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Those of you who have had 'morning sickness' for your whole pregnancy....

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pie Fri 19-Sep-03 12:04:04

...please please tell me it stops the moment you give birth???

It only lasted till 6 months with DD.

<pie exits stage left to crawl back to the toilet>

zebra Fri 19-Sep-03 12:22:07

Gosh, Pie, you really are being put thru the wringer, aren't you???!!!

pie Fri 19-Sep-03 12:23:01

Guess so!!!

To be honest though I have reached that hysterical stage where I can't stop laughing, I'm sure I have a manic glint in my eye.

Quick I need a cyber slap.

ks Fri 19-Sep-03 12:24:52

Message withdrawn

pie Fri 19-Sep-03 12:27:33

ks, thanks!!! I haven't eaten chocolate for the duration (it makes me so sick) and am dying for a bar of fruit and nut.

zebra Fri 19-Sep-03 12:30:29

Wow, chocolate was one of the four essential food groups in both my pregnancies. (The others being canned peaches, tuna mayonaise and cheese scones).

pie Fri 19-Sep-03 12:32:41

zebra, my stomach is trying to escape again. Just had visions of all 4 in a big bowl mined together...must...stop...this...image

pie Fri 19-Sep-03 12:33:08

er, mixed not mined, though either way *bad* mental image.

zebra Fri 19-Sep-03 12:37:37

Incidentally, what alleviated my sickness most was 50-100mg of Vitamin B6 every day.

Meid Fri 19-Sep-03 16:30:52

I had terrible sickness the last 3 months. It would wake me up in the night and I'd be vomiting for an hour.
It stopped instantly when I gave birth.

Grommit Fri 19-Sep-03 18:04:12

Pie - you deserve a medal - this kid'd better appreciate what you have been through!!

doormat Fri 19-Sep-03 18:53:46

pie I must admit with my last child, I had sickness all throughtout my pg.I would throw up at the thought of or going in a car.It was really horrible.

Eve Fri 19-Sep-03 19:00:28

I had it constantly with both of them...thats why never again. Was sick just before and during labour but stopped once they were out.

I so recommed a tape called Morning well...have posted the link on another would keep me from throwing up long enough to be able to eat dinner and keep it down for a few hours after.

Also if you think you are getting dehydrated at all insist on something being done. I was told I was only 18% dehydrated and you need to be 20% before going into hospital. Then 5 months after birth rushed into hospital with renal colic and lots of problems now with kidneys!

(I would rather give birth again than have renal colic....the pain was awful!)

pie Fri 19-Sep-03 19:05:49

I've given up trying to find anything that will stop the sickness as I only have about 2 weeks to go.

Eve, I'm not dehydrated, ketones and stuff all normal, already been admitted once for hyperemesis. I think that one of the reasons the OB was keen to have me deliver early is that I am clinically malnourished and I can start eating again after the babe is born.

Its so scary though that in the last 8 months I've spent more time with the toilet then DH or DD...I'm thinking of naming it

ks Fri 19-Sep-03 19:25:10

Message withdrawn

arabella2 Sat 20-Sep-03 12:41:35

Dear Pie and everybody else who is or has been suffering
I just wanted to register my sympathies as I can only imagine how horrible it must be to be sick through the entire pregnancy. I really really hate the first trimester (seem to feel awful the first 15 weeks, am now 13 weeks, we'll see what happens) and it must be so awful to feel like that the whole way through. I have a friend who felt so awful through her entire two pregnancies that she had to have family staying with her as she could not manage on her own and certainly not to look after ds1 once he was there. She too says no more. Mind you I say no more as well as it was really horrible not being able to do things with ds properly and feeling like some kind of exhausted sick rag the dog has brought in - added to which dh was spectacularly unsympathetic about it all which didn't help.
ks your messabe about your first cup of tea after the birth being the sweetest made me cry! Must be hormonal!
Pie I hope you feel better soon.

sassy Sat 20-Sep-03 14:23:52

Pie - it DOES stop after the birth, honestly!
I had hyperemesis with dd and felt vile throughout pg. Had a stint in hospital and eventually ended up on medication so I was able to eat something. But about 30 mins after the birth had tea and toast, immediately threw it up again and didn't eat then until about 3 hours later when I had the best meal of my life (hospital sandwiches and soggy mousse - but it was nectar for me)!! Never looked back!
Hope you are managing..over soon!

bluecow Mon 22-Sep-03 14:21:29

Oh yes it stops and you can eat all the things you love without wanting to vomit them all back up again.

forestfly Mon 22-Sep-03 14:23:25

Why do you get tea and toast after all that, i was so dissapointed. Champagne and pate please!

Kibby Mon 22-Sep-03 14:25:46

I was sick every day I was pregnant with my son, after two blooming preganacies with my daughters, even the morning he was born I was sick for good measure (before he was born). When everyone came to see me they couldn't believe the difference in me - I had colour in my cheeks for the first time in nearly 10 months and felt instantly better.

laa Mon 22-Sep-03 15:12:53

my sympathies are with you Pie. I threw up several times a day until DD was delivered - I don't know where the 'it's all in the mind brigade' do their research... I was only sick for 16wks with DS. As soon as DD was delivered I could face tea and pate sandwiches (DH had broght them in case the labour went on and he got peckish...!). Haven't been sick since - 6 mos ago! Hurrah! Still can't face red peppers though. If you can stand it fennel tea is supposed to help.

batey Mon 22-Sep-03 15:47:19

I chucked many times a day and night right the way through with both dds, up until the day I went into labour. I can remember vividly the overwhelming relief at having, firstly given birth. But just as big a relief was getting them out of my stomach and knowing there'd be no more days filled with my head in a bucket. My first words to dd2 were "we did it" as in, got through the pregnancy.

Big sympathies Pie, I know how crap it feels. But your'e nearly there.......

bundle Mon 22-Sep-03 15:50:23

a dear friend of mine had hyperemesis with both hers (girl, then boy) until 10 mins after her c/sections with both. she was admitted during pregnancies because of dehydration. i only had it for first 3 or 4 months and worst in the evenings. hula hoops were my saviour.

easy Mon 22-Sep-03 15:55:40

Can anyone tell me how any second (or subsequent) children get born?

I always said my pregnancy was a once-only-offer

currantbunmum Mon 22-Sep-03 20:51:49

It is the only thing that really scares me about any further pregnancies, I could be sick upto 14 times day and night, and there was nothing that could stop it. In desperation I tried just sucking a piece of cucumber, but no, that didn't work either. The good thing was that as soon as dd was delivered the sickness stopped along with the revolting metalic taste that seemed to partner it

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