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First trimester - counting down to week 12

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cookie9 Sun 27-Mar-11 10:55:07

Currently 8 weeks - by my counting but was ill before this so not entirely sure of when I had my last period. Hospital has set up my first appointment on the 6th April and in the meantime I have been reading as much as I can about pregancy. At the moment have all the usual preganancy symptoms but from the internet research I have done I have a 50:50 chance of miscarriage and that doesn't factor my age as I am over 35. Anyone else just counting down the weeks to the end of the first trimester?

BrewBaby Sun 27-Mar-11 18:07:35

Yes, I'm also counting down the weeks til the first scan and boy are they going s-l-o-w-l-y!!! I'm really quite terrified at 6 weeks, age 38 and worrying about everything, whilst also trying to be zen about the whole thing! Hurry up the next 6 weeks!!!

firstsupermum Sun 27-Mar-11 18:46:13

i was also counting for my first trimester, specialy i didnt know i was pregnant and carry heavy suitcases in traveling, enjoy it and dont worry that much, everything will be fine, just take care of you self at this time. good luck.

KatyN Sun 27-Mar-11 19:53:27

heavens yes I CAN NOT Wait for the next 5 weeks to pass.. We've already told my parents who are about to go on holiday for 6 weeks. My mum asid she wishes she could just miss the holiday and wake up in 6 weeks time because she can't stand the wait.


TallulahBetty Sun 27-Mar-11 19:54:47

Yes, same here. Got my booking appointment on Thursday and I can't even wait for that!!!

crazyhead Sun 27-Mar-11 19:55:44

I am 34yrs old and seven weeks or so with 1st. Utterly paranoid about miscarriage too. It doesn't help that I've had very few symptoms except being tired and emotional, I'm sure morning sickness can be just dreadful, but it is at least reassurance that you aren't making up being up the duff, though obviously I've done about 50 tests as well.

I also google way too much, my OH has told me I have to watch a nice happy YouTube video about a frolicking kitten for every grim thing I google, but I haven't obeyed him (although I daresay he has a point).

I suspect to be fair, that if a woman's had no bleeding by 8 or 9 weeks, the odds of miscarriage might not be vanishingly small, but they are a lot better than 50%, so we've prob got better chances than we reckon as the days go on. But roll on the scan! I am counting down my antenatal vitamins so I know in tablets how many days it is to scan day. Honestly, I am a bit of a worrier at the best of times but have become a crashing moron.

Good luck to you all for happy results and a distracting few weeks!

TheFantasticFixit Mon 28-Mar-11 11:12:10

Hello everyone and congratulations! I was looking for a first timers thread and came across this <waves>

I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and like crazyhead totally paranoid about miscarriage - i keep dreaming that it happens as well which is horrid and panicky. I too haven't had any MS yet and have found myself wanting it to come! Mind you, I am feeling really queasy this morning so it looks likely that it is impending. My sis had MS from 7 weeks so I am bearing that in mind!

When did you all get your booking in appointment? How long did the referral from your GP take to come through? I went to see them last week so hoping to hear soon, and like Tallulah it is another milestone for me!

KatyCustard Mon 28-Mar-11 11:37:18

Hello! I was looking for a thread where I may fit in! I'm 5 weeks today and also paranoid about miscarriage. I worry when my symptoms fade for a few hours, and then worry when they reappear, I cry over everything (like just now when I cried listening to Popmaster on Ken Bruce!!!) I fluctuate from being in denial and convinced it's all going to go wrong, to looking up bundles of maternity clothes on ebay.

TheFantasticFixit , we must have a similar due date - doesn't the end of November seem like lightyears away?!

crazyhead your DH sounds like mine. He came in the room yesterday and found me surfing the web and convinced I am having a missed miscarriage and so he confiscated the laptop and made me watch Friends!!!! grin

I just want the time to pass!!!!!!

TheFantasticFixit Mon 28-Mar-11 11:49:29

Hello KatyCustard! (my 'real' name is Katie, and that was my nickname when I was little) Yes, I am due 30 November; so exciting to have a Christmas baby (my sister went over on hers and so I am betting already that I will go massively over and have him/her just before Christmas, no doubt in the snow!) but it DOES feel like ages and ages away! Oh so nice to have someone who is due at the same time!

I do the same fluctuating; one minute I am frantically researching MC symptoms, the next looking at prams on Mama and Papas. I think I have lost it!

When is everyone else due?

cookie9 Mon 28-Mar-11 12:21:20

Nice to know I am not alone! Hello everyone
Have my first scan next week but my partner has a meeting that day so hoping I can change it so he can be there. Trying to be optimistic and going with the attitude all will be well although part of me is prepared for bad news too. Can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat. Hoping there is just one heartbeat as twins run on his side of the family! Feeling totally exhausted and had morning sickness in the mornings but now getting it in the evenings too - how unfair is that! Crackers and peppermint tea seem to work best for me. Poor other half has been banned from coffee as I can't stand the smell.
Anyone else off certain foods?

sonnyd Mon 28-Mar-11 12:30:04

Hello all,

In the same boat here..counting the days, it just seems to be going so slow!

Fantastic Fixit I had my appointment with the midwife at my GP surgery at 6.5 weeks (I haven't seen the GP at all).
My referral came through a week later for my booking appointment at the hospital for 1.5 weeks afterwards, so at my booking appointment I should be about 9 weeks.

The letter said that they will make the appointment for my first scan when I come for the booking appointment...I so wish they could just do it there and then!!

I'm sure once these painfully slow first 12 weeks have passed, the rest will just fly by!


cookie9 Mon 28-Mar-11 15:06:35

Just reread hospital letter and this is a booking visit so no ultrasound then.
Have booked a private scan so hopefully can relax after that.

Before pregnancy I was really sharp but I am sure I've lost brain cells since then.

Fantastic Fixit - got the hospital appointment around 2 weeks after seeing gp.

Crazyhead - I know what you mean by google overload! Having said that off to google to find out what happens at booking visit!!!

chocolatehobnobs Mon 28-Mar-11 15:32:44

Hi Everybody, I'm 9 weeks, can't wait for 12 weeks to be over so I can have the scan, start telling everyone. I've been quite positive about everything though, see no reason to think otherwise. MW didn't wan't to even see me until 10 weeks. It feels a bit like your just left in the wilderness. Even though I'm a doctor there is so much about the physiology of pregnancy that I didn't know. For example I thought that constipation and heartburn came on in late pregancy as the abdomen gets full whereas actually the hormones relax all the smooth muscle in the gut from about 4 weeks!
DH is playing golf on the day of the 12 week scan - says it has been arranged for ages with very important people! glad to see where i fit into the priorities (sorry for mini rant!

KatieWatie Mon 28-Mar-11 15:43:52

Hi and congrats!
The 12 week wait is the LONGEST ever, because none of it seems real and evidence of baby is yet to be proved. Especially if you've had virtually no symptoms like me (smug grin).

My scan is on Wednesday but even THAT seems ages off. I'm hoping the other 28 weeks will fly by in comparrison as I feel like a cow in a field already and just want the birth out of the way.

Good luck!

Daiso Mon 28-Mar-11 16:00:17

Hey all.

I was having the exact same conversation with my sister this moring. I am 5+4 and we were saying how this is a limbo stage really as
* no one really knows you are pregnant
*you can't buy anything ( well, obv you can but i won't be doing)
*i personally am not FEELING pregnant ( no morning sickness, boobs, tired etc - nothing!)
*constant knicker checker
*have to wait what seems like aaaaagggggges to find out everythings ok.

I visited my midwife last week so am waiting for my booking in appt now. Hopefully that will come soon as something to "look forward" too.

TheFantasticFixit Mon 28-Mar-11 16:07:05

oo there are lots of us!

Daiso: I love constant knicker checker; I have specifically bought white knickers recently (TMI) for exactly this reason blush

I wanted to update you all though.. there has been a development today. I am pleased to announce that I NOW HAVE A METALLIC TASTE IN MY MOUTH and I haven't been sucking on pennies.


TheFantasticFixit Mon 28-Mar-11 16:08:21

Cookie9: Thank you - a bit more waiting for me then, boo!

Daiso Mon 28-Mar-11 16:16:20

TFF I am going to do the same thing this evening re white knickers! blush

escapeartist Mon 28-Mar-11 18:36:53

FantasticFixit I also bought white knickers for the same reason! How silly is that?
I knicker check about 15 times a day!
I am 7+2, (which means 4 weeks and 5 days until the 12 week mark, right?) and time seems to have completely sloooooowed down. Argh. Glad to see others feel time standing still too

Completely paranoid about miscarriage, and now that my mild morning sickness seems to have gone (today) in my mind that is a symptom of a mmc. Argh.

I should consider myself lucky, having had a scan already at 6+4 and seen a heartbeat... yet still worrying.

DaisoI liked your point by point reasons - I know EXACTLY what you mean!

cookie9 Mon 28-Mar-11 18:41:57

Escapartist - don't worry about morning sickness going - I thought mine had last weekend but now it is back with a vengence. Eat whilst you can!

Thefantasticfixit - know exactly what you mean about the white knickers. Easy to spot the newly pregnant as we are the very tired looking women buying white knickers!:-)

PrimoPenguin Mon 28-Mar-11 18:54:10

Oh thanks goodness! Now I feel normal! I'm 4+5, very tired and my boobs ache like crazy, and I feel queasy and dizzy about half of the time. Decided to take tomorrow off work - I need a rest!

crazyhead Mon 28-Mar-11 19:52:35

Ha ha ha to Daisy and others re the white knickers, got myself an m&s 5 pack last week, basically after frightening myself I was bleeding because of wearing red knickers. What with that and the anxiously prodding my breasts as soon as I get to take my bra off after work to check this are genuinely still a bit achy, I never knew I was capable of being quite so crazed.

Fantastic Fixit am very jealous of the metallic taste. Sounds like a nice, legit symptom that isn't even horribly inconvenient.

escapeartist, I think I'm about the 7/2 mark as well....scan on 2 May, when's yours?

Staceroo Mon 28-Mar-11 20:20:16

oooh hello everyone! I feel like I belong here!!! The only thing is I can't count down yet as don't have a clue how far gone I am! (Somewhere between 7 and 11 weeks I think!) Hoping it's closer to 11, but the doc says based on my symptons I'm probabaly about 7 (which seems very unscientific considering everyone on here has different symptons at different times!

I saw the GP last tuesday, and had a letter from midwife Friday, so called to make an appointment, and going for 'booking in' on Weds! I'm just excited about talking to a real life person about being pg! It defo doesn't feel real yet as I can't tell anyone or buy anything (in case someone see's me!).

Getting quite good at the tales though, we went to stay with my dad at the weekend and had to turn down, tea, coffee, wine, shandy, fried eggs, pate, more fried eggs and whole bunch of other stuff! Soon running out of excuses, and going to stay with my mum this weekend so will have to do it all again!

I'm waffling on now, but agree with you all on the above, such an anxious time! Hate knicker checking but can't helpd it! Made even worse by the fact that I'm peeing twice as much as often, so twice as many excuses to check!

KatyCustard Mon 28-Mar-11 21:30:22

Knicker checking is my new hobby too.

I had bleeding at 5 and 8 weeks last time, but it was fine in the end. It was eight years ago though, so I can't remember alot of stuff, but I do remember the constant knicker checking, right through till the very end!

White pants RULE. grin

I am so glad that leggins are in fashion this time round, they are so much more comfy than my jeans!

FantasticFixIt I have to confess that my real name is nothing like Katy, but I had a friend who was called KatyCustard when she was little and I stole it for Mumsnet!

sonnyd Mon 28-Mar-11 23:15:15

So happy to hear all these other limbo ladies!

I'm now dreading going out on Saturday night to a birthday party as I've just found out two people who have asked me directly to my face if I'm pregnant will be there....I was hoping to dodge them for the next few weeks until my scan is done as another night not drinking is going to be more fuel for them!

It's really awful as they're lovely people but I feel annoyed with them for asking..surely it's obvious that if I am pregnant I'm not telling them for a reason!

Anybody else had the same thing??

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