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Pregnancy after Pre-Eclampsia

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LisamumtoJake Fri 14-Jan-11 14:43:22

Hello mumsnetters, I am practically a virgin to posting here goes..i am 27,and me and my husband have a 2yr old boy, we are now currently thinking of having another baby, but because of a disastrous first pregnancy we don't know what to do?
I am hoping some of you here, may have had a pregnancy after pre-eclampsia and can help me out. My pre-eclampsia didn't start until around 35wks,i was virtually symptom free until my 36wk midwife check, where my bp was 140/90. After a trip to hospital and protein in pee, i was told i may have pre-eclampsia, i was sent home as bp fell, and asked to come back 2days later, when i did there was more protein and bp high again, so they gave me bp drugs then hr later a new doc came gave me more, after me being placed in an ice bath and being violently sick they admitted they had overdosed me on meds! Hence i was mistrusting!! I also had a midwife screaming at me in front of a ward, bcause i wouldn't take any more til i seen a consultant!! Eventually at 37+5 i had emergency section where i nearly passed on the table and BP of 180/130 and had a 4lb 10oz boy. But as you can tell very cautious about another? anyone help??

tlise Fri 14-Jan-11 18:12:41

I had a friend, so I am only going by what she told me, but she had pre eclampsia with her 4th, but funnily enough she had a fit after the baby was born. They were very good with her, it was more her not telling them she still had a really bad headache etc. But she went on to have two more, but the next two were girls and that seemed to make a difference as she didn't have it again.

Not having had that experience myself, although I have been told to watch out for it with my bp being high to start with this time, I can tell you that every pregnancy/labour is different. I had a really bad nightmare of a first one, with really nasty midwives, but its never been the same. I think it depends on who is on and how busy they are, but that's no excuse for the terrible ordeal you had. Had you wanted to, I am sure you would have had grounds for legal action.

Have you tried talking to your health visitor, or even your gp about your concerns? At least with you having it last time, they should in theory keep more of an eye on you if you have another x

Batteryhuman Fri 14-Jan-11 18:24:15

I had preeclampsia with DS1 and DS3 but not DS2. It is not a given that you will get it every time though the risk is greater and you will be monitored closely. One thing I have learnt subsequently is that my non-pregnancy BP is actually pretty low (90/60) so though like you I didn't cause the midwives any concern until 34 weeks my BP was in fact significantly higher than MY normal level. So it may be worth finding out what your normal non pregnant level is.

My third experience was definitely the worst but I have 3 healthy boys and I'm still standing too.

An american friend of mine set up the Preeclampsia Foundation in the US after her experiences and I find their website a very good source of information.

bishboschone Fri 14-Jan-11 18:30:26

I had pre eclampsia with my dd (7) and had a ventouse delivery after a short amount of pushing as my blood pressure was so high. I am currently pregnant (it took me 7 years to be brave enough to do it again). I am classed as high risk already and am being monitored more than usual.

I was very lucky as I had great midwive and doctors. They have refered me to see the consultant when I am 6 months.

LisamumtoJake Fri 14-Jan-11 19:19:27

Thank you sooo much! @bishboschone i hear you completely, i have been terrified ever since about getting pregnant again, and as Jake gets older and is now asking for "baby brother" "baby sister" i am more attracted to it. I think i'm going to have it out with the GP about it and see if he can suggest i talk to someone.
@tlise my health visitor at the time, did try to push me into a complaint or legal action at the time, but i couldn't bear to think about it the experience again at the time, and being already disabled my pain management consultant had said i was probably experiencing post-traumatic stress as well over the full experience.
I feel emotionally stronger now with having my little man and feel ready for it! It's good to hear from other people who have been through the same!

IzziesMummy Fri 14-Jan-11 19:44:16

I had pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy at 36weeks which unfortunately wasn't diagnosed until I had a placental abruption resulting in my daughter's stillbirth and me being seriously ill in HDU for a few days after.

However, I have since gone on to have DS. That pregnancy was very closely monitored, I was on low-dose asprin and also labetolol (for BP) from about 12weeks and had regular growth scans every 4weeks from 20weeks. I then had weekly monitoring from 30weeks, which went up to daily monitoring from 36weeks.

I'm sure you will be very closely and well looked after this time. Good luck

SlowComfortableShrew Fri 14-Jan-11 20:23:42

Go and see your gp to start off with and get referred to a good consultant before you ttc. It will worth getting hold of your notes from your first birth

bishboschone Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:19

I am also seeing a midwife councellor next week to discuss the birth. The nhs in my area is very good and I feel like they have got my back. I would just say I soo wish I hadnt waited 7 years but I have just turned 36 so I kinda felt it was now or never. Good luck.

ozzysocks Fri 14-Jan-11 20:31:49

Hi Lisamumtojake What an awful experience for you,.
I had pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy with DS1 but not with DS2. DS's are 7 and 4 years old now and I am 33 weeks pregnant now with no problems at all so far.

I am sure they would monitor you closely this time and you will have a much better experience, Good luck with it

backintraining Fri 14-Jan-11 21:10:32

Hi Lisamumtojake, I had pre-eclampsia with DS (very nearly 2yrs) and we made the leap and decided to try again (really see where you're coming from, not an easy decision). DS was born by EMCS at 33 weeks and weighed 3lb 9oz, he spent a month in SCBU.

I am just coming up to 6wks pregnant and don't mind admitting that I am really quite scared. However, things are already moving for us re. a care plan. I am going on daily low-dose aspirin, having weekly BP checks (mine's a bugger and is high anyway) and I will also be under a Consultant as opposed to a midwife so I do feel more positive about that.

There is a fantastic website with lots of people on there who can offer support/advice. I am rubbish at links, but if you Google pesupport.friendhood the website will come up. It really is amazing. Lots of stats and links, personal stories etc.

Also, on a positive note, my friend had her DS at 27wks due to PE and she went on to have another DC totally PE free (born at 38 weeks), my auntie had a DS unfortunately stillborn due to PE at 30wks and she went on to have two DD both full term, I think she started with PE with the first but it was really mild and much later (around 36 weeks). And another lady I know lost her DS at 33wks because of PE and she has just given birth to a DD again totally PE free - it can be done!! That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Good luck.

LisamumtoJake Fri 14-Jan-11 21:32:17

Thank you very much for you words and support ladies... i am going to make myself an appointment with GP and get some guidance. Your stories and words are inspirational and it's good to hear, it's not just me being irrational.

CardyMow Fri 14-Jan-11 23:56:35

I had pre-eclampsia with my DD (almost 13 yrs ago). I was on total bed-rest from 28 weeks, and ended up being induced at 34+4 when my BP spiked at 200/100 (!). DD was born 24 hrs later at 6lb12oz. Back then it wasn't usually picked up on as early in pg as my case was, especially as I normally (not pg) have a BP of 90/50.

With DS1, who incidentally has a different father (thus giving a higher risk of pre-eclampsia) problems with BP/ pre-eclampsia.

With DS2 (yet another different father, don't ask!), again no pre-eclampsia.

This time round, I'm currently 39+5 with DC4 (same father as DS2, so supposedly LESS risk of pre-eclampsia), and my BP has been slowly rising for the last couple of weeks, first from 90/50 to 110/60, and at my A/N on Wednesday, was 120/80. I also for the first time have + for protein in my wee, which the MW has sent off for testing. But tbh, as I'm so far along, I doubt it will get much worse. I have an A/N on Wednesday, and I fully expect that if I either have + for protein in my wee again or my BP has raised any further, that I will be sent straight for induction, so I'm not really worried, despite all the problems with DD.


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