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Water broken, in America, etc Part II!

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Southsearocks Tue 08-Feb-11 01:45:57

Hi! I thought I'd better start a new thread now because it might get busy tomorrow morning and I don't want to lose you all grin

I didn't know about the limit. I'm still completely humbled that I've had so many well-wishers smile, so I feel a little self conscious. Although I think we've all been led down this path by the baby somewhat!

Am completely knackered tonight so will say goodnight and will endeavour to keep you posted on happenings tomorrow.

Thanks once again for keeping me company xxx

kensworth Tue 08-Feb-11 01:52:56

Good luck xx you are so famous now we will expect a news flash for pebbles arrival!!!! Woo we know someone famous lol keep your sports up not long now

kickassangel Tue 08-Feb-11 02:08:34

gosh - i keep losing this thread, but to glad to hear you're still going strong.

ChippingInSmellyCheeseFreak Tue 08-Feb-11 02:12:53

Lovely new thread - we'll need lots more room!!

Hope you get some sleep tonight!!

fridakahlo Tue 08-Feb-11 02:19:27

Good Luck for tomorrow xx

allyfe Tue 08-Feb-11 02:32:01

Hope yet are getting lots and lots of lovely sleep. Can't help wishing I was too. Maybe I'll get ve dream about a big long sleep once I get back to sleep and before the next night'll probably be thinking something similar in 3 months or so as pebble sleeps in your arms whilst being gently birped.

Jacksmama Tue 08-Feb-11 02:35:55

Found you!!
Here, have some wine... oh, you can't... sorry! I'll have yours

TanteRose Tue 08-Feb-11 02:57:12

hiya! good luck for tomorrow morning...

y'know, you are going to HAVE to name this baby Pebbles...well, if it was good enough for Fred and Wilma Flinstone....grin

middle name, maybe? wink

TheMotherOfAllDilemmas Tue 08-Feb-11 02:59:44

best of luck.

cupofteaplease Tue 08-Feb-11 03:59:09

Good luck!

Cadmum Tue 08-Feb-11 04:40:17

Sending positive vibes for tomorrow.

I can imagine that it must have been discouraging to be told that things were to be put back. Every extra day without complications must be a good thing, right?

mathanxiety Tue 08-Feb-11 05:24:50

Every day inside is a good day for LO though. Best wishes and hang in there..

Buda Tue 08-Feb-11 05:31:09

Another lurked crawling out if the woodwork!

Looking forward to an update.

Hope all goes well.

JustKeepSwimming Tue 08-Feb-11 05:49:04

So glad you started a new thread, was worried I would miss the announcement

Good luck, hope you're getting some sleep at the moment.

jimper Tue 08-Feb-11 06:03:29

Still glued to this thread! Good luck - can't wait to hear some good news

tadjennyp Tue 08-Feb-11 06:32:03

Good luck for tomorrow! Been following you for a while now. I had my waters broken Saturday and he was in my arms 6 hours later! Also a little US citizen! Thinking of you.

girlsyearapart Tue 08-Feb-11 06:36:48

First thing I did this morning was check for the birth announcement !

Shame they put it off but better to have full attention of the staff.

Well good luck again smile

cocoachannel Tue 08-Feb-11 07:05:34

Good luck! x

Panzee Tue 08-Feb-11 07:09:00

Just marking my place in this one. Thinking of you x

chimchar Tue 08-Feb-11 07:11:45

ooooh. just found your new thread by accident!

GOOD LUCK TODAY..oops! good luck today....grin

may the force be with you wink <star wars fan>

systemsaddict Tue 08-Feb-11 07:22:56

Good luck, thinking of you!

MrsDrOwenHunt Tue 08-Feb-11 07:28:42


MmeLindt Tue 08-Feb-11 07:28:44

Morning Southsea. Today is the day you will meet your new baby at last.

Good luck.

eatyourveg Tue 08-Feb-11 07:30:33

marking my place in the new place too - all the best!

RustyBear Tue 08-Feb-11 07:36:52

Don't want to lose this thread! All the best for today!

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