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slow labour?? whats it like

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beckie90 Wed 16-Mar-11 14:14:24

well with my 1st i was 2 week over so was induced and contractions just came hard and fast. but this time for the last few days ive had some things happening on and off, like period pains in my lower back, and a heavyness and dragging sensation in the bottom of my tummy, and also getting tightnings for a number of hours that are getting quite painfull, feel alot more than braxton hicks. but i dont know if somethings starting to happen, or is it just because this is my 2nd child, and ive read that things normally happen gradually over a period of weeks, rather than all at once. so maybe its just my body starting to prepare??
any advice appreciated

misty0 Wed 16-Mar-11 14:43:18

Hi there,

It could be the start of labour. How many weeks are you beckie?

I've had a slow labour (3 days) and two normal ones.
I would say basicly the symptoms are the same exept the slow labour is just that ... slow hmm and drawn out and as time goes on you get very tired and less able to cope well with the pain and discomfort. So it all gets a bit overwelming and i got tearful and depressed too!

Stay active, is my advice. I had alot of people around me who well meaningly kept making me sit down and rest - but in hindsight i think that was the worst thing to do...

How are you feeling at the mo?

beckie90 Wed 16-Mar-11 14:50:25

im nearly 36 weeks, so im really think it may be abit soon, and maybe its just things getting ready, i know my nan was in slow labour for a week and had my aunty at 36 weeks. im getting braxton hicks just about all day but when these stong ones come they last about 3 hours come about every 5min, and go all into my back and even my bottom hurts blush

PrettyCandles Wed 16-Mar-11 14:50:27

Does sound like your body's gearing up for labour. I think (and IMPersonalE it's true, but I don't know if there's scientific evidence) that if you have this 'preparation' period over several days or even weeks, the actual active labour is shorter.

It is confusing, and can go on for weeks. If the contractions can be eased, or their rhythm disturbed, by anything you do, then you're not yet in labour.

Good luck soon!

misty0 Wed 16-Mar-11 14:57:30

Mmmm sounds like things ARE warming up smile (it was the bottom hurting reference that struck a cord with me)

Dont fret about it. As candles says once it starts nothing stops it - even slow labour - so go with the flow. Have regular light snacks and keep relaxed. Keep moving around gently. Do what ever feels right. Go on with your life - let your nearest and dearest know whats going on - just in case things heat up! How exciting!

beckie90 Wed 16-Mar-11 15:13:51

haha, its really bad when bottom starts hurting, and also when the strong ones come i need to wee every 2 mins lol.
i still rekon i will be late like 1st time though, im probably just wishfull thinking

PermaShattered Wed 16-Mar-11 21:22:07

beckie I could have written your post! I'm 39+3 and think I've been in early labour for some days now with exactly same symptoms as yours. This is my 4th - my 2nd was like this (first was induced cos of preeclampsia).

My 3rd was born at 37+3 days unexpectedly, with no warning signs so all have been different! As well as the symptoms you describe, my bowels have also been looser the last couple of days.... another common sign I understand.

I'm now just waiting!!!!! And hoping for yet another decent night's sleep because to be frank I feel too knackered to go into 'proper' labour right now!!!!

Good luck, let's see who gets there first! x

abbie18 Fri 27-May-16 10:02:58

I'm 36+2, first time mum and been having pain in my lower back and bum feel like I need to go to the toilet also but when I go nothing happens, my lower belly and shooting pains up my lady parts and feel so much pressure down there to! I went to see my midwife on wednesday and she said babys head is engaged and she was surprised how low down he was I've had a few tightenings but only about 5 in the past 24 hours any ideas what the pains could be ? Is it slow labour?

Annabrooke90 Fri 27-May-16 10:10:03

Funnily enough this was my post I had started with my old username back in 2011 lol. Abbie I would say the shooting pains and pressure is from the baby being engaged and low, The head will be resting in funny places.

abbie18 Fri 27-May-16 11:30:25

Started with period pains aswell now, thankyou. First time mum and just got really worried

Annabrooke90 Fri 27-May-16 11:56:49

Don't worry too much the last week's tend to be very worrying with allsorts of aches and pains. Ring your midwife though just for some reassurance, should always get checked out if you are worried. In this case after this post for me I went into proper labour on my due date so had 5 weeks of pressure and period pains and sessions of regular painful contractions....but everyone is different so do get checked if you are at all worried, thats what they are there for smile good luck 🍀

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