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Started TTC in August 2010, we're now all finally up the duff

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KLou111 Thu 17-Feb-11 11:45:50

New home for us ladies
Continuation of thread from conception.
Any newbies are quite welcome to join in our quite bizarre and hilarious chat grin

Iwish Thu 17-Feb-11 12:11:26

Woohoo a nice shiny new thread. Thanks klou.

As ever I am rough today so must be a good sign. Roll on lunch time so I can stuff my face

lizandlulu Thu 17-Feb-11 14:26:57

good job you are here klou to organise usgrin

now for the good news....i have pilessad now dont get me wrong, i have always had them, but with not much bother. but today and yesterday i have one giving me abit of gip. i have had to apply creamsad its been bleeding and is quite sore.

this is one of my real fears of giving birth, that i push so hard and they get worse and push my insides out or something and i have to have surgeryshock i am going to have to ask my midwife nearer the time about what could happen.

KLou111 Thu 17-Feb-11 16:16:01

OMG Liz what is going to be next lol!
I've had a little bit of bleeding too TBH, but I have had that before I got preg too. It's not nice is it? And bloody sore.

Did you stuff your face then Iwish?

So far today I've had rice crispies and apple j for breaky, while I did the boys a full fry up, aren't I good? But we went to the beach and I had a bag of chips, a full large bag of revels and half a large bag of jelly babies!! Fat cow! But nice

KLou111 Thu 17-Feb-11 17:03:00

Me again. Sorry to be a pain but is it poss one of you can click on this link and set up a free nappies account. You haven't got to do anything, as I know Liz was concerned about forgetting to cancel lol! I have done it, and thankfully remembered to cancel, but I just need someone to sign up on the link. It won't cost you anything. I have just tried to do it on my computer but it will only let you do one application per IP address!
Ta in advance

lizandlulu Thu 17-Feb-11 21:33:38

i have done it for you but had to put my email address for the computer which i havent bloody got yet!!!!!!!!! i cant activate the account yet. so i dont know if it will work for you.

so no computer, and the sky is now playing up and i can only get some channels. it was fine till last week when the sky man came out to sort another problem, now its something elseangry

KLou111 Fri 18-Feb-11 11:14:35

Thank you hunny Will have a look to see if it works.

We cancelled bloody Sky, as it kept messing up all the time, and they kept putting the bills up all the time so we told them to stick it in the end. We've got FreeSat now. Not as many channels, but you get the HD ones and stuff as it's through the dish, so it's quite good, and best of all IT'S FREE!! grin

GruffaloMama Fri 18-Feb-11 12:47:40

Hi all. Thanks for setting up the new thread klou.
Oh Liz, piles are vile. Only had them as a result of ds's birth. Mind you everything else was so.sore down there I couldn't really distinguish what was worst. ;)

IWish how is sickness going - are there any times you can eat well?

Am on my way home from work as feeling poo. Think I might have a kidney infection. Off to hide under a duvet. but apart from that all is ok. I was worried for a couple of days as baby was quiet but had some reassuring wiggled recently. I think it's moved up a bit to where there's more flab room so less sensitive. Sorry about typing am on phone.

lizandlulu Fri 18-Feb-11 13:16:49

hiya gruffalo i feel your pain, i used to get them quite alot and were enough without being pregnant. the doc used to tell me to drink cranberry juice, or orange barley water and dont use bubble bath too often cause it can get into the urinal tract and cause them. hope you feel better soon thoughsmile

i have done abit of shopping this last couple of daysgrin i got a bargain of a steriliser from morrisons, its just a microwave one and was marked up wrong, should have been £21.99 but got it for £12.

also bought some bottles! i have got some tommee tippee ones that just looked cool and i got a couple of nuby ones that are squishy! they look and feel really nice, no idea what they will be like to use though. the teats all fit the same so i can have both bottles and not have to stick to the same brand.

whhooooo i am getting excited!!

MadKatz Fri 18-Feb-11 13:17:25

HI Ladies,

Sorry haven't been on, busy with work and just thoroughly permanently exhausted and ill. sad

btw, I like the new thread!!

I had the flue jab last Monday (7th Feb) and my arm swelled to about twice the size, really red,like a hard lump underneath the skin and burning on the surface. I had read that you can have a reaction for a couple of days, so I waited. But it wasnt getting any better, I couldn't even touch my arm let alone use it, it was almost like all the muscles had frozen. We ended up at a&e on Friday night, they said it was fine but just to keep an eye on it and it I got red lines around that area to go back. And its only today that I've felt really well since I had it.

So as well as being exhausted from PG I've been catching up as haven't been able to sleep very well with my arm.

And I've had chronic constipation (sorry if thats tmi blush

MadKatz Fri 18-Feb-11 13:17:54

But I haven't had any sickness grin

Feel sorry for you Iwish

lizandlulu Fri 18-Feb-11 13:23:31

ah what a shame it reacted like thatsad

Iwish Fri 18-Feb-11 18:18:30

Hey Gruffalo Ive been eating my 3 meals but with bits in between but i just feel sick from the moment i open my eyes to the moment i close them at night so just have to make myself eat.
ive just bought some nausea bands which seem to take the edge of the sickness but its still very much there.
I hope you feel better soon, feeling awful is the last thing you need when pg, get in bed and put your feet up.

Oh Madkatz that sounds awful. im sorry youve had such a bad reaction. I hope you are well otherwise. They have said i can have one but i was thinking of waiting till 12 weeks (which the midwife said quite a lot of people do). 7 weeks now so only 5 to go lol.

Klou i did stuff my face, seem to have a bit of a fetish for cheese tho which isnt good because if i eat too much it gives me a poorly tummy blush And how you managed to stay away from eating the fry up yesterday is beyond me. im sure your sweeties were good tho.

Liz you have got a few bargains! i need to go shopping with you lol!

Well im off out tonight for tea with DH and 2 of our friends. just going for a carvery (not that i fancy eating anything) and back to our house to relax.

Happy Friday everyone

KLou111 Fri 18-Feb-11 19:12:52

Oh sorry Madkatz that you had such a bad reaction, hoping you are fully recovered very soon.
I didn't have a flu jab, but am going to ask if I need one next week at my AN appointment.

Carvery sounds lovely Iwish, but wouldn't eat a lot either lol. Did another fry up this morning and had a bowl of crunchy nut. I am normally the first in line for a good fry up, but totally gone off them, and most other things hmm

Well, meant to say earlier, last night I thought I was on my way out! I felt as though my body was being torn apart from the inside out. I had really bad cramp for about 2 hours from 10pm. I was 15 weeks yesterday, and I read that 15-16 weeks is when your body starts 'stretching and growing for your baby'. Jesus Christ, I thought I was going to die!! I was practically in tears when I went to bed at 12:30. As soon as I lay down in bed, it went! Why TF did I not do that earlier??? Started to think, if this is just 'stretching and growing' how the hell am I going to cope with labour!!!

KLou111 Fri 18-Feb-11 19:13:10

PS, have a great weekend all xx

lizandlulu Fri 18-Feb-11 20:55:42

god klou were you worried?

we have juist had chinese for tea. ordred my usualy of duck and pancakes to share with dh and dd, then sweet and sour pork and rice. i could only manage the duck, havent even touched the other, do you think it will be ok to put in the fridge for tomorrow?

KLou111 Fri 18-Feb-11 21:07:27

Worried was and understatement Liz! Kept knicker checking, and all fine there. Have had slight cramps this evening, so am thinking baby is making room! My belly has seemed very bloated today aswell so not sure if the cramps something to do with that. I've got a night on my own tonight,lush! Friend going home tomorrow, but I am pooped so sent them out on their own. A night of shit TV and chat on here tonight grin

I would have thought your Chinese should be OK for tomorrow, but I'd check on the net if you want to reheat it. Would be OK for your DH though.

lizandlulu Fri 18-Feb-11 21:34:06

i feel awful about wasting it, but i just didnt know i wouldnt be able to eat it. my god this baby is only about the size of a coke can and it is making me look and feel like i have got a 5 year old in there!

i look fairly normal (as in how i used to) first thing in a morning before i have eaten anything. but as soon as i eat anything like lunch i just seem to balloon.

can you reccommend any websites to look on about the babys development. i am really interested to find out where abouts in my body it is and i cant seem to find out anywhere. i am sure i have been feeling it further up my belly, just above my belly button, is it ment to be up there this early??

KLou111 Fri 18-Feb-11 22:03:21

If you go to, there is some good info about baby. The dots along the top of the page have a week to week progress thing.
Have you looked for the fundal height? I think that's what it's called. It tells you where the baby should be sitting at certain times of your pregnancy.

KLou111 Fri 18-Feb-11 22:23:34

Found a chart here

GruffaloMama Sat 19-Feb-11 17:10:23

Klou - the answer to how do you manage labour is 'with drugs'! grin Obviously not true for everyone but I did want to marry the anaesthetist who gave me an epidural.

Meant to say earlier that the names sound great - DS is a Thomas so obviously rather like that - he's named after my dad. Bean will either be a George (just like that one) or a Florence (after my gran - long since gone but we were very close).

Madkatz have you tried dried apricots for the constipation - they're full of iron but also (ahem) good at getting things moving...

Have you tried the baby centre website and BBC parenting sites for week by week baby development? I use the babycentre one quite a lot. Their search is pretty good too.

Liz that is totally me too with the no bump first thing and eight months preg by bedtime look.

Today's been quite traumatic. DS woke up unable to walk. He's been to A&E and probably benign synovitis as he had a virus. Very nerve wracking. Mind you in the last hour he's been jumping about and dancing so suspect he's feeling better.

KLou111 Sun 20-Feb-11 18:25:40

Hope your DS is OK gruffalo. Sounds VERY worrying.
Love the name George, Florence is so cute
Drugs sound good to me!

Well, all OK here, no more cramp thank God! Got my appointment with MW Thursday and it can't come soon enough, I can't wait!! My scan date is through for 22 March, seems like a lifetime away. Scary that I will 19+5 when I go!
It seems to be going VERY quickly. I'll remember that comment in the height of Summer when I have a big bump and just want it to go quickly!

lizandlulu Sun 20-Feb-11 21:09:13

ohh klou my scan date is 22nd too!!!! how much of a coincidence is thatgrin first the same cravings now this!

gruffalo how is your ds now?

MadKatz Mon 21-Feb-11 13:11:54

Really crampy today, but makes up for the last 2 days when I've hardly felt anything confused

Can anyone explain to me how you work out how far gone you are? I am so confused. I've been on loads of websites on different due date predictors and they all say 9th or 10th of October. But when we went to A&E about my swine flu reaction, the doctor there said I was further along than I thought because I've been going on my clearblue result whereas they go from the 1st day of your last period. But if I go on my period I will be almost 41 weeks by the 9/10/11!!! hmm

(1st day of last period was 3/1/11 but clearblue on 30/1/11 said 2-3 weeks)

KLou111 Mon 21-Feb-11 13:12:24

Lol Liz very much coincidental!! Mine's at 1:30pm, when's yours?

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