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Withdrawal method, please dont flame me ! I'm after advice !

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wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 08:59:11

Dh and I had unprotected sex on the 21/03, 9 days after the 1rst day of my period. We usually use condoms but didnt have any that night.

We used the withdrawal method, he pulled in time no problem. My only worry and I'm sorry it is going to be TMI but when we did it, we didn't need lube, I was quite ermm wet and I think he was too.

About 7 days after the deed, I have started to have sore boobs, now it is not unusual for me as I get sore boobs before my periods but not 2 weeks and a half before it !

So what are the chances of me being pregnant ? And how early can I test ? My periods are due between the 4rth and the 10th of April !

lolajane2009 Wed 30-Mar-11 09:02:24

Since precum has sperm in it and it only takes one it is possible to get pregnant but not sure of chances. I think some of the aerly tests allow you to test a few days before but not sure how many days.

wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 09:06:33

I have a feeling that the precum was the reason we didnt need lube !

nannyl Wed 30-Mar-11 09:11:06

the 6 day early first responce test can be used 5 days before your period is due.

Gave me a BFP 4 days early

lolajane2009 Wed 30-Mar-11 09:12:28

Probably. best not to go out without a raincoat if you don't want to get wet... wink

wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 09:15:15

lolajane2009 - I'll bear that in mind next time smile

grottielottie Wed 30-Mar-11 09:18:41

Pretty sure I conceived on day 9 so good chance I would think, and I think you know this. The 'withdrawal' in not a method of contraception as many large catholic families would demonstrate.

wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 09:21:42

I have just bought 20 pregnancy test from ebay so I'm armed for next week !

ShowOfHands Wed 30-Mar-11 09:22:11

There is only sperm in precum if you've already had sex and it's in the tubes from the last ejaculation. So it's not in the precum itself but the precum can push out residual sperm from the tubes if it's there from a recent ejaculation.

There is NO sperm in precum. It's a common misconception. The risk factor with withdrawal is him not pulling out in time and where it's failure rate generally lies.

ShowOfHands Wed 30-Mar-11 09:22:40

Ignore the rogue apostrophe.

Trying to reassure you that it's unlikely you're pregnant but it is possible.

wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 09:26:31

Well he definitely pull on time !!! Phewwwww..Its just the early sore boobs which put doubts in my mind, I dont have any other symptoms !

lolajane2009 Wed 30-Mar-11 09:27:50

sperm lives for a long time though so if you had sex in those days before it might well still be there.

wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 09:29:33

I didnt have unprotected sex before and since that time so fingers crossed but but...if I was pregnant so be it !

ShowOfHands Wed 30-Mar-11 09:30:46

Sperm does live for around 5 days in the right environment. And there are obvious risks from ejaculating anywhere near a vagina or the risk of transferring sperm on fingers post ejaculation for example.

But withdrawal itself is not the problem. The problem is the NOT withdrawing. grin

Sparklies Wed 30-Mar-11 12:56:53

From what I have read, there's only usually sperm in the precum if the man has ejaculated recently - so if he hadn't, the chances would be extremely low.

However, as others have said, there is a 5 (very rarely 7) day window of possibility if anything did get to the wrong places via whatever means!

greenzebra Wed 30-Mar-11 14:01:00

I feel for you, my husband and I have always used this method, generally because I cant go on the pill and well dont have an finite supply of condoms. But good news we didnt get pregnant!

Remember that sore boobs can just be a sign of on coming period, I used to get this alot when we were trying to get pregnant, thought that I was because I had sore boobs and then bang period.

Try not to panic and just take a pregnancy test on the day you expect your period, I dont trust the early preg tests they never worked for me.

Withdrawal is a tested way of birth control but not around your most fertile time. Maybe if you are going to keep using this method get some ovulation tests off the internet, if you are regular you will know after a coupld of months when you ovulate and can avoid sex during this time or use better pretection.

good luck

KatieWatie Wed 30-Mar-11 14:10:32

I used this method for 8 years at ANY AND EVERY time of the month, never got caught once... I actually thought I must be infertile.

Very first time we didn't, I fell pregnant (planned).

Now this may be sheer luck, or it may be that it's actually a much more reliable method of contraception than we're led to believe.... you decide!

All the best xx

wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 14:33:41

That is a very good idea to get ovulation test !!!!! I know my cycle by heart and I'm always bang on time !!

rightontime Wed 30-Mar-11 14:34:03

I have used the withdrawal method with DP on a couple of occasions with no accidents. We have planned 2 pregnancies and both times I was pregnant almost instantly. This pregnancy we had been withdrawing for 3months and then had sex without withdrawing once and I was pg. I think it is a reliable enough method but each to there own.

I also think that if you suspect that you could be pg you are more likely to look for symptoms even if you don't normaLLY notice them.

wonderingsilly Wed 30-Mar-11 14:38:25

Just bought 30 ovulations test from ebay, hope they work ! Will definitely avoid having sex on my ovulation days.

MrsOliverQueen Wed 30-Mar-11 15:05:40

I could have written your post a while ago katiewatie, I used to worry that I was infertile (or just very lucky). All went well until DC2 was born, after that the method failed us completely, DC3 is due in the summer (I’ll be in the 2 under 2 club...) Aaaarrrggghhh! Some things are meant to be however.

Hope you get the answer that you want op. I wonder if the body is just more fertile in the months post birth. Relax and wait and good luck.

del1 Wed 30-Mar-11 21:00:51

Dont want to worry you, but we were not speaking for about a month, but had a drunken night, after going to a concert.
He told me he had withdrawn - obviously not, as I am now 17 weeks pregnant!!
I was confused at the pre ejaculation web sites. Some say yes, but others say only if youve ejaculated recently?
There was a condom in the bag next to us aswell blush

del1 Wed 30-Mar-11 21:05:58

Oh yeah, forgot to add - just to annoy everyone.
The first time I got pregnant, I told the doctor that it was not my ovulation time.
She told me that you can get pregnant any time of the month, not just on the ovulation window!!??

didldidi Wed 30-Mar-11 21:09:32

no del1 that's definitely not true - there is a window of time either side of ovulation but that's not indefinite!

didldidi Wed 30-Mar-11 21:12:10

op - the fact you were 'wet' and hadn't fancied it before or after this event suggests you were probably ovulating around this time?

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