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Leaking water or just watery discharge? 28 weeks.

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Icanonlytry Wed 23-Feb-11 10:02:35

I am 28 weeks pregnant and for the last few days I have noticed that my pants feel damp. At first I thought it was just discharge but this morning I am not so sure as there was no discharge there (sorry tmi) just damp.
I am sure it is not urine but dont know if I should be worried and I am trying not to use dr google. Could it be my waters? It only seems to happen when I am sat down so maybe it has been happening for a while and I havent noticed it due to being on my feet all the time at work etc.
Anyone experienced this? I am at the midwife tomorrow so will mention it to her.

jellyhead188 Wed 23-Feb-11 10:40:01

I am pretty damp the whole time and at 28 weeks I Had a sudden gush which turned out to be wee blush!!! do you wear a pad? def mention it to your mw tomorrow though, they may want to give you a swab to test it but its really normally to have loads of discharge at this stage. xxx

Icanonlytry Wed 23-Feb-11 10:49:06

thanks for your reply, I have had lots of discharge throughout this pregnancy but for the last few days it has just been a clear liquid rather than discharge iykwim.

Scouseem Wed 23-Feb-11 11:43:02

There has there has been a few threads about this recently and they say if its your waters it will smell sweet. I'm 26weeks with DC3 and never smelt it before but I read it would leak all the time not stop and start but don't know how true that is. I did go in to hospital once after a gush which turned out to be wee. Oops. It could just be as you sit down the pressure on your bladder is making it leak a bit.
Also if you think you are leaking then put a pad on and after a hour feel how wet it is and if it smells sweet.
Good luck, hope its nothing.

OnEdge Wed 23-Feb-11 11:48:26

My membranes ruptured at 22 weeks. I will never forget it, it felt like a heavy period when you get a "gush" or a little flooding feeling. Or you know after sex if you are laid flat and then after a while you stand up, all the "stuff" kind of shoots out, well that is exactly how it felt. It wasn't like when your waters go at full term, this was a very slow seepage over about a week (with the gush sensation happening every few hours followed by a wet gusset)

Hope that helps smile

OnEdge Wed 23-Feb-11 11:54:16

It is a shame that you could not wear a tampax for a few hours (this is not advisable in pregnancy obviously) but then, if it was your waters, it would stop.

In subsequent pregnancies, i have had wet pants, but it was wee blush although i did panic, I knew deep down that I did not have that gush sensation so it was OK.

You could maybe lie down for a nap then sit up and see if a new load comes out, i remember MW doing that to a lady in the cubicle next to mine and testing what came out. I think they call it pooling.
They used to have an indicator stick that turned black if it came into contact with amniotic fluid but it was so unreliable that it is no longer used.

OnEdge Wed 23-Feb-11 11:56:43

sorry to bang on, I too had the clear watery discharge in the subsequent healthy pregnancies. This felt damp, the amniotic fluid leakage felt wet.

Icanonlytry Thu 24-Feb-11 16:48:01

Went to the midwife this morning and she referred me to the hospital. Had bloods and water tested and a doctor examined me, said there was no obvious signs that my waters had gone but I have a water infection and lots of watery mucus inside me. He gave me some antibiotics and told me to go back in 10 days or sooner if I have any more worries. Been a very long day but glad it all seems to be ok.
He also said he couldn't see my cervix but that this wasn't unheard of and it should move down nearer to delivery but it is playing on my mind a bit.

OnEdge Thu 24-Feb-11 18:20:08

It sounds good, but you will worry for a bit, did he look with a speculum ? Did he test your urine ?

Icanonlytry Thu 24-Feb-11 19:26:08

Yes OnEdge he used a speculum and it bloody hurt sad he tested my urine and gave me antibiotics for an infection, I had no idea I had an infection, no pain or more frequent trips to the loo so feels strange taking antibiotics but might have just caught it early before any symptoms.

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