracejessica Wed 30-Mar-11 18:30:36

Def anusol but the suppositories not the cream and get toddler bum wipes

Leilababyno1 Wed 30-Mar-11 18:31:03

I am also taking a high dosage of iron supplements at the moment, as my iron levels were very low at my last blood test...I know iron makes constipation much worse...hence the lovely hemorrhoids!

wobblyweeble82 Wed 30-Mar-11 18:36:18

leila I've been on iron for weeks - having an iron infusion this Friday as it's still dropping - and certain that's where mine have come from. Get some movicol from your midwife. Keeps your bowels moving and so much better than lactulose.

BakingBunty Wed 30-Mar-11 18:41:42

I was prescribed hydrocortisone cream for 10 days. I was so worried about using it as the leaflet said not to use it on your anus or whilst pregnant (errrr...) but was reassured by two GP friends that it would be fine in small amounts for a limited time. And in a mild formulation. And boy, did it work! Not exaggerating to say that it's helped me to enjoy pregnancy again. I can finally sleep without being driven demented by itching (nice!)

MrsBloomingTroll Wed 30-Mar-11 18:51:47

Ooh, iron tablets + piles = not fun at all! Been there done that. You poor thing!

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