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Dental appointment pre MATB1 form

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runtus Mon 17-Oct-05 10:59:35

I need to go to the dentist and I have heard I can get free treatment now I am pg but I obviously don't have a MATB1 form yet, as I am only 8.5 weeks.....will they accept anything else and will the dr/midwife give me anything else I can use??

PiccadillyCircus Mon 17-Oct-05 11:02:30

There is a form (can't remember what it is called - it might be JW8 but I may have made that up, but your doctor or midwife can give you one) that you fill in and then get a maternity exemption card (different thing from MAT1B). It is valid until your baby is 1 year. You also get free prescriptions as well.

Not sure what happens when you need treatment before you have the card, but I repsume you can claim it back. You do need to be with a NHS dentist though.

chjlly Mon 17-Oct-05 11:03:14

I went to the dentist when I was about 6 weeks - he took my word for it so I didn't have to pay

zippitippitoes Mon 17-Oct-05 11:05:07

I think the problem will be finding a dentist who will treat NHS, if yours doesn't

ChaCha Mon 17-Oct-05 11:15:18

My GP gave me a form to fill in and send off at 10wks. I received a maternity exemption card soon after and showed that just the once to both pharmacist and dentist. I've found this info for you and hope it helps:

Maternity Exemption Certificates- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I apply for a Maternity Exemption Certificate?

A. You can apply once your pregnancy has been certified by a doctor or midwife, or any time during the twelve months following the birth of your baby.

Q. How do I apply?

A. You need to apply on form FW8 which will be available form your doctor or midwife.

Q. How long will the certificate last?

A. Certificates start from the date one month before the date on which we get your application, to twelve months after the expected date of the baby's birth. If your baby is born later than expected you may need to apply for an extension.

Q. How long will it take for my certificate to arrive?

A. Our Maternity Issue Office will deal with your application. You should expect to receive your certificate within 10 working days of us receiving your application.

Q. I paid for some NHS prescriptions before I realised that I was pregnant, is it possible to claim the money back?

A. You can only claim money back for any charges that you pay on or after the date on which your doctor or midwife signs the application form FW8 to certify your pregnancy. It is not possible to re-claim any NHS prescription charges paid prior to this date.

Q. I am sending off my application form for a Maternity Exemption Certificate today, but I need some prescriptions, will I have to pay?

A. You will need to pay for the prescriptions, but ask for the official NHS receipt, form FP57 (WP57 in Wales). The receipt tells you how to claim the money back. You cannot claim a refund unless you obtain the official NHS receipt.

Q. I've got my certificate but I've paid for some prescriptions between sending the application and getting the certificate. Can I claim a refund?

A. You can claim a refund providing that you obtained the official NHS receipt, form FP57, from you pharmacist. The information about how to claim is shown on the reverse of the receipt. Only in exceptional circumstances can a refund be given without the official NHS receipt.

runtus Mon 17-Oct-05 11:18:48

Thanks for all your help - much appreciated!

shhhh Tue 18-Oct-05 20:16:46

Following on from prev reply, your dr will advise the relevant dept who will forward to you a maternity exempt certificate which is basically a card that allows you free prescriptions. Once I had this all prescriptions where free as well as dental treatment/appointments etc.
Your MAT1B (As I remember) is only issued at around 20+ weeks and is for your maternity leave..?? Can't remember 100% though. HTH

wysiwyg Tue 18-Oct-05 20:21:59

Make sure you do tell them - don't have any xrays!

chicagomum Tue 18-Oct-05 20:25:09

As a dentist (nhs) i can tell you that you can get free treatment without the exemption certificate. You tell us your pregnant we put that down on the paperwork that we send in and tick a box to say no evidence of exemption seen. They can then check upon you if they want to (ie you sign to say you are exempt so the responsibility is on you).

runtus Wed 19-Oct-05 09:20:04

Thanks all, all really helpful. I'll try simply telling my dentist now Chicagomum, hopefully they will be as trusting as you and save me all the bother!

ciac Thu 11-Oct-07 18:05:41

i misplaced my maternity prescription exemption card, do you know how to get a replacement and how long does it take? thanks.

BetsyBoop Thu 11-Oct-07 18:15:04

I went to dentist when I was only 5wks pg (wasn't pg when I booked the appt!)

I'd only seen the Dr the day before & picked up my form for maternity exemption cert - dentist was happy just to take my word for it

ChocolateHobnob Thu 11-Oct-07 19:46:56

I saw 2 dentists before I was 12 weeks and both took my word for it, so I wouldnt worry. Good luck!

Caz10 Thu 11-Oct-07 20:26:55

Poo my dentist is private - no space for any more NHS patients - so still having to pay!

tyaca Thu 11-Oct-07 22:15:48

out of curiousity, is dentistry totally free when pg, or do you still have to pay something? i last went over two years ago, and baulked at the money it'd take to sort my mouth out and never went back blush

somersetmum Thu 11-Oct-07 22:26:09

tyaca - dentistry is totally free when pg and until your dc is one year old. I got 4 crowns done for nothing with a new dentist when dd was tiny. hth

Wizzska Fri 12-Oct-07 16:43:32

NHS dentistry is totally free tyaca - so are eye tests and prescriptions.

When I went to the dentist at about 8 weeks pg he took my word for it. I just told him I was pg and couldn't have x-rays etc.

TurquoiseDress Tue 04-Oct-16 07:44:03

Yes dental treatment is (in theory) free while you are pregnant and for the 1 year afterwards.

The problem is finding an NHS dentist as the exemption is not valid with private dentists.

Round here (SE London) NHS dentists with spaces are few and far between.

When I pregnant I just sucked it up and paid.

The nearest NHS dentist was about 8 (London) miles away, was working full time & v busy so it just seemed easier to pay for treatment with my local, regular dentist.

LondonRoo Tue 04-Oct-16 08:28:44

Mine took my word for it - although I did have a visible bump at the time!

Becciilouisex3 Tue 04-Oct-16 20:39:31

When is your first midwife appointment? I know areas do things differently but you normally have one between 6 and 8 weeks ish so that they c an book your 12 week scan .

When I had that initial appointment, the midwife filled the forms and whatnot out to send for my maternity exemption card and it came in the post soon after. smile

Hopefully your dentist will take your word for it but it may be worth looking into whether or not you could claim the money back at a later date if they don't for whatever reason

happylass Fri 07-Oct-16 16:17:05

I had £185 worth of dental treatment at around 16 weeks completely free of charge. I had no MATB1 or obvious bump at that point but they simply took my word for it!

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