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what happens to existing stretchmarks in second pregnancy?

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muffins Sat 19-Mar-11 16:15:33

Hi everyone.

I'm currently 12 weeks today with DC2.
When I was pregnant with DS I put on about 4 stone! I say 'about' because this is a guesstimate based on what I weighed when came home from hospital. I stopped weighing myself in pregnancy as I didn't like what the scales had to say!

I had quite bad stretchmarks mainly on tummy but few on hips thighs and boobs too. They were red and angry and towards the end I got a rash on them which I used to wake up in night scratching and they bled-ouch!
They reach just above my bellybutton.

Just wondering what I can expect to happen to them second time round? I'm trying to be healthier with food and have been swimming and walking, which I never did in 1st pregnancy. That said I've already put on 6lbs, my pregnancy books say 2lb is average by now but I think I could put that on in a single Tasmanian devil in the kitchen binge!


clarebear1 Sat 19-Mar-11 16:22:53

Im 38 weeks with my second, not yet got anymore touch wood! I got them bad before which have now faded to silvery colour, if anything then im noticing the higher ones are slightly extending with a purple colour but im not fussed, memory marks i call them :-)

muffins Sat 19-Mar-11 16:25:23

So have your existing ones stayed mainly silvery then? I'd be happy with that!

justbeingmummy Sat 19-Mar-11 16:34:55

Hi Muffins

I put on over 4 1/2 stone with my 1st DC (thats also a guess as I too didnt like the scales!) I was covered in stretchmarks, all over my stomach, hips, bum and down the back of my legs to my knees!!! Really not attractive and they were really red and deep.
Fastforward 4 yrs and they are obviously still there but silvery and much less noticable. Then I found out I was pregnant! Was so worried I would get loads more and be covered head to foot, at 4 months I started using DermaMum cream from Boots, Im not sure if this has made a difference or not because I am a believer that if your gonna get them your gonna get them no matter what you use, but its nice to use anyway.
Im now 37+4 and although the original ones on my belly are now red again (not as bad though)I have had no new ones (fingers crossed) and the ones elsewhere have not got bad again. Im definately not as big this time, although im told baby is bigger than his older brother but the difference last time was I had tons of fluid everywhere, this time I dont have that.
Im trying not too worry to much about them this time though as I know that no matter how bad they are they will fade in time as they did last time.

Hope that helps

lilmamma Sat 19-Mar-11 16:39:48

I had them bad first time,but they never went any worse with a further 3 pregnancies,and now are just faint silvery marks.

peanutbutterontoast Sat 19-Mar-11 17:33:45

I have awful stretch marks from my first pregnancy (where, ironically, I was thinnest to start with & had smallest weight gain hmm ) BUT I haven't had any new ones at all from my subsequent pregnancies (number 6 now).

Firawla Sat 19-Mar-11 17:42:59

mine stayed silvery and not had any more from 2nd pregnancy even though he was a much bigger baby, so far none more for 3rd either but will see as my 1st ones just kind of appeared over night right towards the end, and they were really red and looked awful but atleast they have mostly faded now. i wouldn't worry too much i think the first ones do most of the damage

clarebear1 Sat 19-Mar-11 18:02:43

Yeh the old ones have stayed silvery, they are 4/5 years old now

MummyLittleMonster Sun 23-Oct-11 13:19:50

I was so happy throughout my pregnancy that I didn't get any stretch marks until I was actually in labour (in water bath in hospital) that I noticed I have few on my tummy! I was sooo disappointed! I've used so many different oils, creams and rubs in enormus amounts, but still got them. Not as many, but...
It's been nearly 3 m since my baby was born but they are still reddish and my skin peels off. I kind of get used to the fact that they are part of me now and there is no way of getting rid of them, but what worries me is what's gonna happen with my next pregnancy? Are they gonna get worse? I might just soak myself in oil throughout...

kiki22 Sun 23-Oct-11 15:03:22

I'm only on my first pg but have had really bad stretch marks on the inside of my legs and round the top for years, they came on when i was 18 and a size 6-8 with no weight gain and no reason for them best doc could come up was was possibly hormonal, but anyway these ones that were silver have gone light purple again but on my tummy and hips i've been using bio oil every night without fail and the few i have on my hips have not got much worse only a purple tip on them and on my tummy i have had none until this week now have 2 tiny 1cm ones that are very very light, i think the bio oil has made the difference tbh since i'm so prone to getting them for no reason i can't imagin i wouldn't get them in pregnancy.

I think the ones i already have would be a lot worse if not for the Bio Oil too.

OlandaWhitelaw Fri 06-Jan-17 12:59:39

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