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wiltshire Fri 12-Sep-03 16:18:41

I saw an artical on the news today about a 3D scan where you can see babys face & stuff. Anyone had one, how much and was it worth it.

Spod Fri 12-Sep-03 17:06:38

I havent had a 3D scan .... but found a site with pics on ages ago - loads of normal scan pics too ... and an amusing 'belly gallery' ... have a look

pie Fri 12-Sep-03 17:45:30

I had a 3D scan, didn't have to pay as it was done for medical reasons at Queen Charlottes. To be honest I don't think that it was any 'better' to look at for me, though it was more useful for the doctor looking at baby's spne.

The baby's face did look rounder and fuller than the normal scan, but still looked like a cross between and alien and a canadian from South Park though.

splash Fri 12-Sep-03 18:49:03

i think it was a 4dscan as 3d have been out for a while.dont know anything about them though

SofiaAmes Fri 12-Sep-03 22:29:33

sorry to be technical, but there is no such thing as a 4d scan. Pie your baby probably looked like an alien, because that's what they look like at that age.

CountessDracula Fri 12-Sep-03 22:36:02

It was just on the news and they said 4d scan. What is that? What is the fourth dimension, pray?

wobblymum Sat 13-Sep-03 01:30:11

To be technical, the 4th dimension is actually time, so unless you have your 3D scan while time is stopped, you can call it 4D anyway! They might mean something different by 4D when relating it to scans, I don't know, but mathematically it stands for a 3D object existing 'in time'.

pie Sat 13-Sep-03 08:41:33

Sofai, I'd like to think you're right about all babies looking like aliens at the age, but, well, you haven't seen DH

doormat Sat 13-Sep-03 10:04:51

I seen it on the news also countess and I was amazed at the technology. I even asked dh if we could have another baby so I could get this scan but he said emphatically "NO".

BTW I always thought 4Dimensional was time too????

sibble Sat 13-Sep-03 10:10:49

According to today's paper they call it 4D because the 3D images move around! Not sure I would pay the £300 but is amazing technology.

doormat Sat 13-Sep-03 10:20:37

It makes you think about what the technology will be like in 50 yrs time.

SueW Sat 13-Sep-03 10:28:28

They'll prob be growing babies in plastic bags.

A friend and I used to joke that we wouldn't have children until you could buy them off0the-shelf at M&S and take them back if they weren't suitable. Looking back, that sounds like an awful thing to say but we were young and babies were very definitely the last thing on our minds.

doormat Sat 13-Sep-03 10:29:38

Or incubators
very star trek stuff this scan.

huppa Sat 13-Sep-03 13:26:29

Just copy and pasted this from the bbc:
The 4D scanner, which produces detailed 3D images that move in real time, has shown that babies start making finger movements at 15 weeks, yawning at 18 weeks and smiling, blinking and crying at 26 weeks.

wobblymum Sat 13-Sep-03 14:41:24

I've never had a 3D scan and I assumed they moved in real time anyway. Well that would explain the difference then. If I had the money to throw away I wouldn't mind one but I sort of liked the way the scan wasn't very clear, so that you could see your baby and see they were fine but you didn't get a good look at them until they were born.

SofiaAmes Sat 13-Sep-03 23:55:16

wow, is that what we call a video in the real world?

bunnyrabbit Sun 14-Sep-03 08:43:31

Hi all,
I looked into this for baby bunny. It's been around for a few years at least and I thnk it costs about £300. We decided that it was a bit freaky to be honest, and looking back, we're glad we didn't bother.

I believe that you get something like a 30 min video of baby in tht womb, and yes the fourth diomension is indeed time....


wiltshire Sun 14-Sep-03 16:26:24

Righty ho, looked into that via Create clinic - 275.00. Don't think so. Get coupla videos from Blockbusters to see me through the next week + 4 days - much much cheaper.

However, for those who are interested - there is a company called Babybond who do a 30 minutes video of baby in womb via normal ultrasound. It's best done between 20 - 30 weeks (baby has more room to somersault etc). Costs 140.00. I didn't have it done as kept putting it off as I had to travel so far (don't drive) and all of a sudden I was 35 weeks and wouldn't have seen much.

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