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So how can I get breech baby to turn?

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CrapBag Sat 15-Jan-11 20:07:58

Having ECV on Thursday but thought if I can get her to turn before then, then that would be better.

I've looked online and there was something about laying on an ironing board, I won't be doing that and laying with the top half of your body flat and bottom in the air but thighs not touching your bump for 15 minutes, every 2 waking hours. This position seems to be impossible and the amount you have to do it doesn't seem feasible. I also have SPD so have to be careful.

Anyone have any more 'normal' positions they have tried and tested? On all fours rocking or something fairly simple? I also have M.E. so I can't prop myself up for very long or things like that.

dazedandconfused Sat 15-Jan-11 20:26:51

DS was breech and I tried everything before going to have him turned at hospital (which worked). I tried propping my bum up against the wall, cleaning the skirting boards, even having a strange chinese alternative therapy where someone burned a joss stick against my big toe - and none worked, I'm afraid. The hospoital thing was a bit incomfortable but once it was done, he stayed put. Good luck.

Lulumaam Sat 15-Jan-11 20:27:31


lilly13 Sat 15-Jan-11 21:12:54

There are lots of yogic excercises you can try to do to turn a breach baby. There is no scientific evidence they work, but lots of women claim they do. I could send you a bunch, however, I do not believe it is suitable for you to try these, given your SPD. Have you done much yoga throughout pregnancy? If so, are you comfortable with inversion postures (upsidedown) and what is your overall level of fitness? There are a couple of twists/inversions one can do in a swimming pool, but it doesn't seem you have time as these take a while to work (if at all, and no guarantees)...

greenbeanie Sat 15-Jan-11 21:22:48

There is a lot of evidence that acupuncture can help with a treatment called moxibustion which involves using a moxa stick (a type of herb)to warm a point on the little toe. I know it sounds odd but it really does work.

Just contact any registered acupuncturist and they will be able to help. The British Acupuncture Council website has a practitioner search tool for finding one.

mawbroon Sat 15-Jan-11 21:37:57

My consultant reckoned that none of it works. I had moxibustion and it produced a lot of wriggling, but he didn't turn.

I went for ECV with ds1 but the consultant took one prod and said the baby was totally stuck and it would take too much force to turn him.

Turns out I have a heart shaped womb and his head was stuck in one of the lobes and he would never have turned no matter what I did.

So no harm in trying all that stuff if you want, but there's no guarantee it will work.

Good luck! When are you due?

CrapBag Sun 16-Jan-11 20:17:26


Can't get into any awkward positions and definitely don't do yoga so probably no good for me. Thanks for the offer though.

I'm due 9th February. Laid upside down last night and lasted half an hour. I actually thought she may have turned when I woke this morning as I couldn't feel her head where it was but unless her bum is exactly where her head was, she hasn't turned.

Have MW tomorrow anyway so hopefully she can tell me.

Any idea how much acupuncture is?

chloeb2002 Sun 16-Jan-11 21:48:01

Funnily i had the same response as mawbroon.. it was the well its a big baby .. her head is either under your ribs.. ouch.. or stuck out at an obligue angle beside your ribs.. there is virtually no room to turn her! plus risk factors... so i am opting for a lscs. I also have spd.. so it limits what positions i can get into!

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