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Husband driving me crazy!

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Magen Mon 31-Jan-11 12:50:20

I am 12 weeks with DC#2 and everything about my husband is getting on my nerves. We normally get along very well, but since I got my BFP he can't do anything right. Even the way he smells irritates me. I try to hide it as best I can, but end up being snappy a lot and I have to grit my teeth to get through sex. I try and blame it on morning sickness as much as possible. Anyone else feel the same and does it pass?

1Catherine1 Mon 31-Jan-11 13:37:26

I think in my first trimester I ended up writing my OH a list of things he did that really annoy me/upset me. I was in a really foul mood and was fed up. He read it when I went to bed (a side of A4) and credit where credit is due, 80% of the things he did/didn't do have changed. He has really tried to accommodate me and hasn't even mentioned the list since, just done as I requested.

greenzebra Mon 31-Jan-11 15:25:50

I think its normal to feel the way you are, I remember early in this pregnancy really loving my husband but I couldnt stand his smell either which I thought was weird as he had never smelt before. He was irratating me al the time but then again everyone else was.

Luckerly as the first tri went into my second, it all went away and well he still gets on my nerves but hes male and cant help it. I just pull out the Im pregnant card I cant do that and he does it for me. Its a bit of satisfaction after he has annoyed me.

As my second tri is ending Im so grateful to have him around beacuse now hes the only one who doesnt annoy me. MIL is far more annoying, enough that I want to smash her head in most of the time.

ddwarwick Sun 23-Oct-11 17:55:07

Oh thank God I found this thread, I thought I'd made a terrible mistake marrying him and having his baby!!
I'm 14 weeks and am just starting to feel a bit better but for the past 7 weeks or so have felt sick all day and night long and my sense of smell has been driving me mad.
I can't stand the way my husband smells, I can smell everything, if he's hot and what he has eaten even if he is not that close!! I thought it was because I'm veggie and he isn't and I could smell if he had eaten chicken which just turned my stomach. I can stand to be hugged, kissed or sympathetically rubbed in anyway, even the way he breathes at night annoys me and I feel like a complete cow!
You have given me hope that it is just being pregnant and not me!
I couldn't say anything to him as I didn't want to upset him.
Thank you for being honest and sharing how you feel!

annekins Mon 24-Oct-11 16:36:49

In my feeling sick all day and night phase (20 weeks of it) I was incredibly sensitive to smell, and made DH change his shower gel, shampoo, shave gel, deodorant and toothpaste. I think he tried 4 different shower gels before we found one I would tolerate.

Bless him, he couldn't understand why his smell drove me loopy and sent me rushing to the bathroom, when it used to be one of my favourite things about him (weird?) but willingly complied as it made me a happier annekins.

Have an honest talk with him, he might even have noticed that something isn't right but hasn't said anything else you change into a crazy firebreathing dragon and say something you don't mean.

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