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Realy, realy dry mouth .... common symptom, or just me??

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misty0 Thu 24-Mar-11 21:26:20

All day i have has the dryest mouth you can imagine. I've been drinking water all day to combat it - about twice as much as usual. Its still dry now. Never had this before. I realy feel like i've gone all day with nothing to drink at all. Is this a preg. thing, or something else?

Done loads of extra wees - so i know it's going through! Sorry, TMI x

doughnutty Thu 24-Mar-11 21:36:10

Not an expert but didn't want to leave it. I sometimes get this but generally only through the night.

When was the last time you had a urine check? Maybe a bit of sugar in it?

Hope this bumps enough for someone else to answer.

misty0 Thu 24-Mar-11 21:42:27

i havn't had a urine check at all yet. i'm 11+1. Thanx for the bump smile

oinkyoink Thu 24-Mar-11 22:20:56

I wake up with a really dry mouth in the night and can feel very dehydrated in the day despite drinking quite a bit. Mentioned it to my gp who took a urine sample in case they found sugar in it (diabetes) but there wasn't any. Do go and drop a urine sample into your gp asap!

It is a preg thing as you are using lots of fluid to make amniotic fluid and blood.. it's really important to carry on drinking lots as it can cause early contractions! I had this on my last pregnancy at 30 weeks and am wondering if it was because i was dehydrated..........

nectarina Fri 25-Mar-11 07:15:29

I've got an extremely dry mouth at night, and sometimes drinking water doesn't do anything to relieve it - but then I'm at the end of my pregnancy so I don't know how normal that it is for early pregnancy. I bought a mouth spray from the chemists to help with the dryness so I could sleep, but maybe you should see your doctor.

natwebb79 Fri 25-Mar-11 07:59:01

Yep! I'm often waking up with a mouth like the Sahara!

spatchcock Fri 25-Mar-11 08:01:47

Me too, very dry mouth throughout the night. I have been tested for GD and nada. Hopefully it's just one of those things?

misty0 Fri 25-Mar-11 08:39:40

Thank you ladies x i'll give the MW a bell today and be prepared to do a sample. It makes sense tho' about making the fluid ect. Hopefully i'll just have to up my water intake.

Icanonlytry Fri 25-Mar-11 09:39:51

I am 32 weeks and have had this all the way through, have had the test for gestational diabetes mainly due to family history but also due to me having a few of the other symptoms and that came back clear, have had a UTI for 3 weeks and a chest infection neither of which are responding to antibiotics angry but because I have had the dry mouth from day one the midwife seems to think it is nothing to worry about. Suppose the 15+ pints of water I am drinking every day must be doing something good smile

lovemybabyboy Fri 25-Mar-11 13:23:47

I am 9+2 weeks and just feel extremely thirsty all the time!

happycamel Fri 25-Mar-11 16:49:25

Me too and I later found out I do have GD. it would be worth mentioning it to your MW and maybe having a GTT. Sugar in urine is a weak indicator for GD (mine is never positive even though my GD is quite severe) so while they will check for that there'd be no harm in asking for a GTT.

nickelbabyhatcher Fri 25-Mar-11 16:52:37

i'm only 3 weeks and i'm getting this - not quite dry mouth, but need to drink about twice as much as usual.
or maybe i'm just noticing it because i'm drinking water not tea?

but i'm not needing to wee as much as i was told i would to start with.

misty0 Fri 25-Mar-11 17:19:42

Been to the MW and she tested my urine. All normal. She mentioned that at around this time, 11 weeks, the uterus is rising above the pelvis and filling quite rapidly with fluid. ie; i'm having to drink more to make it all....

I have been thirsty all the way tho', from just 6 weeks, like one of the above posters. She's not worried about me anyway.

happycamel - i'm presuming it's through the blood test they found out about your GD then?

SconesForTea Fri 25-Mar-11 20:42:48

I've had a roaring thirst from week 3, i.e. a week before missing my period. 10w now. It's worse at night, some nights I drink pints of water but cannot slake my thirst. I just assumed it's one of those annoying pg symptoms and keep hoping it goes away soon...

alypaly Fri 25-Mar-11 20:46:18

sounds like gestational diabetes. go and get checked as it can cause babies to be bigger.

apricotears Fri 25-Mar-11 21:34:43

Cotton mouth is spot on! I am constantly thirsty... no matter how much I drink, it just does not seem to quench the thirst. I am 17 + 2 and have found it is not quite as bad as it was in my first trimester, but am still drinking about 4 times as usual! I have been taking a drink bottle with me everywhere I go to try and combat it! The worst it the numerous nightly get ups to go to the toilet - I would prefer to savour my undisturbed nights while I still have them! Ah well hey - drinking lots of water can't be a bad thing!

Bumperlicioso Fri 25-Mar-11 21:51:01

Have you got a stuffed up nose? It is quite common to be slightly 'swollen' in pregnancy. Maybe you are breathing through your mouth more. It was for this reason that I spent a fortune on nasal strips to wear at night through my pregnancy.

misty0 Sat 26-Mar-11 08:35:23

Lordy! i don't want a big baby again alypaly ... my no. 2 was 10lbs hmm (no.3 was only 7lbs)

My GTT blood test is still scheduled for 28 weeks, 'cos the urine test yesterday was clear. Thats 17 WEEKS away - God, that seems like years. Should i insist on a earlier one?

Still ragingly thirsty BYW ...

alypaly Sat 26-Mar-11 14:55:22

just get them to do a urine dip stick for sugar.

Penelope1980 Sun 27-Mar-11 06:28:22

I am really thirsty as well - have been since about week four (am 13 + 3 today). I spoke to my MW about it and she's going to bring the GD test forward to week 18 I think which is good as she's put me down has high risk for GD as I have a lot of diabetes in my family too. I just carry a water bottle around most of the time, but really notice it when I can't have a drink for some reason ie in a meeting at work and forget my bottle! It's not uncommon I don't think.

Divyajain123 Tue 24-Jan-17 03:49:22

I need help every time i took test it was negative.
I am working in a call centre so used to keep talking over the phone thirst was common but before this never felt such thirst.... this is seriously different.
Wat say ???? Should i go for test this month too.
I dnt knw like der is other sign or not but my thirst aaah i m nt able to get over it

sweetchilli77 Tue 24-Jan-17 10:51:01

Since day 1 i have had dry mouth, especially at night/during the night and morning.I end up drinking 2-3 pints of water over night.....can you imagine how much sleep i get being 26 week pregnant sad urine always negative. Its just a pregnancy thing i think

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