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Baby Shower

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bellabambino Sun 16-Jan-11 21:21:04

Hi just wondering if any mums here have recently had a baby shower? If so what was the cost of the event and what did it include? Im looking to plan a baby shower for my best friend but have no idea on cost or what it will involve and would like to get an idea and a few tips before i make a decision. many thanks, K

jellyhead188 Sun 16-Jan-11 22:03:44

My friend and I threw one for our lovely friend, I think you can make it as expensive or cheap as you like to be honest.

We asked everyone coming for a contribution (of a £5) and then got a big hamper of baby stuff, like nappies, wipes, muslins, dummies, toys, nipple cream! just bits and bobs and some bits for her, like a box of chocolates, bottle of her fav wine, bits to put in her hospital bag and then the two of us who organised it bought a voucher for a facial at our local spa place.

The cost of the food again just varies, I guess we spent about £30/40 but that didn't include drinks as asked people to bring a bottle.

HTH xx

Mama5isalive Mon 17-Jan-11 01:13:58

Hi - i have had a baby shower and also hosted 2 and i agree it can be expensive, so use wisdom and budget!
some tips-
* get a list made up and give it to the guest who you are inviting to get them to commit to getting items needed!
(leave off big items like - buggy,cot)
*get people to bring a "dish" or drinks etc
* Look on web for "free" download printoff this includes - invites(smilebox) also games like baby bingo,wordsearches.
* go poundshop for cheap bottles for name the juice drinking game and also for nappies in which you place some baby foods in for guest to name that food!
you can also do guest the weight and whoever gets it right after baby born get a prize!
* vouchers are a good way to go - so mum can buy what she needs!
* if you know the sex of the child then you can have a colour theme! if not netural colours are good!
* keep it fun also try inviting couples it good to have the guys around also( Daddys love to be included)
*Warning dont leave the shower to late - was at one and labour started for the main guest in the middle of the shower!!!!!!! baby arrived while we were packing away stuff!

Good luck - hope this helps!!!!!

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