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cold/flu and 38 weeks pregnant. Question about ML

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1Catherine1 Sun 06-Mar-11 13:19:55

I'm due to start my ML on Friday. So far through my pregnancy I have only taken 1 afternoon off due to sickness. I'm now 38 weeks pregnant and feel like I'm coming down with an awful cold. My OH was sick at the end of last week and was off work for 2 days and with all the medicine he could take still felt dreadful.

I'm a bit worried that now I'm coming down with the same thing but I'm not going to be able to take a day off work without triggering the start of my ML. I know for some people starting ML 5 days early isn't a big deal but for me I really need the money and it really is a big deal.

As far as I have read it seems that they can only trigger your ML early if your illness is pregnancy related but I was wondering whether this is something that they take your word at or if its then up to me to prove it wasn't pregnancy related.

Anyone information would be welcome, I have a feeling I'm going to have to suffer through.

Petalouda Sun 06-Mar-11 13:28:24


Do I remember correctly that you're a teacher? The NUT's Maternity Matters document says "You are entitled to paid sick leave if you are ill before the start of your maternity leave. However, if you are ill wholly or partly because of pregnancy after the beginning of the 4th week prior to the expected week of childbirth, your maternity leave will begin automatically."

So they shouldn't be able to start your mat leave till the day you've specified. If you ring in to say you've got a cold, I guess they could ask for you to provide a docs note, but I'm sure a doc would be happy to help with that situation.

Good luck! I'm finishing work this friday too! grin

1Catherine1 Sun 06-Mar-11 13:32:25

Thanks Petalouda - Yep, am a teacher. I was hoping this was the case... although a doctors note will be a pain

Petalouda Sun 06-Mar-11 13:47:47

I just thought - with sickness you can self-certify for a number of days (can't remember how many, but it's a week or more, isn't it?), so they probably aren't entitled to demand a sick-note.

They'll have to shock trust you!

Although, being the guilt-ridden type, I'd probably go in, spread some snot around the place, whinge at the bursar as I 'check' the starting mat leave thing (which I'd already know my rights to), just to prove the point that it's a cold/flu and not pregnancy related.

I'm thinking about the week ahead myself, and thinking that I might well get exhausted after a couple of days. If I do, I'm preparing to put it to them that getting cover in for 3 days if they start my mat leave early will be far more expensive than letting me sleep for 1 day and then come back in for the last 2. (What'll most likely happen is I won't be able to bring myself to take a day off, and will just end up in exhaustion-induced tears for the last 3 days!)

PermaShattered Sun 06-Mar-11 19:15:46

Not answering about ML as that's been answered for you, but you have my utmost sympathies! I'm 38wks preg too and have a stinking cold and feel fluey, and it's brought on asthma so feel very sorry for myself!

I have 3 other children and getting through the day like this with the biggest baby bump I've ever had is SUCH a drag! Hope you don't feel too rough yourself. I'm hoping for good night sleep! x

Petalouda Tue 08-Mar-11 14:48:29

1Catherine1, how are you getting on?

As predicted, I didn't last much past briefing this morning. Hopefully I'll be back in tomorrow, but really - roll on Friday & ML.

1Catherine1 Tue 08-Mar-11 21:16:02

Aww Petalouda, I hope you're feeling better!

Well I went in on Monday intending to make it clear I wasn't feeling great and maybe go home period 5 and take Tuesday off if I still felt rough. Unfortunately... my head teacher popped in to see me midday on Monday just to say how impressed she was with all my hard work and how I have managed to get through this pregnancy with no time off sick or without any complaints. I then felt that I couldn't go home. So I stuck it out through Monday which was hard but today I only taught 3 periods and they were first thing so I managed ok. I'm just absolutely exhausted come 4pm. Today and yesterday I came home and slept for 2 hours before doing anything else. Feeling better this evening anyway - only exhaustion (and a selection of pregnancy ailments) getting in the way!

I second the roll on Friday! grin

Petalouda Tue 08-Mar-11 22:26:47

Sleeping after work really gets in the way of finishing the work! I only had imset on monday, but still fell asleep as soon as I got home.

Had BH from 3am today, which I think was the source of my problems. Got a free tomorrow, so should survive.

Don't feel pressured if you're not well. You've got a genuine reason to be off. I'm just being a wuss.

3 more days, 3 more days, 3 more days.

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