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Less than a week until 12 week scan, don't feel pregnant:(

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CrazyAlien06 Fri 11-Mar-11 07:08:34

Worried sick re scan. 1st time pregnant only felt nauseous, severe tiredness and did have sore boobs but all worn off- now 11+4. no sign of swelling/bloating/bump. Basically back to normal now.
Is this normal? I'm terrified it's mmc.
Anyone had same thing and there was actually a baby at scan?

Sorry about posting this on few threads but can't get it out of my head


haloflo Fri 11-Mar-11 08:01:09

Hi crazy I know its really hard but try not to worry. MMC's are not that common & its normal for symptoms to fade about 11/12 weeks.

I thought my symptoms were fading at 11 weeks, only to find that now I was adjusting to them if that makes sense. I was in bed early so felt less tired, conquently my sickness felt better and boobs less sore.

Its unlikely you would have a bump at 11 weeks so don't worry about that. I started to show about 15/16 weeks (first baby) and that was only slightly.

When is your scan? Best of luck, I know this time is really nervewracking but the likelihood is that things will be ok.

CrazyAlien06 Fri 11-Mar-11 08:08:54

Hey halo scan is St Paddys day! So next Thursday. I've hardly ever been in hospital ( born at home) and St P day in 2000 I had to have my appendix out so not good memories on that day!
Thanks for the positive vibes. It hasn't sunk in yet that I even got a positive test. I just keep thinking of the two different outcomes and how the rest of the day will pan out. The appointment is in the afternoon so have to work through the morning which will be fun lol.

I shall update on here as soon as I am out of the scan whatever the result as I have found everyone on MN so supportive and no one has moaned about my constant worrying and negative attitude. Also no one in real world knows ( apart from immediate family and couple of DH friends as his family are abroad) telling DH friends has been the best as they are so good at keeping it secret and the way they subtly ask how I'm doing is so cute :-) I told one friend for support if something goes wrong but they have not turned out to be the most supportive

Oh well. I have been off all week with tummy bug but feeling bit better and off for a weekend away to Norfolk with DH and our dog it is my Xmas pressie from DH and i am so looking forward to it.

haloflo Fri 11-Mar-11 08:18:07

Enjoy your weekend away and my advice would be to keep yourself busy until the scan! Next Thursday will soon be here.

Sorry to hear your friend hasn't been that supportive but glad MN has been.

Also you say you've been off work with a tummy bug - maybe just being at home resting more has helped your symptoms (and given you time to worry!)

This time next week i'm sure you will be breathing a big sigh of relief and be able to start getting a little excited.

craftylittlethings Fri 11-Mar-11 08:21:13

I didn't really have any symptoms in first trimester - possibly a little more tired and sore boobs at timebut no sickness or anything like that. I am now 33+3 with a girl! I would say "so don't worry" but I know that it;s not that easy, even after the scan but wanted to let you know that not everyone feels ill in the first 12 weeks!

LoveBeingAKnockedUp Fri 11-Mar-11 08:26:01

Everyone is different some will have loads of symptoms others like you might have little or none. One thing that is the same is that everyone is a little nervous until they've had their scan. I can remember asking my midwife if everything was ok cause I hadn't been putting weight on, she asked me if I wanted to put weight on!

CrazyAlien06 Fri 11-Mar-11 08:26:59

Thanks crafty awww how lovely to be having a little girl:-)

halo maybe your right being at home is defo making me google and worry more

I'm sure Thursday will fly round and it helps that I should be back at work and it's one very busy week there! Am escaping at lunchtime (am a teacher) and then won't be back until the morning its weird to think the scan is upon us and we will know what the future holds in six days!

laurielou Fri 11-Mar-11 14:06:04

Step away from Google smile

Like you I felt my symptoms seemed to disappear. I was so convinced that I did another home preg test the day before my 12 weeks scan, as I didn't want to waste time at the hospital. But the scan showed a wriggly little baby.

I'm now 29 wks & still have moments of panic when the baby seems to be having a lazy day.

I hope the next week goes quickly for you & you hve a great scan experience.

CrazyAlien06 Fri 11-Mar-11 14:09:31

thanks laurielou
I have sneakily done a couple more tests a week or so ago just to make sure lol. Will probably do one on the day as well! IT will still show + if MMC( this is what happened with my mate) but may ease my mind a little!

Roll on St Paddys day!


potplant Fri 11-Mar-11 14:14:31

I think this is really common - I had exactly the same thing - I was convinced that the hospital were going to send me home with a telling off for wasting their time!

You could convince yourself you've got all manner of ailments if you try hard enough with Google! Stay away!

lolajane2009 Fri 11-Mar-11 14:27:11

my symptoms, especially morning sickness, diinished at 11 weeks. i wouldnt worry.

freelancegirl Fri 11-Mar-11 15:15:47

I could have written this myself! Mine have gone too. Scan in a week and a half. The only thing that has happened is I am defintely feeling fatter and my boobs are bigger.

hazelnutlatte Fri 11-Mar-11 16:09:14

crazyalien are you my alter ego? I'm also 11+4 and symptoms are fading - had a few weeks when I was really sick, but nothing for the past week - have got to the stage where I actually feel disappointed when I get through the day without vomiting in the loo! My jeans are getting tight though, but think thats more bloat than bump!
My scan is on Wed, am very very nervous. Watched one born every minute last week and the girl on it got to her 12 week scan and was told that there was no baby - am so scared that it will happen to me!
I just keep telling myself that MMC is rare and that fading symptoms are not!

owlbooty Fri 11-Mar-11 16:30:15

Do not fret! It's really, really common for symptoms to tail off about now. It's the placenta taking over, apparently. All the hormones that make you feel grotty calm down a bit.

I stopped feeling sicky at about 11 weeks - and could even drink tea again The bump didn't start appearing until about 15 weeks, really.

Good luck for your scan

lucielooo Fri 11-Mar-11 16:44:15

I was the same Obviously there are no guarantees but feeling your symptoms decline is not all doom and gloom especially at 11 weeks. I think it's around now the placenta starts to form and this relieves some symptoms. I was a nervous wreck in my first trimester as was convinced it was going to go wrong - I think first trimester hormones really mess with you! Couldn't stop crying when we were waiting to go in for our 12 week scan as I was so worried.. I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and my not-so-little boy is kicking me as hard as possible in all directions! Good Luck for your scan

1Catherine1 Fri 11-Mar-11 17:23:35

I was past 20 weeks when I started to "feel" pregnant. I went to my 12 week scan convinced they were going to tell me I was just ill not pregnant. I found my symptoms would come and go through my first trimester and generally only be gone long enough for me to worry myself into thinking something was wrong with LO.

I know it's easier said than done but you have to try not to worry. And as I say this I remember the question I posted on yahoo answers at 5 weeks pregnant when I'd taken pain killers 3 days before finding out I was pregnant and stressing myself out about it.

Valiant1 Fri 11-Mar-11 17:57:56

Crazy i feel the same hun am so feeling the same and have to wait till the 21st for my scan x like everyone says keep busy and enjoy the weekend then find lots too do next week will you be working next week that will keep you busy xx hugs from me xx

Jojay Fri 11-Mar-11 18:04:26

I felt like this with DS2 - in fact, I'd never had any symptoms I could put my finger on, whereas with Ds1 I felt sick, sore boobs etc.

Ds2 is now 2 1/2 and very much alive and kicking!

Best of luck grin

NatzCNL Fri 11-Mar-11 18:40:59

Im expecting DC3 and am 11+6 at the moment, scan not until the 21st and even though this isn't my 1st pregnancy, I too have the fear that there is no baby as all my symptons have vanished. I had morning sickness with my daughters until 14 weeks, so my mum is trying to convince me that I am carrying a boy this time!

With DD1 I didn't get a bump until nearly 6 months...! It all changed with DD2 and I already have quite a pouch which I am desperately trying to keep hidden from friends as we aren't telling anyone until the NT scan.

Try not to worry, easier said than done. I was convinced so much with DD1 that they wouldn't find a baby that I kept apologising to the sonographer for coming to the scan....! I hope all goes well, as I am sure it will. Enjoy your break away smile

CrazyAlien06 Sun 13-Mar-11 10:14:39

hey everyone, thanks so much for your replies :D
I had a wonderful weekend away, didn't want to come home! Long walks on the beach at 8am with the dog experiencing the sea for the first time then relaxing time just chilling with DH and dog.
Feel so refreshed! We are going to do it alot more often!

Only 4 days now until the scan. We spoke about it at the weekend and DH knows how scared I am but we said if its not meant to be then its not meant to be. We shall just see what happens.
I am still having nightmares about it , but trying to relax. I have a busy week, horrid meeting with head tomorrow where I need to tell her that she is not doing her job properly with regards to her mentoring but dont have the guts to say! and then a blood test ( for slapped cheek symdrome) then swimming with mate then NQT course Tuesday then I am going to squeeze something in Weds night!

have you all had a good weekend?:D I hope so


JenniL1977 Sun 13-Mar-11 10:28:43

Hey Crazy as everyone above says, try not to worry. I'm 17+3 with my first (after 3+ years of trying) and even though I've had 3 scans, I'm still convinced there's nothing there!
Had no sickness at all (lucky me!) and I've barely got a bump yet - other than being a psycho-hose-beast with the hormones I've had no real symptoms at all.
But better that than having your head down the loo for 8 weeks solid?
It's impossible not to fret I think - I was convinced they'd tell me it was an mmc at 12 weeks too. Or just pies. But it's a proper baby and everything! It only stopped me fretting for a week though - am pretty convinced that at my 20 week scan they're going to tell me I dreamt it all. Pregnancy craziness is just awesome grin
Keep yourself busy, you seem to be and let everyone know how it is on Thursday. I'm sure you'll be fine xx

nicolamumof3 Sun 13-Mar-11 11:16:57

the 12ww is the worst, i was too a nervous wreck despite this being my fourth dc. As others have said is very common for symptons to fade, you've had no cramping no bleeding all good signs.

Its horrible waiting so you have my sympathies im so sure all will be fine come thursday xx

maxybrown Sun 13-Mar-11 11:30:20

crazy I had all my symptoms (and only mild) before I knew I was pregnant - and i found out very early on!! I had no sickness or anything, just headaches later on at night (but I suffer from headaches anyway)

I didn't even feel pregnant at my 20 week scan apart from the bump lol! I was scared stiff, almost felt like I'd imagined it!

But I really felt like you at this point. DS is 3 and a half now smile

CrazyAlien06 Mon 14-Mar-11 06:58:02

Hey thanks again for all your replies
The positive vibes are really helping me, three days until I'll be waking up on scan day! I feel sorry for sonographer doing my scan as I'll probably come across so rude as won't want to talk etc until /if baby is found lol. Even said to DH ideally I'd like to keep my eyes shut and holding his hand then if it's good news I'd like him to squeeze my hand loads and tell me to look. whether I can be that calm is a different story!
What happened in your scans? How long does it take to see baby? Or be told what's there?
I work myself up into a panic u see and if I know what happens may feel a little better. It's just so weird not having many symptoms or belly, one thing that's irritating me is not liking mint lol. Cleaning my teeth is a horrible experience as is going anywhere near chewing gum! Strawberry hubba bubba old school for me!

Back to school today with a horrible day ahead, meeting with head which I do not want to go through !
On a lighter note I should be getting a call from housing people regardig coming to value our house as part of a part exchange for a snazzy new one!
Sorry for long rambling post just feels so nice to pop in and 'chat' about my worries and everyday life to people that are so nice and non judgemental :D

Hope u all have a wonderful Monday xx

Riddzy Mon 14-Mar-11 08:05:18

I had no symptoms whatsoever. I mean, NONE, other than the missed period! Was awfully shocked to see a baby in there at the 12-week scan - probably more shocked than I was when I did the test two months before!

You will be FINE. And congrats

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