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Gubby Ayida - C&W (London)?

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LittleOne76 Tue 18-Jan-11 23:05:29

Hi - has anyone been looked after or are they being looked after by Dr Gubby Ayida in London? How did you find her? Thanks.

PipPipPip Wed 19-Jan-11 09:26:22

Hi there, congrats on your pregnancy!

But can I suggest you conduct this conversation using the 'private message' function on Mumsnet? It doesn't seem fair to discuss a real-life person on a public forum.

Hopefully you get some responses, though, and all the best for your pregnancy

kitstwins Wed 19-Jan-11 12:46:29

Pippippip but consultants are 'discussed' all the time on Mumsnet - if you do a search of any consultants at C&W you'll find detailed discussions about them and I can't see how that is objectionable. We're not talking their waist size or whether they've been divorced and who got custody - rather what they're like as a consultant. I don't think, given the remit of their job, that they'd object to this being the subject of discussion on a forum.

Littleone I'm not using Gubby Ayida (am under Mark Johnson instead) but I have heard excellent things about her. She is apparently very sympathetic and skilled and has a very good patient manner. She's also very pro patient birth choice.
A list of private obs consultants at C&W (of which Gubby Ayida is handily at the top) can be found at: - maternity/kensington/consultant-obs.html

Hope this helps.

sh77 Wed 19-Jan-11 13:23:25

I too am with Mark Johnson - quite possibly the best doctor I have ever dealt with (and I have dealt with a lot of good ones). As well as being very senior at the C&W, he has the most lovely manners and is very reassuring. He always asks if I have any questions and always seems to remember our previous conversation. I did my research on MN before choosing him.

kitstwins - I can understand where pip is coming from but I also take your point. I think it wise not to say anything that one could get sued for. Perhaps she is being cautious (understandably).

Zipitydoda Wed 19-Jan-11 13:44:30

She was my consultant when I had a midwife-led delivery 6 years ago. I only saw her twice; once during pregnancy and then for my 6 week check-up after baby was born. She wasn't there for labour; as it was all midwife-led she was just on call in case of emergency I think - at a birth centre. This was the normal proceedure of the birth centre for midwife-led births so no compaints about that.

I had specifically chosen midwife-led as I have had bad experience with doctors in the past and wanted as little as possible medical intervention, I chose her as she was a woman and I didn't want a man.

She was lovely, had a nice manner and I would
recommend her. She really put me at ease.

Avocadoes Wed 19-Jan-11 13:50:31

Slight hijack (apologies):

Kitstwins - My MN name has changed so you may not recognise me but its your ward buddy from QCH again. I was just scanning this thread and saw your post and read that you are under obstetric care. This must mean you are pregnant again. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Is it a singleton this time? And is all going well? I see you decided not to opt for QCH again. What on earth can have put you off...

lilly13 Wed 19-Jan-11 14:53:32

Hi, she is a Tatler rated doctor and has excellent reviews. I have a different consultant, but understand she is tough to book. Mark Johnson is also a Tatler doctor. I called in September when I was 4 weeks pregnant and was told he was fully booked till June -- apparently some people book him while ovulating... The best thing to do is to prepare a list of questions and go see a couple of doctors. Some will be very glib (those are the ones I reject), even if they are highly rated. I think it is all a personal choice. I didn't really care whether my consultant was all smiley and fluffy-duffy.... what I did care that I find the most thorough and detailed specialist bc this suits my personality.

sh77 Wed 19-Jan-11 15:06:43

Lilly - without wishing to sound rude, it is really quite amusing that one would take appearing in Tatler as some sort of standard for choosing a consultant. What is the significance of being a Tatler rated doctor other than appealing to the rich? hmm

Smiley and fluffy-duffy works if you have traumatic pregnancies. I have seen another v highly rated C&W consultant who was insensitive.

Sunkley Sun 11-Sep-11 21:17:57

Perhaps a little too late for you but my son was delivered by Gubby, as were two friends' children. She is incredible, I can say no more. She is a natural and you can ask her embarrassing questions without feeling embarrassed. She has a unique combination of professionalism and a great bedside manner. Totally recommended.

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